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I saw a television show on a pole exhibitionists the other night and I must admit that it was quite funny. The woman that was the pole exhibitionists kept getting mad at the interviewer when he would use the word stripper to try to explain what the pole exhibitionists was. *******www.pole-dance-fitness****
28 Mar 2009
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Pole exhibitionists are very inersesting to watch dandce around the straight hard shimy pole...mostly in an exotic and erotic manner. Pole is the depinction of the natural pole and thus this gives an arousal to the viewer. As the exhibitionist encircles and rolls around the pole while rubbing his or her bosy with it the viewer is fantasizing his or her actions as the ually oriented euphoriac. Pole dancing had been in practise from years as the dancer used it to get the support of the fixed object to rotate around. It is accompanies by provoking gestures of the exhibitionist which makes the view more attractive and lustury. Pole exhibitionist can tangle the viewer in
30 Mar 2009
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19 Feb 2006
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for soccer fanatics
6 Sep 2007
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They are in demand in pubs and bars the world over. The girl may be wearing bare minimum and the tickets to such shows sell like hot cake. The girls ability to display her ets while performing a pole dance are what make the cutomer frequent such shows and displays. ...*******www.pole-dance-fitness****
27 Mar 2009
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*******www.knowthesigns**** Discover what character you are, when you have had one too many to drink in this Hollywood-style 'Know The Signs' Heineken trailer. Are you The Crier, The Fighter, The Sleeper, The Exhibitionist or The Groper?? Leave your answer in the comments below.
27 Oct 2008
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News clip of sexy tennis player and celebrity Anna Kournikova at a zoo, walking around showing off her leopard print thong. every time she bends over or walks the camera guy focuses in on her behind.
28 May 2006
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Nice little film of things happening
7 Feb 2007
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My bag is too high for me ... pfff
19 Feb 2007
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9 Jan 2008
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These guys take their physical shape seriously. From professional bodybuilders to guys who just workout for their health, all of them are dedicated to improving the way they look. Too hot!
10 May 2008
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Not very hung at all, but his sexy chiseled buff body is in great shape. He should not have worn those tight shiny blue spandex boxer trunks, especially without a shirt. He practically is drawing attention to his little steroid infested penis. LOL.
20 May 2008
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These two muscular guys are wearing tight denim. One is Pilipino with really plucked eyebrows, the other is Latino. Both seem gay but who cares, they're hot as hell! They smile and flex for the camera.... think they're boyfriends???
12 Jun 2009
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This is what the owner of the gym does after he closes shop and does his nightly workout when everyone else is gone! Hot!
26 Jun 2009
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A magical collection taking the whole thing to the max, wow it is special.
27 Nov 2008
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Public safety information. One children's entertainer, Karey Wong, has a mental diagnosis, unmasked as an immigration scammer, was interested in working in the risque show business, while the other, Cici, revealed Karey as an illegal drug buyer. Parents should know these risks before hiring Karey Wong or Cece Xie/Xi/Shi. Cici (Cece? Seesee?) Shie carries on business as “Golden Sun Balloon Twister” and “Golden Sun Face Painter”. Cici doesn't identify herself in Craigslist Vancouver, but her cell phone number, (778) 889-8042 shows clearly. We don't know Cici's real Chinese name. In the past, Cici used “Summer Tian”, “Easter Xie”, “Ea the Balloonist”, and “Easter Shi”. At the end of the video, Cici “Easter” Shi (Xie? Xi?) Cici says a few choice expletives, and then says that she's going back to the office, at the North Vancouver Recreation Commission, doing payroll. Karey Wong may be using a differrent name, now that she married a deportee, for renumeration. Let's pray for these two women, that the Universe give them wisdom, before they hurt someone. After all, hurt people, hurt other people. In another video, Karey Wong wants the whole world to know that she was abused by her own mother, Jeddy Wong, for 15 years. 公共安全信息。有一名兒童藝人Karey Wong有一個精神病診斷,被揭露為移民騙子,有興趣從事風險表演業務,而另一名Cici則透露Karey是非法藥物買家。父母在聘請王老師或謝西/施之前應該知道這些風險。 Cici(Cece?Seesee?)Shie以“金太陽氣球扭轉者”和“金太陽面孔畫家”為業務。 Cici沒有在Craigslist Vancouver身份證明,但她的手機號碼(778)889-8042顯示清楚。我們不知道茜茜真正的中國名字。過去,茜茜用“夏天田”,“復活節”,“氣球手”和“復活節”。在視頻最後,茜茜“復活節”時(謝Xi?)茜茜說了幾句咒罵,然後說她要回北溫哥華娛樂事務委員會辦公室做薪水。現在她可能會用一個不同的名字,現在她嫁給了一個被驅逐出境的人。讓我們為這兩個女人禱告,讓宇宙給他們智慧,然後再傷害他人。畢竟傷害別人,傷害別人。在另外一個視頻中,黃光裕希望全世界都知道,她被自己的母親王杰(Jeddy Wong)虐待了15年。
21 Nov 2017
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