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While Investigating the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada, the presence of a Female Spirit is felt in the "Energy Room" by one of the team members. Paranormal Evidence is both captured in real time by verbal communication and through EVP caught on a Digital Audio Recorder. Experience the Paranormal through this fascinating clip by Death and Roses Paranormal
23 May 2011
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14 Aug 2011
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The Paranormal Xtreme Team investigate the old Historical San Juan Hotel in San Juan Texas for paranormal activity to varify the claims that have been reported. During the investigation they caught many evps including one that is thought to be from the prostitute that was raped and murdered on the second floor of this hotel.
10 Feb 2013
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Episode 1 Trailer: The T.R.I.P.S. team visits Antioch Cemetery. This episode depicts everything that can go wrong on a ghost hunt. Find out what the team has in store for them as they investigate one of the oldest cemeteries in Texas.
13 May 2007
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Here's a quick 3-minute rundown of Brian Brushwood's "Bizarre Magic" show, new for 2007. Check out Brian online at www.shwood****, or catch his weekly "on the road" videos at www.bbotr****
18 Sep 2007
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Ghost voice caught at a southern mansion that is now a bed and breakfast
5 Dec 2007
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.This is a scene we chose not to include in our program because it is so controversial. Is it saying what it seems to say,or is it just the power of suggestion? You decide.
6 Dec 2007
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I set up a voice recorder in the basement and caught somethign I can't explain.
14 Dec 2007
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Believe it or not here are two Real E.V.P.s ( Electronic Voice Phenomenon ) that i have recorded at a friends house that he says has a lot of paranormal activity. A man named Peter that is deceased used to live at the home was the grandfather of my friends girl friend. Maybe it is possibly the voice of this man behind the grave. According to a psychic it is a different man named peter that dead in a fire in that home from the 1900's. This could also possibly be a Demon as well.
1 Jan 2008
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Ghost Hunting 101 Using the Scientific Method is an explanation on how to do your investigation like a pro. Take a step away from being called a pseudo scientist and help give Para-science a good name. Your host Jason Sullivan of Midwest Haunts goes through the 4 steps in doing it right.
9 Feb 2009
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Every New and Old Ghost Hunter knows what to keep in their gig bag right? Ghost Hunting 101 is a short "How to" to Paranormal Investigations
8 Feb 2008
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I didn't notice it until way later looking at the film. I took a photo earlier that year that showed a girl. This video is the ghost of Bachelors Grove, one of the most haunted and active places in the world. If you have been there its the first trail to the left when you enter, the head stone located there is Dora Newman. We believe she is the Lady of Bachelors Grove. Hold on, this is awesome.
26 Jul 2010
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Not too much in this video except for a few bangs and some orbs photographed while filming.
17 Nov 2008
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Music by Lucky Da Deathreaper- track "ghost on LSD
4 Apr 2008
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In this information video I show the difference between a false hair/fibre anomaly with examples of real ghost footage of `signature` anomalies. The comparisons speak for themselves and it is hope that paranormal investigators or sceptics can realise the essential differences. Apologies for the gap at the beginning. YouTube strike again!!
16 Apr 2009
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This voice was caught at the Magnolia Manor, a one-time plantation home, and now a bed and breakfast. Thanks to the Memphis-Mid South Ghost Hunters for letting up tag along.
4 May 2008
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