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UFO over Miami 20 Oct 1995
4 Dec 2009
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Triangular formation of UFO's
6 Dec 2009
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Mass Spiral UFO sighting in Norway. Must see footage..
10 Dec 2009
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10 Dec 2009 - Pyramid UFO in Moscow / Kremlin
11 Dec 2009
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Daytime Pyramid UFO Footage
8 Jun 2010
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First day UFO'a of 2010 in United Kingdom
7 Jan 2010
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Daytime UFO footage from Edinburg/TX. Rest of the footage will be out soon as is been analized by experts.
14 Jan 2010
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UFO landing in Germany - 1995
4 Feb 2010
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Testimony from “Mafia Mike” about his UFO sighting near Area 51. Very startling and evidential sighting from an area that was on BLM land at one time. Since then the land is now off limits and in the restricted area. Closely allied private Wackenhut guards this area for the military. Taken from the video “Panic Project” by Anthony J Hilder. Free World Film Works *******www.freeworldfilmworks****/ Free World Alliance *******www.freeworldfilmworks****/fwa.htm “ Does the American Illuminati have any reason to panic the public by “creating” a cataclysmic invasion from outer space? The Cashists understand the the masses would have to be terrorized through the “staging” of an “event” for them to voluntarily give up their nations, their independence and their freedom to a Global Government that should offer the “protect” the planet from the space invaders. For centuries they have created crisis after crisis to bring about control, as reflected in their motto. “Ordo ab Chao””
15 Aug 2010
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Nellis Air Force Base Commander denies any UFO actvity, secret weapons, saying that information is classified. This is a one time occurence since a public hearing was required if area 51 was to expand its territory to exclude the public. Prior to this you could hike to to top of a hill and see the base in the distace and still be on Burean Of Land Management Land. Anthony Hilder corners the commander with questions ...which he denies all knowledge and will not comment upon. It is here for the record and the circumstances surrounding this situation will probably not occur again.
18 Aug 2010
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Clips taken from “ALIEN 51” a film and dvd by Anthony J Hilder Free World Film Works *******www.freeworldfilmworks****/ Anthony Hilder attends a public event where citizens are allowed to ask Nellis Air Force Base Commanders about why they want more BLM land for their reserve. This includes Area 51 where secret flying craft, back engineered UFOs, biological warfare chemicals, and research were taking place. Mr Hilder rose to the microphone to ask questions of the Air Force Panel. The question were revealing in that the panel refused to answer any of the questions...because of national security. This leads to the questions and airs concerns over what exactly is done on the base. There are reports of people exposed to hazardous chemicals there that were denied and left untreated by the Government. By their silence they are condemned. The BLM land asked for was to expand the territory of area 51 to keep UFO watchers out. Wackenhut provides security for the perimeter. They are armed and confront any who get too close. This kind of open public meeting will probably not occur again.
18 Aug 2010
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BY EVAN THOMAS ANCHOR ALEX ROZIER You're watching multisource tech news analysis from Newsy. Nobody will be answering Earth’s cosmic phone for the time being, thanks to budget cuts that have shut down the telescopes at the SETI Institute’s Allen Array. According to a letter from Institute CEO Tom Pierson - most of the annual funding for the program came from the state of California and the National Science Foundation. Now, a state budget crisis and reduced funding from the NSF has made it impossible to continue daily operations. The institute will remain in what he calls ‘hibernation’. “Hibernation means that, starting this week, the equipment is unavailable for normal observations and is being maintained in a safe state by a significantly reduced staff.” (SETI) The San Jose Mercury News reports the shutdown is depriving astronomers of their best way to search for life on other planets. “The Allen Array is not the only radio telescope facility that can be used in SETI searches. But it is the best; elsewhere, scientists have to borrow time on other telescopes.” And the shutdown means more than just the loss of their most dedicated tool. In an article for Fast Company, SETI senior astronomer Seth Shostak said the research done at the Allen Array may have yielded broader benefits: “...the kind of tech that is developed for SETI, these antenna arrays, monitor 100 million channels simultaneously. There's no commercial application for that now, but the lesson of history is that whenever you develop a new technical capability, you often find an interesting market for it.” But there’s still hope for the telescopes. SETI is already looking for ways to get the facility operational again. And according to PCWorld, the telescopes might not be in hibernation for long. “...the potentially good news is that the Air Force Space Command might consider using the ATA for "space surveillance"--snooping and tracking objects in space. Plus, it is not a permanent hiatus. When the California economy picks up and more donations pour through, the telescope ensemble could get back on its feet...” Until SETI finds new funding - through donations or renewed federal support - the Allen Array will sit quiet. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
30 Apr 2011
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