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Lebron James etch a sketch by artist George Vlosich...
16 Jun 2007
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NBA Finals Lebron Etch A Sketch
31 Aug 2007
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This amazing Etch done by 'Etcha' for Active Display Group takes 'etch a sketch' videos to the incredible next level. It took well over 60 hours to put together from start to finish, involving 1 artist, 2 camera men, 2 editors, 1 designer, 1 production manager, and a small creative and production team. It's mind boggling and might take a few watch's to wrap your head around. ENJOY!!!
20 Aug 2008
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The Chicago Cubs Etch features more players and detail then any work I've ever created. This piece took over 100 hours. I dont usually say this but I think it is my best work to date. I've put more time and effort into this piece than any other Etch. Ever. To get a free print of the Cubs Etch A Sketch, see more of my work or to download the song go to: work is all done on an Etch A Sketch and is one continuous line. Thanks for watching and go Cubs!
7 Oct 2008
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Another Etch-A-Sketch commercial featuring the MINI Cooper. Visit Hendrick MINI.
12 May 2009
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Your professional microwave operator is going to be microwaving Two Mini Etch A Sketches for your viewing pleasure today. You are watching HD Wide Screen Episode #Thirty-Four on MetaCafe *Items are microwaved in a professional environment. Please do not attempt. Please feel free to subscribe and comment. Please be advised the XBOX 360/ Kenmore pizza/oven combo contest was specific to My original Youtube Microwaving show and does not apply here
23 May 2009
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I made this for one of my classes at Monash. It has been made in After Effects.
24 Apr 2008
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Another etck-a-sketch commercial featuring the MINI Cooper. Visit Hendrick MINI
6 May 2009
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Create wild etch-a-sketch style drawings by holding down the tilde/accent key when drawing shapes.
20 Feb 2007
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This is the first amazing video by Christoph Brown - The Etch A Sketch Man - song by C. Brow...More
10 Nov 2009
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Golf ball disappears under a cup and turns into a mini did it happen?
10 Nov 2008
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What child (or man-child) wouldn't love these Classic Game Pens? Etch-a-Sketch, Operation, and Boggle are now available on the top of your pen. Despite their small size, the games work quite well. The pens are evenly balanced so you can actually use them as your primary writing utensil. When required, batteries are included. Each game pen features a retractable and replaceable ballpoint pen.
23 Oct 2008
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To download song or order shirt go to gvetchedintime**** See for the first time Etch A Sketch artist George Vlosich creating his one of a kind artwork. This five hour etch of LeBron James is sped up so that you can see every line he makes and step he takes to create a unique piece of pop art. This piece of artwork was created for the Quicken Loans Arena. Look for more of George's upcoming Etched In Time artwork. For One Town, One Team, One Dream Tshirt or to download the song go to: *******gvetchedintime****/
6 Jan 2009
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Speaking in Blacksburg, Va., on Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden revived Mitt Romney aide Eric Fehrnstrom's now-infamous "Etch-a-Sketch" remark, arguing that with Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., on the ticket, the ability to reshape the campaign's image post-primaries "is gone."
16 Aug 2012
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Artist Pauline Graziano draws life-like portraits using an Etch A Sketch. Each drawing takes between 15 and 20 hours to complete.
9 Sep 2012
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"CBS News RAW": The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is now home to the world's largest Etch A Sketch. The Ohio Art Company spent more than one-hundred hours creating it
11 Sep 2012
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