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26 Apr 2018
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Pittenger Paving & Excavating, Inc. is an owner operated company that has been in business for over 20 years! We are confident that you will be greatly satisfied with the services that we offer. Even if you do not need our services now, please be sure to add us to your bidders list for future reference. Call at (908) 840-4657 for more information about Asphalt Paving in New Jersey or visit our website. Address : 2000 Parker Avenue, South Plainfield, NJ 07080, USA Phone : (908) 840-4657
9 May 2018
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Orthodox Church at Capernaum is built in the middle of the ruins of the ancient Roman village of Capernaum. Around the church the remains of the village have not yet been excavated, unlike the synagogue of Capernaum and the buildings around it. The village was established in the Hellenistic period, and was designed according to that period's urban design of straight lines. Capernaum prospered in the Roman and Byzantine periods. The Orthodox Church is located on the eastern side of the ruined village, the home town of Jesus.
11 May 2018
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Kursi Gergasi is a part of the National Park system in Israel. It is located about midway along the eastern shore of the Kinerret. The name Kursi is the modern name of the site, known in Herodian/Roman times as Gergesa. Gergesa is associated with two miracles reported in the Gospel of St. Mark. Kursi, like most major excavation sites, was discovered by accident in 1970. The Israeli government was building a new road to connect the Kinerret to the Golan Heights following the occupation of the Golan during the Six Day War of 1967. As the initial road grading was being done, Mendel Nun, a fisherman from Kibbutz En Gev, noticed small tiles were appearing in the dirt being removed and stopped the preparation for the road.
11 May 2018
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GeoQuip is a leading pile driving equipment company that provides variety of vibratory hammers such as HPSI and carries caisson hammers, sheeting hammers, excavated mounted hammers and specialized accessories on rent. It’s used to drive sheet piles or other elements into the soil with the use of a vibratory pile driver.
23 May 2018
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These Two guys are dumped out of an excavator bucket at 50ft.
20 Jan 2007
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National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS). Watch this short video on the excavator heavy equipment profile, to see more of the same videos visit *******www.nahets****
11 Jul 2007
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Wow! It's cool unloading of excavator.
21 Aug 2007
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guy rolls himself on the excavator as on the roundabout
15 Nov 2007
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*******autogofast****/search.php?q=Dig+&+Discover&c=0 Unearth your very own dinosaur skeleton fossil with Dig & Discover. Perfect for young archaelogists, Dig & Discover brings hours of fun & helps them learn about these fascinating creatures that walked the earth millions of years ago! The JML Dig & Discover provides a fun & h&s on approach to finding the bones of the greatest Dinosaur species. The Dig & Discover consists of quality bones that are embedded in a block of plaster. It includes a double ended digging tool & a scraper which you use for digging & a fine dust brush to sweep away the debris. It even comes with a mask & booklet. You just need to dig gently & the fossils will soon be revealed. Each kit contains three different dinosaurs - Diplodocus, Tyrannosaurus & Stegosaurus. Each Dinosaur pack contains: 1 x Earthan block with dinosaur bones 1 x digging tool 1 x dusting brush Excavation mask
20 May 2008
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www.FVRSS**** - look how this Excavator operator loads he's mini excavator from the truck
28 May 2008
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At *******www.hwequipment**** we have many used CAT excavators currently in stock. This shows a small sampling of our current excavator inventory.
20 Dec 2009
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The Thais has their way of unloading excavator
23 Jul 2008
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Daniel Pilz 9 years old operating a Sany 23 ton's excavator in Sweden.
30 Jul 2008
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A train is cruising at full speed when it hits an excavator that backed up onto the track. *******www.hotdailyvideos****
16 Oct 2008
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A train is cruising at full speed when it hits an excavator that backed up onto the track.
25 Oct 2008
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