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Hexabaloo Pictures Presents: Season opera series episode. “Night of the Clown.” Somethings pounding on my door From the conspiracy music series JaKOBS DIaRY “TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY” about the Mind Control experiments in a rogue top secret New World Order and CIA Nazi Program called Project Monarch under the control of 800 German Scientist’s brought to America after WW2 along with the nortorious Dr. Josef Mengele the Nazi angel of Death who is still alive taking youth drugs he developed the easy way, through child medical experiments in the German concentration camps. Mengele now goes by the name Dr. Green now living in Lancaster, Pa with his three sons. Hitler resides there too living hiding among the Amish population. In this episode Jakob is caught off guard and becomes involved in a “Game Play,” by the Dracs. Draconians, the reptilian shape shifting Dracula’s shifting into clowns who play games with victims on what’s known as the Cybernetic Killing Floor. Reptilians shape shift through a process known as sped up evolution. Traveling through underground rogue military tunnels throughout the Hex County region to experimental human eugenics units the Nazi’s and Mengele are working with the NWO for a complete Fascist Stalinist Dictator style takeover of the world using mind control technology. Jakob was abducted as a child growing up in the 60’s on the family farm during the summer and sent to Monarch Mind Control school at a rogue underground military facility near Aberdeen Military base in Maryland where during an experiment a psychic hole was torn open in his Pineal Gland forming a psychic supernatural tunnel to paranormal Dimensional worlds gaining access to strange psychic, telekinesis, remote viewing powers where he traveled back through time traveling a celestial “reincarnation route” back to the middle ages where he became a member the Knights Templars as a Trumpet Templar Minstrel.
16 Mar 2017
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30 Dec 2016
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In this rant, Ian celebrates the planetary population achieving the landmark 7 billion mark with a rant showing how the incredibly small population is good evidence for a young earth.
20 Dec 2011
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In 1831, a young amateur scientist, Charles Darwin, boarded the HMS Beagle on an epic five-year voyage of discovery that would shake the world. Learn more Here! *******www.explorationfilms****/explorationfilms-Darwin.html
10 May 2011
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Il video qui sotto è una sintesi di 8 minuti sul mio intervento al NO FRILLS di Bergamo, in merito all’importanza del web per le agenzie di viaggio. Mi sono reso conto che la maggior parte delle agenzie di viaggio ha un’idea distorta del web, ne ha quasi paura, forse non comprendendo l’esatta natura del mezzo. Se il mio minivideo potrà essere utile a qualcuno, ne sarò felice!
12 Nov 2009
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Ecco il video della Convention Nazionale Evolution Travel 2009, una raccolta di alcuni momenti, fra i più belli e sentiti!!
10 Nov 2009
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