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hail.... hi boss please u help,support n donate my upload account video on youtube.please boss u sent money to my account rekening bank mandiri syariah no: 1587099670 at name again thank u see my video n support donate u money
9 Apr 2011
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Cada vez que compartes este vídeo alguien, en algún lugar del mundo, aprueba un examen que iba a suspender casi seguro. Si te gusta compártelo, dale a "me gusta" y ponlo en favoritos. Eso me ayudará a poder seguir haciendo vídeos. ¡Gracias! JPeliShow está compuesto por un monólogo, el canal destacado de la semana y la pregunta rutilófila. Puedes proponer tema para la semana siguiente dejando un comentario con "T: (y el tema a tratar)", dejar una pregunta rutilófila como vídeo respuesta a este mismo vídeo o dejar tu respuesta a dicha pregunta en los comentarios poniendo "R: (y tu respuesta)". Canal recomendado de esta semana: ***********/user/SolidCutFactory Pregunta rutilófila de esta semana: ***********/user/JDTimeVlog *** MÁS JPELIRROJO EN... *** Mi web: *******www.jpelirrojo**** Mi canal: ***********/jpelirrojo Mi segundo canal: ***********/voyaporello Mi canal de música: ***********/jpelirrojomusic Mi facebook: *******www.facebook****/jpelirrojooficial Mi twitter: *******www.twitter****/jpelirrojo Mi google+: ******* Mis camisetas: *******www.jpelirrojo****/camisetas Mi dailybooth: *******www.dailybooth****/jpelirrojo *** FANMAIL / SOBORNOS: *** Juan Miguel Flores Martín Apartado de Correos 187 28400 Collado Villalba Madrid (Spain)
28 Jan 2014
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esta cancion esta exa pa akellos amores k se alejan x pensar k pueden vivir sin uno del otro y al final se dan cuenta k se extrañan
20 Apr 2009
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6 Sep 2009
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Exa México - Solo Tú gracias a sylome
6 Sep 2009
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Tonic 02.2 Beso, faje y algo mas... Exa TV
6 Sep 2009
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Tras la consecucion de la UEFA el sevillismo se exa a la calle y un grupo de biris se sube encima de un autobus de linea que pasaba por alli y que esta retenido por la marea roja.
7 Sep 2009
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exa song ez lokaza!!!
11 Feb 2010
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Kansas City police Chief James Corwin released dashcam video of a fatal police shootout Wednesday after learning that a grand jury cleared the two officers involved in the shooting. The video from the morning of Sept. 9 shows how dangerous police work can be. Dozens of shots from two veteran Kansas City officers followed what seemed like a run-of-the-mill fender bender, with nothing to warn the officers of what they are up against. "It is a wake-up call," Mike Perne, the night shift captain who was the officer's commander at the time, said. "It was just such a routine call." Officer Eric Turner decided to offer backup to the responding officer, who was heading to a car into a tree in Isler Park in south Kansas City. That first officer's dash-cam shows the short interaction, the driver of the crashed vehicle casually approaching, then calmly raising a handgun, pulling back its slide and firing. A second view from the second officer's dashcam shows the first officer hit the ground, not shot, but taking cover behind his patrol car door. The second officer runs forward to assist, while the suspect continues to point a gun at them even after he had been shot and fallen to the ground. The driver, 36-year-old Exae Chavez-Gutierrez, died in the exchange. The officers, with 40 years combined experience, survived without a single gunshot. Corwin commented today in his blog, saying, "I am releasing this video to show you the dangers KCPD officers face daily. We also are committed to being transparent. No officer ever wants to kill another human being, but as you can see in the video, sometimes they are left with no choice."
27 Jul 2010
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folklore tunisien *******www.exa-net**** ***********
20 Aug 2010
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Natalia Lafourcade - Cursis melodías (Video Oficial) Pidanlo en MTV, Telehit, Ritmoson, HTV, Vh1, Televisa y TV Azteca... no se olviden también de pedirla en radio, los40, EXA, Ultra, Mas94, Alfa, Digital, Reactor, Ibero, Interferencia, Stereo 97, Yafm, con su apoyo el nuevo sencillo será un nuevo éxito!!! Autor: Natalia Lafourcade (Universal Music Publishing México) Director: Lafourcade Silva, Ruiz Correa ©2009. Sony Music Entertainment México, S.A. de C.V.
4 Aug 2011
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una recopilacion de los mejores momentos de flor y fede con la hermosa cancion "te siento"... es kmo ke flor cantara de kuanto exa de mnos a fede.. no?¿ comenten...
