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Los Angeles is an exotic place. With a plentitude of diversity, numerous distinct neighborhoods and excellent food.
8 Apr 2017
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This is the video Created by Swan Tour it describes Bhutan Tourism, in this video you will watch Rivers, Temples in Bhutan, Himalayas, Nature & Scenic Beauty of Bhutan. Himalaya lovers must plan for tour to Bhutan and experience Wonder of Bhutan, the Himalayan kingdom with wonderful people, exotic culture, and beautiful scenery. This video includes views of many beautiful places in Bhutan. Your Bhutan travel experience is guaranteed when you book your tour with Swan Tours.
8 Apr 2017
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When we became the largest exporter of American muscle, classic and exotic cars in the USA, many of our overseas clients kept telling us that they had many friends who wanted to do the same thing but felt it wasn't safe or easy enough.
25 Apr 2017
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How Premium Perks Can Fulfill a Driver's Dreams Automakers often claim that their vehicles can do more than just get you from point A to point B. Drivers often wish they can push the speedometer on that shiny new sports car over a hundred, but few of them ever get the opportunity until now. Some automakers are now helping fulfill those dreams by offering up exotic extras with their new purchase. If any SUV was built for off-roading, Hummer is it. If you have a new Hummer make a reservation at the Hummer Academy in South Bend, Indiana. There you can test your rock crawling skills with varying degrees of difficulty. The Swedish automaker Saab goes a bit further with what they call the ice Experience. Customers are taken up to the very north of Sweden, 200 miles north of the artic circle. There they actually go to a hotel built out of ice, have winter driving on ice, go on helicopter rides up to the highest mountains in Sweden, and have dogsled rides after the Swedish huskies. If speed is your need, then take your new V-series Cadillac and head for Road Atlanta. There you can put your new car through one of the most beautiful road race courses in the world. Produced for General Motors
22 Jan 2007
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India the land of diversified culture language religion and states has a lot to offer the world traveler by way of it's exotic cuisine.Any world traveler visiting India keeps a loving memmory of the Indian taste they experienced.Indian foods are very special numerous in number and mouth watering.A masala dosa,Vada sambar, or a palak panneer gulab jamun are a visitors delite.Many visitor try to attend a cooking class and display their ebility when they are back home.A famous beach resort in Kovalam Somatheeram has a menu of 250 items of Ayurvedic cuisine apart from the numerous sea foods to their credit.Experinec the exotic cuisine.We here with present you a few from the many India offers apart from the western and continental for our guests. 'ADITHI DEVO BHAVA' More from www***
29 Jan 2007
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Exotic things. It must sea.
11 Feb 2007
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Discover one a new exotic typically Brazilian ingredient - Palmito. Despite being very popular in South and Central America, Palmito (Heart of Palm) has yet to make it into North American and European menus. Here's a very simple recipe to introduce you to the wonderful - Palmito.
1 Mar 2007
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Exotic car show at auto affair -ENZO, carrera gt,lambos,etc_.mpg
6 Mar 2007
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You will find some to be very exotic and uncommon .Have fun seeing rarity from my collection
8 Mar 2007
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Check out this compilation of movies we made in London. We were looking for exotic cars and found quite a lot! You will see a Ferrari Enzo and Lamborghini Murcielago driving at a roundabout. Check out our other videos from Paris and Dubai.
15 Mar 2007
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This appetizer is an exotic seaweed that you can try.The supply is not steady.Sorry Just made the clip with my mobile phone.Not expecting sudden availability.Mixed tTangy,sour,a little sweet-salty taste
9 Apr 2007
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5th gear takes us inside the garage of one of the exotic cars collectors
11 Apr 2007
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parade of exotic cars from zrauto from calgary during the 2005 edmonton grand prix weekend
14 Apr 2007
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nowaday exotic car
15 May 2007
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Exotic Cars at streets of Beverly Hills can find Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mersedes SLR McLaren,,,,,,,,,
21 May 2007
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some really cool looking exotic cars
24 Jul 2007
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