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פקטור - תקשורת חברתית. קבוצת פקטור היא גוף פרטי העוסק בהפקת סרטים מסוגים שונים עבור עמותות וגופים חברתיים. עלות הפקה של סרט, כדוגמת סרט תדמית, באורך של כ-4 דקות, יכולה להגיע לעשרות אלפי שקלים. לרוב, גופים חברתיים שונים כגון עמותות וקבוצות שונות, אינם יכולים לעמוד בעלויות כאלה. קבוצת פקטור שמה לה למטרה לסייע לגופים אלה, ולהפיק עבורם סרטים מסוגים שונים, ברמה מקצועית גבוהה, ובמחירים המתחשבים באופיין החברתי של גופים אלה. במילים אחרות - אנחנו כאן כדי לעזור לכם להגיע לציבור, להיראות ולהישמע.
Ana García Señeriz y Boris Izaguirre comentan Factor X.
2 Mar 2007
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El programa de Campoy habla sobre Factor X.
5 Mar 2007
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Fear Factor Million in Gold Bullion Challenge - Tunnel of FEAR with rats, spiders, flames and raw sewage in dark tunnel. Freaky nightmare material! Nice red bikini on the girl and good voyeur shot of ass towards the end.
25 Mar 2007
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Imágenes del cásting de Factor X en Sevilla
5 Apr 2007
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Stephen Colbert on The O'Reilly Factor and Bill just doesn't seem to get it.
11 Apr 2007
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In this unscripted interview, Dr. Becky Kuhn discusses the factors patients say contributed to their contracting HIV. Patients have cited rejection by their families, low self-esteem, longing for love, disconnection from their religious community, alienation from God, and boredom as factors contributing to contracting HIV. Recreational use of Viagra and crystal methamphetamine may contribute to further transmission after becoming HIV positive. She also discusses how physicians can more fully contribute to their patients' well-being by talking with them about their lives as a whole and their value as a human being instead of just narrowly focusing on specific symptoms, conditions, and medications.
19 Aug 2007
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A parody of the rediculous Focus Factor ad you may have seen on TV.
5 Sep 2007
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NeoMatrix has up to date breast health information including breast cancer risk factors and information on the new HALO Breast Pap Test. Go to www.NeoMatrix**** for more information.
12 Sep 2007
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This week our panel of experts answers the question: What factors should I think about to determine which business school best fits me?
22 Sep 2007
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www.FactorMoney**** 1-866-593-2195 Why You Will Benefit By Using Our Freight Factoring Services HIGHEST CASH ADVANCES (up to 97%) We offer the highest advances in the truck factoring industry. How? Because we use our own money. The others are restricted by their banks LOWEST TRUCK FACTORING RATES Truck Factoring leader; We have the lowest factoring rates in the industry How? Because we use our own money. The others are restricted by their banks.
16 Oct 2007
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X Factor finalist Beverley Trotman has hit back at suggestions that a number of this year's contestants got through based on their 'sob stories'.
17 Oct 2007
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X Factor finalist Rhydian Roberts has admitted to whatsontv****** that he'll have to work hard to win favour with the public after being portrayed as 'arrogant' during the audition process.
19 Oct 2007
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