13 Sep 2011
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Click ME Gusta!! *******www.facebook****/pages/Motion-Graphics/228114813885634 Anime Japan Video Music Auriga Music DJ Spoke - Watch Them Fall Down Nostromo AMV Ver en alta calidad HD (1280x720): ***********/watch?v=7T4KzNzjSXg&fmt=22 Watch in high quality HD (1280x720): ***********/watch?v=7T4KzNzjSXg&fmt=22 Ver en alta calidad HQ (High Quality): ***********/watch?v=7T4KzNzjSXg&fmt=18 Watch in high quality HQ (High Quality): ***********/watch?v=7T4KzNzjSXg&fmt=18 Animes Usados: Ah! My Goddess (Movie), Air, Akaiito (jeu), Appleseed: Ex Machina (movie), ARIA The ANIMATION, Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni (~Till I Reach Your Tomorrow~) (jeu), Carnelian, Chaos Wars (jeu), Chrono Crusade, Clannad, Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion, Daisuke Nakayama's Global Astroliner, ef - a tale of memories, Ef - The Latter Tale (jeu), Ergo Proxy, GANTZ, Gatekeepers, Ghost in the Shell: GIG2, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Godannar, Gun X Sword, Gunbuster 2 (Aim for the Top! 2), Haru no Ashioto (game), Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Kiddy Grade (2nd Season promo), Macross Frontier, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, Melody of Oblivion, Night Wizard, Place Promised in Our Early Days, The (Beyond the Clouds), Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (Movie), Ray, Real Drive, REC, Shakugan no Shana, Shakugan no Shana Second, Shining Force EXA (jeu), Sky Girls, So long, Mr. Despair Starship Operators, The Third, Tide-Line Blue, To Heart 2 (PS2), Tokyo Underground, W-Wish (Double Wish), Wild Arms 4 (jeu), Xross Scramble (jeu), Ys I & II: Eternal Story (PS2), Zegapain Datos Video: Duración: 00:05:16 Resolución: 1280 X 720 (16 X 9 HD) Cuadro X Segundo: 29,9 Cuadro/s Velocidad de bits: 5000Kbits Formato de Video: MPEG4 Envasados en Códec: H.264 Datos Audio: Envasados: AAC-LC(música) Velocidad de Datos: 128Kbps Canales: Estéreo Frec. Muestreo de Salida: 44.100kHz Mas caracteristicas: Peso MB: 199MB Base del Video: Animes Japan Nostromo AMV Calidad: Optima (El Video Original)
18 Sep 2011
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Member: Nostromo_vx Title: Auriga Premiered: 2008-07-06 Category: Dance Songs:DJ Spoke Watch Them Fall Down (Montano Dub) DJ Spoke Watch Them Fall Down (Original Mix) Anime: Ah! My Goddess (Movie) Air Akai Ito (PS2) Appleseed: Ex Machina (movie) ARIA The ANIMATION (TV) Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni (~Till I Reach Your Tomorrow~) (Game) Carnelian (Game) Chaos Wars (PS2) Chrono Crusade (TV) Clannad (TV) Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion (TV) ef - a tale of memories (TV) Ef - The Latter Tale (Game) Ergo Proxy (TV) GANTZ Gatekeepers Ghost in the Shell: GIG2 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Global Astroliner Gou (OVA) Godannar Gun X Sword Gunbuster 2 (Aim for the Top! 2) Haru no Ashioto (game) Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (TV) Kiddy Grade (2nd Season promo) Macross Frontier (TV) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Melody of Oblivion Night Wizard (TV) Place Promised in Our Early Days, The (Beyond the Clouds) Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (Movie) Ray (TV) Real Drive (TV) REC (TV) Shakugan no Shana (TV) Shakugan no Shana Second (TV) Shining Force EXA (PS2) Sky Girls (TV) So long, Mr. Despair (TV) Starship Operators Third, The (TV) Tide-Line Blue To Heart 2 (PS2) Tokyo Underground W-Wish (Double Wish) Wild Arms 4 (Game) Xross Scramble (game) Ys I & II: Eternal Story (PS2) Zegapain (TV) Participation: Japan Expo 9ème Impact, Japan Expo International AMV Contest 2008 (2008-07-06) [Download Link ] *******www.animemusicvideos****/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=160388 [Profile Link] *******www.animemusicvideos****/members/members_myprofile.php?user_id=222270 Youtube Channel: ***********/user/Nostromovx
15 Nov 2011
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Marquez Foot Step Strategy ! SHARE TO WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! Stop at this these time values and observe the dirty little trick of Marquez. Notice Marquez trying to step over the foot of Manny. Foot Step Part 1 = 4th Round last :11 seconds Foot Step Part 2 = 6th Round last 1:18 seconds Foot Step Part 3 = 7th Round last 1:49 seconds Foot Step Part 4 = 8th Round last 1:27 seconds Foot Step Part 5 = 12th Round last 1:23 seconds Foot Step Part 6 = 12th Round last :52 seconds MARQUEZ REALLY CHEATER! LOOK AT THE FACE OF THE TWO AFTER THE FIGHT (POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE) - Just look at marquez' face compared to manny. Why Manny won: In a 10-point system, the boxer­ who wins a round is given 10 points, and the other ­ boxer gets nine points. (10 -9) If there was a ­ knockdown in the round (10-8) 2 knock downs (10-7) If a­ judge can't decide who won the round, it is­ scored 10-10. Now if u are the challenger, u must be­ the aggressor (Pacquiao vs Cotto) in very close­ rounds the­ Champion gets the 10. For exa...mple if­ Pacquiao would just stay still and Marquez does not­ attack, Pacquiao gets the 10 and Marquez 9. In this­ case Manny(champion) was always aggressive while­ Marquez(challenger) waits for an attack and­ counters. Marquez's body language fooled a lot of­ people. Making people feel that he was the winner or­ at least it was a draw. It may look like he was­ landing more punches but the tricky part here is he­ was on the defensive, luring pacquiao into his ­ tactical traps (remember the challenger must be the one­ who is aggressive to be awarded 10 ). So even if ­ Marquez did connect more punches he gets only 9 for ­ being defensive and manny gets the 10 for being the ­ attacker. Pacquiao got more "10"s than ­ Marquez. Manny wins.
21 Nov 2011
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Viejita borracha bailando en paseo de la reforma el tema de nigga en vivo en el concierto de EXA el dia domingo 2 de agosto de 2009 por eso si toman no salgan a hacer esto por favor...
28 Dec 2011
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