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My F22 Raptor at Avalon Airshow 2013 video here: ***********/watch?v=Ci8TNX3jyJ8 F111 Last ever Dump & Burn Display in Australia Retiring and replaced by F18F - Williamtown Airshow 2010 Bluray of the Airshows available upon request. Email - m171562live**** (Bluray version : over 1hr and 20min. Full HD 50fps 1920x1080 at 32mbs) $20 (free postage in Australia)
30 Apr 2013
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YouTube Kanal: ***********/lefloid Gaming Channel: ***********/doktorfroid LeFloid Instagram: *******instagram****/oneandonlyfloid LeFloid FaceBook: *******www.facebook****/lefloidfans Lefloid TWITTER: *******www.twitter****/lefloid LeFloid Shop: ******* Zweiter Kanal: ***********/flipfloid Channel Corporate Design: ********www.facebook****/CuBirds?fref=ts ------------------------------- Themen heute: Kinder-SexPuppen für Pädophile *******www.vice****/de/read/japan-trottla-lebensgroesse-puppe-sex-paedophile Die olle Herstellerseite. Man, stellt euch mal vor die wird lahmgelegt. Das wäre ja ein Ding. Man, man man... Aber ich rufe offiziell NICHT dazu auf. Es wäre nur ein absoluter Zufall, wenn das passieren würde. Gott oh Gott oh Gott... Tatsächlich darf ich aus Jugendschutzgründen die Seite des Herstellers nicht direkt verlinken. Aber die Firma nennt sich Trottla. Obama will keine Freunde mehr ausspionieren ******* Mutter ersticht Kinder bei Exorzismus ******* ------------------------------- Ich freue mich sehr darüber, wenn ihr meiner Show einen Daumen rauf gebt und mir helft auf YouTube noch so lange ich nur kann weiterzumachen! Danke Leute! Ihr ermöglicht es mir meine Leidenschaft zu leben! Ihr seid der Hammer! :D Ich wünsche euch noch einen traumhaften Tag! Bis bald! -------------------------------
30 Jan 2014
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The Eurofighter Typhoon at Le Bourget Airshow 2011 - Paris doing some nice aerobatics & maneuvers ! No cheese music, just pure engine sound! Enjoy! If you like it, please rate/comment it ツ Additional tags: Dassault rafale beats Eurofighter contract france french beat against eads raf tornado Airbus A380 A-380 Jumbo A400M A400 A-400M A-400 Paris Le Bourget France Tattoo Fairfordfail crash Berlin ILA Farnborough 2010 Boeing 787 747-8 Dreamliner Dream liner International Air Show Airshow 2010 2011 aviation aircraft wingover Display Best of Highlights Raptor F35 F22 F18 F16 F14 Hornet Tomcat TOP GUN TOP 10 Best Blue Angles Patrouille de Suisse Patrouille de France Red Arrows Frecce tricolori crash rammstein royal jordanian airforce team Hampton USA Airforce Navy RAF Heer Luftwaffe Armee de L'air Fighter Planes Military F4 Phantom P51 Mustang planes jets rotors engines WW1 WW2 Iraq Stealth Bomber B-52 tarnkappe airplanes aviation aircraft F22 Su27 Mig29 F15 Eagle Falcon F/A-18 Hornet Dassault Rafale Chengdu J-10 JAS 39 Gripen Saab Eurofighter Typhoon EADS Germany Italy England France Spain fast plane crash landing jet space sonic boom car ten world's speed sound aircraft top 10 supersonic fastest airplane military shuttle nasa 43 15 SR 71 MiG 25R Foxbat XB 70 Valkyrie Eagle mig 31 Foxhound 111 Aardvark f-15 shot blackbird sr-71 rockets faster mph fly supersonic x-15 chuck yeager jäger chuky mach air sonic boom atmosphere air force aircraft russian millitary bomb flying helicopter aviation warfare missile shoot down dog fight inflight combat landing carrier take off short approach after burner flames fire rocket launch speed velocity Aerobatics - Airshow Le Bourget 2011
27 Sep 2014
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*******viral-videos2012.blogspot****/ More Great Videos Crazy fighter jet flyby - So Close It's Breathtaking! Crazy fighter jet flyby - So Close It's Breathtaking! Crazy fighter jet flyby - So Close It's Breathtaking! A pilot in an A-4 Skyhawk pulls off an incredible low pass over a group of soldiers. fighter jet f18 flyby fighter jet fa 22 raptor jet fly over f 18 flyby f22 low flyby p 51 flyby a10 flyby fighter flyby
31 Oct 2014
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*******www.learningdslrvideo****/canon-vs-tamron-sigma-24-70mm/ Now that I ordered my Canon 5D Mark III I can start buying some really good glass. Since I am mostly a run and gun shooter, I don't have the luxury of time to swap out prime lenses out on the fly all day long, so that is why the first lens I want to buy is a 24-70mm f2.8. Now I have used the Canon 24-70mm many times in the past and I really like it, but I got really excited when Lee Morris from Fstoppers**** turned me the new Tamron 24-70 VC lens that has VC or vibration control and is cheaper. The Canon 24-70 is $1,600 and the Tamron is $1,300. Lee had mixed results on which one is sharper so I thought I would give you guys another test. I'm a bit biased already on this review because I really want to Tamron to win but that's is why my good friend James Drake from 5KInsight is here to keep things in perspective. James is real smart guy, and has a lot of experience using really expensive glass, you should listen to him if he if we disagree. The reason why I want it to win is the Tamron has image stabilization which is awesome for video. For it to win, it needs to be just as sharp as the Canon and have a good working vibration control. I think a lot of people that shoot video are frustrated that Canon didn't give us a 24-70 with IS. I think Cannon lost an opportunity here and has left the door open for Tamron on this one. Important to note this is not the II version of the Canon lens that runs for $2,300. So what I'm really hoping for in this test is the Tamron is to be just as sharp as the Canon because the 5D Mark III it is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Right off the bat that Canon has a very stiff focus ring, I know from using my friends that is a couple years old the focus ring is a lot smoother than this one. The all turn clockwise to extend the lens, however the Canon actually zooms when contracted which is backwards from the other two and all other lenses I have used. This can be frustrating. Range of the focus ring and how well each manually focuses, Canon 120 degrees, Tamron 100 degrees, Sigma 85 degrees. If there was an instance where in one test there was one lens sharper in the center but the other was sharper in the corner, I gave the win to the one sharpest in the center. When I had to spend more than 30 seconds trying to figure which one was sharpest I would call it a tie, sometimes it was so close. For the most part they all tied in the middle f5.6 to f8 at both wide and tele. Sigma did really well at f22 and f2.8 at 24mm. The most glaring however was Sigma at 2.8 at 70mm. Tamron won only once at f8 at 24mm but it had no glaring issues and way always ever so slightly behind the winners. The Tamron VC is a lot quieter than my Canon 28-135 IS. I am not an expert on bokeh, I used to think it was when you had more blades in the lens made prettier circles, but I am not seeing much ghosting or doubling of the blurry objects on any of them. Where I need the VC the most is at 70mm and not so much at 24mm, I plan on buying L series glass for a 16-35mm some day. Royalty free music by*******www.premiumbeat****
18 Feb 2015
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