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Music video by Bondan Prakoso & Fade To Black performing Ya Sudahlah. (C) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia
23 Oct 2011
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Fade to Black is the fourth song on the thrash metal band Metallicas second studio album, Ride the Lightning. It was the first musical ballad released by the band, and is considered to be the precursor to The Unforgiven and Unforgiven II due to strong similarity in sound and subject matter. It was ranked as having the 24th best guitar solo ever by Guitar World magazine readers. It is one of Metallica's most famous songs. In an interview with drummer Lars Ulrich on the set of the production MTV Icon: Metallica in 2005, he recalls how he and bandmate James Hetfield were obsessed with death at the time the album and song were produced. It was written after almost all of their equipment, including a very rare amplifier, given to singer/rhythm guitarist James Hetfield by his mother just before she died, was stolen in Boston, MA, following a gig at the Channel Club on 14th January 1984. This event forced Metallica to borrow equipment from fellow tour band and friends, Anthrax, for the remainder of the tour. The lyrics suggest a man contemplating, then eventually committing suicide. It begins with an acoustic guitar introduction and becomes progressively heavier as the song goes on. Since its release, Fade to Black has been a fixture in Metallica's live performances. It was also the last song that Metallica performed live with former bassist Jason Newsted. Jason's last gig was at the VH1 Music Awards on November 30, 2000. It was one of Newsted's favorite Metallica songs, and was said to be of great sentimental value to him, although it had been written before he had joined the band. Jason Newsted's previous band, Flotsam And Jetsam, performed a song called Fade To Black on their 1986 album Doomsday For The Deceiver before Jason left to join Metallica, although it bears no resemblance to the Metallica version. Metallica was playing the intro of this song during their concert at Montreal's Olympic Stadium in 1992, when James Hetfield suffered second and third-degree burns from a pyrotechnic accident. The song's title is never mentioned in the lyrics. Life, it seems, will fade away Drifting further every day Getting lost within myself Nothing matters, no one else I have lost the will to live Simply nothing more to give There is nothing more for me Need the end to set me free Things aren't what they used to be Missing one inside of me Deathly lost, this can't be real Can not stand this hell I feel Emptiness is filling me To the point of agony Growing darkness taking dawn I was me, but now he's gone No one but me can save myself, but it's too late Now I can't think, think why I should even try Yesterday seems as though it never existed Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye
24 Oct 2011
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This is Mark Goffeney at Balboa park in San Diego, California who was born with no arms and plays the guitar with his feet. The song is Fade to Black from Metallica.
1 Nov 2011
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Please rate and comment. Metallica - Fade To Black (Music Video) Footage: Saving Private Ryan
10 Nov 2011
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Francais Pour Une Nuit 10/19/2009 On July 7th of this year we were honored to perform at Arenes de Nimes, the historic Roman amphitheatre in Nimes, France, easily one of the most spectacular venues in the world. We thought it would be a memorable night, so we asked our friends in France to bring along a film crew to document the festivities. The result is "Francais Pour Une Nuit" (translation: "French For One Night"), the DVD of the evening including the full show, interviews with us, and five videos shot by YOU, our buddies in the audience. All this and more will be available starting November 23, 2009! "Francais Pour Une Nuit" was extra special for us because not only was it filmed in France, but ALL aspects of the project are French as the show was filmed, recorded, and edited with French camera and recording crews, the artwork on the package and special box set (more on that in a minute!) were created by a French design team; even the credits are in French. The only non-French parts: the three Americans and one Dane on stage and the photos shot by Englishman Ross Halfin. The DVD will be available in retail stores in France only, at www.metallica****, or you may order online through the record company at www.metallicanimes****. There will be three formats available: Standard DVD in a digipack including a 