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26 Oct 2017
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Exposición Spirits of the jungle de Georges Ward en la Salas Viladrich del Palacio Montcada de Fraga, el 05/10/2017 por Telecinca. Entrevista a cargo de Rafel Agud, Ángel Casaubón y Victor Ruíz y la presentación de la muestra por Miguel Luis Lapeña Cregenzán (alcalde de la ciudad Fraga), Marta Cabrera (concejal de cultura del Ayuntamiento de Fraga) y Ricardo García Prats (comisario de la muestra y director del Museo Salvador Victoria).
14 Nov 2017
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Short film documenting the 'Surveillance Gallery', an exhibition space located in the heart of the Muirhouse area of Edinburgh. The outdoor space occupied a public walk-way outside North Edinburgh Arts centre showcasing a range of work from artists at varying stages of their careers and with varying connections to North Edinburgh. From local art groups to established photographers, the works were pasted and painted directly onto the exterior walls, giving local artists a platform to showcase their work in a unique space.
27 Oct 2017
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Info from Licensor: "Octopus behavior never disappoints! This was an awesome encounter I had with an East Pacific Red Octopus on Earth Day at San Carlos Beach (Breakwater) in Monterey, California. I typically shoot photos underwater and haven’t done much video. That night I was having some trouble getting my flashes to fire so I decided to crank up my focus light and shoot video instead. After shooting some video of nudibrachs and crabs, I decided to go look for octopuses out in the sand off the Breakwater Wall. I was surprised to come across an octopus disappearing into the sand. I found another octopus nearby, started the video rolling, and observed this fascinating behavior that I hadn’t seen before. When illuminated by my light, the octopuses would find and disappear into a nearby innkeeper wormhole. I observed several octopuses exhibiting this behavior that night. Perhaps the octopuses are learning that Whiskers (the infamous Harbor Seal) uses divers lights to hunt for dinner and devising new escape strategies. I am happy to report that no octopuses were eaten by Whiskers in the making of this film. My dive buddies did a great job keeping Whiskers entertained and well feed along the wall while I was out in the sand filming."
27 Oct 2017
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The Story of the Tulip. The museum features exhibits and films devoted to the tulip, the unofficial national flower of The Netherlands. From Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, to the Dutch Merchants of the Golden Age, to gardeners today, the tulip has captivated people around the world for centuries. This fascinating flower has inspired artists and brought great wealth and even economic ruin to people who have fallen under its spell.
20 Nov 2017
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Mercedes exhibition on the Cathedral in Barcelona.
25 Sep 2006
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Joey Karate - Joey Coco Diaz - Karate Exhibition Joey Diaz shows off his skills as a Green Belt who once was a Black Belt.
28 Feb 2007
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Musik/ Vocals from my Brother can download this and 5 other songs at his website... ******* ... klick on MEDIA .......the song is original from 24-7 Spyz ...greetings from mio ... ................. Artist "Mio" Art Exhibition........... .......... weitere Bilder - Malereien - Marmor/ Granit Objekte - Skulpturen - Fotos - Glas kunst - das tagebuch der künstlerin .......
13 Mar 2007
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i have been using bicycle to take me around our village but this guy really makes something different.he loves making exhibition with his bike.
28 Mar 2007
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Enjoy a walking tour of the Airbus A380 with footage of an exclusive exhibition and a close up of the first and business-class seating, structural design and the cockpit! A must see for those who marvel in engineering and the extraordinary.
18 Apr 2007
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For my final year exhibition I projected the full length version of this video onto a triptych canvas above eye level. The piece is repetitive in nature as it was meant to be viewed briefly as gallery visitors walked by. During this time I was mainly influenced by the patients whom I came into contact with whilst working on various psychiatric wards around the Manchester area.
3 Jun 2007
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Falconry exhibition, with owls, hawks...
3 Jul 2007
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Erica and Andrea give a Standard exhibition at Starlite Dance Club, Sunnyvale, CA.
22 Jul 2007
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Braingraphix is your one-stop-shop for all tradeshow, exhibits and demonstration needs. Take the stress of exhibitions of your hands with Braingraphix.
30 Aug 2007
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Visual Art Exhibition by Yussof Ag. Damit of Borneo Labuan.
2 Sep 2007
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