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5 Jun 2009
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A season 1 video about Angel the Series set to Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED NOR IMPLIED. ALL CLIPS BELONG TO FOX.
3 Jul 2010
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Well This Is My 1st Video On This Website..I Have This Video On Youtube And People Enjoy It I Hope U Guys Do The Same^_^
16 Mar 2007
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ONe of my fav inuyasha videos i made. its a story about how inuyasha cheated on kagome with kikyo.
18 Feb 2009
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Hope you like! And ignore the beginning part!!!!!!!
2 Jul 2009
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check this video out and rate it for me thanks
11 Jun 2009
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naruto Bleach Evil Angel נארוטו בליץ
28 Jul 2008
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Dbz - Evil Angel [Beta Battle]
30 Nov 2008
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an action inuyasha amv
19 Feb 2007
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check my video out
4 Jun 2009
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15 Jan 2011
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underground hip hop put together by me, produced by me. i hope you enjoy some dope hip hop. FAT Jack on the beat... big shot out to him for doing the beat. hope you like the track.
4 Apr 2010
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Fan-vid in tribute to one of the most wonderful characters in history of film
2 Jan 2011
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The video LUCIFER is a scene before Lucifer was thrown out of heaven. The Angel Michael and Lucifer were friends before he was thrown out of heaven. LUCIFER in now in hell and we need protection against him. For Protection Ephesians 6 tells us to put on the whole Armour of God. History Of Michael The Archangel and Heavens Battle God had made Heaven and the Earth and all the Angels and all the extra important Angels, called Archangels. (Like an extra important Bishop is called an Archbishop.) The Archangels were God's very special friends and were Shining and Strong and Powerful. One Archangel was called Gabriel. He was the one that God sent to tell Our Blessed Lady that She was to become the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Another Angel was called Raphael; he was the one who helped Tobias in the Bible. Another Archangel was called Michael. Archangel Michael was "the Angel of the Lord", who was sent to Moses and Jacob and Abraham and to other people throughout the history of the world. Another Archangel was Lucifer, who was so beautiful that the other Angels called him the Son of the Morning. Well, everybody was very happy because they were with God, and they all loved him, because he had made them so Strong and Shining and Lovely. Then one day Lucifer, Son of the Morning, said to himself: "Why should God be the most important person in Heaven? Why, shouldn't I be? I can fly and I can change into other things, and I am beautiful and I am powerful. In fact, I am just as Important as God, and I shan't do what He tells me ever again. I shall fight Him and have Heaven for mine!" So, Lucifer went around Heaven, and he collected many other Angels who also didn't want to be less Important than God, until he had a Great Army. Then they marched up to the Throne of God and said Proudly: "We are just as Important as You. Why should You be the King of Heaven any more than one of us? We are Strong and Proud and Beautiful, and we will fight You for the Kingdom of Heaven." God looked at them; then He said: "Lucifer, I thought that you were My friend, and I trusted you. Be sensible now, and think about what you are doing." "I have thought," said Lucifer, "and, I'd rather not be in Heaven at all than have You for my King, and so would all of us!" And behind him all the Rebel Angels shouted with a great shout: "We will follow Lucifer! Long live Lucifer! Let him reign over us in Heaven! We do not want God!" "Very well," said God, "if you don't want Me, you needn't have Me. But, if you want to fight for Heaven, you can if you think it will be any good." God then called upon Michael the Archangel, and requested he gather together a Mighty Army of Angels who would fight on Gods side. There was a Great Battle in Heaven--Michael the Archangel and his Angels fighting with Lucifer; and, Lucifer fought, and his Angels fought; but, the dark forces did not triumph. Archangel Michael drove Lucifer right out of Heaven, and he fell down, and down, and down to hell; and, all his evil angels were driven down after him, and as the last one disappeared from sight forever and the Gate of Heaven clanged shut, a great Shout went up from Michael's Army. Michael and his Angels fought against the dragon....and the great dragon was cast out. (Revelation: 12:7-9).
19 Jan 2009
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BY CHRISTY LEWIS Anchor: Austin Kim You're watching multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. After a decade of debate, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers greenlit a new, cyber red-light district. Pornographic websites can now officially register domains with the suffix dot-XXX -- and everyone has an opinion. “...religious groups argue the new domain will legitimize porn, while some pornographers say it could demean their sites and eventually make it easier for the government to block their content. Supporters say the domain keeps with the principle of openness and fuels Internet growth.” (NY1) The adult entertainment world worries about new expenses that come along with dot-XXX. Evil Angel, a porn company, told ZDNet… “The effect now is to create a monopoly for one company in this area. The adult community has invested in how it is structured now. It is unfair to us all to add an additional expense to our business without competition for the services that this new business, .xxx, would provide.” U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration quickly expressed their quote “disappointment” in the corporation’s decision -- saying it goes against public interest and will open the door to more Internet blocking by governments and undermine the stability and security of the Internet." But while some are worried about censorship, others -- like concerned parents who fought the new suffix -- claim it will make pornography even more accessible. “This way pornographers can … make sure they have a tight grip on those children who might already be inclined to experiment with pornography and who now will know exactly where to go to find it, the ‘.xxx’ world.” But a blogger for CNN says, the move could spark a slew of quote- “top-level” domains, ones which change what comes after the “dot” -- and that could make it easier to trick consumers into providing personal information. ...“we will see top-level domains such as .car, .newyorkcity, .hotels and hundreds more. Internet real estate will grow exponentially, creating a more complex experience for every user. …how would you determine which are trusted sites providing accurate information? How would you determine which are fraudulent sites actively misinforming the public?” Finally, a blogger for The Stir’s Café Mom points out—porn is not a new trend, so why fuss over the new domain name? “As of 2010, there were an estimated five to six million adult entertainment sites on the web. It's hard to imagine why a new domain created for this purpose is worth freaking out about, whether you're opposed to pornography or an ardent fan of it.” Pornographic websites will not be required to give up their **** addresses for a .xxx one. Already 230,000 URL’s have been reserved, selling at about $60 a piece. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
22 Mar 2011
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A Kingdom Hospital video with the song "Evil Angel" by Breaking Benjamin. Mainly focuses on Mary and Antubis.
28 Apr 2009
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