16 page booklet, Blu-Ray DVD, also in a digipack with the booklet, and the deluxe limited edition box set that includes the DVD, a copy of "Death Magnetic on CD," a Large T-shirt, laminated pass, and five exclusive photos (see it all below). And just in case you couldn't join us that night, here is the set list: 1. Blackened 2. Creeping Death 3. Fuel 4. Harvester Of Sorrow 5. Fade To Black 6. Broken, Beat & Scarred 7. Cyanide 8. Sad But True 9. One 10. All Nightmare Long 11. The Day That Never Comes 12. Master Of Puppets 13. Dyers Eve 14. Nothing Else Matters 15. Enter Sandman 16. Stone Cold Crazy 17. Motorbreath 18. Seek & Destroy World Magnetic Tour - 2010 Date Location Venue Tix 04/13/2010 Oslo, Norway Telenor Arena Limited Availability 04/14/2010 Oslo, Norway Telenor Arena Limited Availability 04/17/2010 Riga, Latvia Riga Arena Buy Tickets 04/18/2010 Riga, Latvia *Consolidating* Details 04/18/2010 Tallinn, Estonia Saku Suurhal Limited Availability 04/20/2010 Vilnius, Lithuania Siemens Arena SOLD OUT! 04/21/2010 Vilnius, Lithuania Siemens Arena Buy Tickets 04/24/2010 Moscow, Russia SK Olimpiisky Buy Tickets 04/25/2010 Moscow, Russia SK Olimpiisky Buy Tickets 05/11/2010 Belfast, N. Ireland Odyssey Arena SOLD OUT! 05/12/2010 Belfast, N. Ireland Odyssey Arena Buy Tickets 05/14/2010 Budapest, Hungary Puskas Ferenc Stadium Limited Availability 05/16/2010 Zagreb, Croatia Hippodrome Buy Tickets 05/18/2010 Lisbon, Portugal Pavilhao Atlantico SOLD OUT! 05/19/2010 Lisbon, Portugal Pavilhao Atlantico Limited Availability 05/22/2010 Tel Aviv, Israel Ramat Gan Stadium Buy Tickets 05/23/2010 Lyon, France Halle Tony Garnier SOLD OUT! 06/14/2010 Madrid, Spain Rock In Rio Buy Tickets 06/16/2010 Warsaw, Poland Sonisphere - Bemowo Airport Buy Tickets 06/18/2010 Zurich, Switzerland Sonisphere - Jonschwil Degenaupark Buy Tickets 06/19/2010 Prague, Czech Republic Sonisphere - Mimon Airport Buy Tickets 06/22/2010 Sofia, Bulgaria Sonisphere - Levski Stadium Buy Tickets 06/24/2010 Athens, Greece Sonisphere - Terra Vibe Park Buy Tickets 06/26/2010 Bucharest, Romania Sonisphere - Romexpo Buy Tickets 06/27/2010 Istanbul, Turkey Sonisphere - Inonu Stadium Buy Tickets ***********/fabcor95 ***********/user/tallica4l... ***********/user/MetallicaHD
11 Nov 2011
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JOIN US !!!! XDXD *******www.facebook****/pages/Milanicachannel/284901504894057?sk=wall *******twitter****/MilanicaChannel James fails to switch guitar sound - Fade to Black - Rock in Rio 2011
21 Dec 2011
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From the movie Fade to Black - Jay-Z talks with Pharrell and Just Blaze about the importance of staying focused when making a record.
4 Jan 2012
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From the movie Fade to Black - Jay-Z talks about the way New York was when he was growing up.
5 Jan 2012
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The official video of this fantastic band; Metallica - Fade to Black. Enjoy it! El video oficial de esta fantastica banda; Metallica - Fade to Black. ¡Disfruten!
19 Jan 2012
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Bleach Original Soundtrack Fade To Black
23 Feb 2012
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Subbed Trailer for Bleach Movie 3 : Fade to Black - Kimi no Na o Yobu Date in Japan 13-12-2008
26 Feb 2012
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Bleach Fade To Black OST - Track 20 - B13a
20 Mar 2012
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Metallica Live Fade to Black at Bonnaroo Festival 2008
12 Apr 2012
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Awesome, Metallica`s performence of fade to black in HD quality ! One of the best Videos in Sound an visual quality !!
21 Jun 2012
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Hey, =) Well ... Lets talk honestly. I know, I know, this vid sucks, haha ! I took this vid 3 or 4 years ago. My guitar was new, I had just bought it that day, so the strings were really hard and I wasn't used to play on a guitar with steel strings. Buuut, I really love Fade to Black, and I played it for a friend of mine, she's not here anymore, that's why I don't delete it, even though I know it isn't good (I'm not deaf yet, dear ! :P). I played it from my heart to her, so plz, I don't want to see bad comments here, I really respect your opinion, but please, don't. If you didn't like it, just go and listen the official version, huh ? Really better I guess :) And if you liked it, just thank you. Bye bye, friends.
25 Jul 2012
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Fade to Black performed by Metallica at Francais Pour Une Nuit.
1 Aug 2012
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