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Look at this insane guy defying death by speed climbing a mountain, no strings attached. Extreme video! (For the most extreme videos daily - *******oracleXtreme.blogspot**** )
22 Nov 2008
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Extreme breakdancing! This game is awesome. Great video clip! (Watch the most extreme videos daily - *******oracleXtreme.blogspot**** )
30 Nov 2008
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27 Jun 2009
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31 Oct 2009
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27 Jun 2009
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25 Jul 2009
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Cool breakdance video
7 May 2006
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Do you like watching incredible jumps, amazing tricks and cool stunts performed by world class pros? It takes the very top performances to make the grade, so check out when things get extreme…
18 Feb 2007
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This is a homemade music video of Higher Ground by the red Hot Chili Pepper
18 Feb 2007
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A ferry is a form of transport, usually a boat or ship, but also other forms, carrying (or ferrying) passengers and sometimes their vehicles. Ferries are also used to transport freight (in lorries and sometimes unpowered freight containers) and even railroad cars. Most ferries operate on regular, frequent, return services. A foot-passenger ferry with many stops, such as in Venice, is sometimes called a water bus or water taxi. Ferries form a part of the public transport systems of many waterside cities and islands, allowing direct transit between points at a capital cost much lower than bridges or tunnels. The busiest seaway in the world, the English Channel, connects Great Britain and mainland Europe sailing mainly to French ports, such as Calais, Boulogne,Cherbourg-Octeville, Caen, St Malo and Le Havre. Ferries from Great Britain also sail to Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Ireland. Some ferries carry mainly tourist traffic, but most also carry freight, and some are exclusively for the use of freight lorries.
4 Aug 2007
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A court is a public forum used by a power base to adjudicate disputes and dispense civil, labour, administrative and criminal justice under its laws. In common law and civil law states, courts are the central means for dispute resolution, and it is generally understood that all persons have an ability to bring their claims before a court. Similarly, those accused of a crime have the right to present their defense before a court.Court facilities range from a simple farmhouse for a village court in a rural community to huge buildings housing dozens of courtrooms in large cities.A court is a kind of deliberative assembly with special powers, called its jurisdiction, to decide certain kinds of judicial questions or petitions put to it. It will typically consist of one or more presiding officers, parties and their attorneys, bailiffs, reporters, and perhaps a jury.
9 Aug 2007
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Shocking/Extreme, Sport Videos
12 Aug 2007
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The view is money cant buy...... The term flat is used in Britain and most other Commonwealth countries to describe apartments; the term apartment is often used to describe more upmarket flats.Some apartment-dwellers own their apartments, either as co-ops, in which the residents own shares of a corporation that owns the building or development; or in condominiums, whose residents own their apartments and share ownership of the public spaces. Most apartments are in buildings designed for the purpose, but large older houses are sometimes divided into apartments. The word apartment connotes a residential unit or section in a building.
13 Aug 2007
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With that size of kid, he has fantastic skill A drummer is a person who plays the drums, particularly the drum kit, marching percussion, or hand drums.The term percussionist means a player on any percussion instrument, but usually refers to a person who plays classical or Latin percussion. Ideally, a studio drummer is a drummer who can play well in any musical genre (or combination of genres) asked of them. In the studio setting, a drummer will often be given a sheet of music to read with one or two words describing the style. From this basic information, an accomplished drummer will understand the groove and feel of the song. Some of today's most famous studio drummers are renowned for their ability to adapt to any style of music.
15 Aug 2007
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The cat that like to play with ..... very cute..... The term soft drink (more commonly known as soda, pop, or soda pop in parts of the United States, Canada and in the U.K. as well as coke in parts of the U.S.[1]) originally applied to carbonated drinks made from concentrates, although it now commonly refers to almost any cold drink that does not contain alcohol. The name "soft drink" specifies a lack of alcohol by way of contrast to the term "hard drink" and the term "drink", the latter of which is nominally neutral but often carries connotations of alcoholic content. Beverages like colas, sparkling water, lemonade, squash, and fruit punch are among the most common types of soft drinks, while hot chocolate, tea, coffee, milk, tap water, alcohol, and milkshakes do not fall into this classification.
22 Aug 2007
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transformers robot called citroen
26 Aug 2007
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