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This is a commercial for the movie, if you wanna see the trailer for the movie it is in our other videos. :)
26 Jan 2010
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A vid I made dedicated to the Barbie movies. Yes I admit it I like Barbie, but just the movies b/c they make me happy when I watch them. The song used is: If You Can Dream by the Disney Princesses Lyrics: (Ariel) There is a world where hope And dreams can last for all time I wonder this place to go You know it When your heart will find (Jasmine) Hearing our song as old as rhyme Hold my hand we're gonna fly While a magic ride Is just a kiss away [Chorus] If you can dream for wishful making On a star is coming through (Pocahontas) The colors of the wind will lead My heart right back to you Cos if you can dream, Reflections in a diamond sky, Come shining on through (Aurora) Romance will always be so new And love will save the day If you can dream (Snow White) Someday my prince will come It's certain as the sunrise (Cinderella) One day the slipper fits And you see the love in his eyes (Belle) It's the tale as old as time There's no mountain we can find When you're finally mine And just a kiss away [Chorus] If you can dream for wishful making On a star is coming through (Pocahontas) The colors of the wind will lead My heart right back to you Cos if you can dream, Reflections in a diamond sky, Come shining on through (Mulan) Romance will always be so new And love will save the day If you can dream [Bridge] (Belle) So the story goes Never tire the rose (Jasmine) There's a whole new world Waiting there for us Waiting just for us... [Chorus] If you can dream for wishful making On a star is coming through (Pocahontas) The colors of the wind will lead My heart right back to you Cos if you can dream, Reflections in a diamond sky, Come shining on through (Snow White) Romance will always be so new (Ariel) And love will save the day, Ohhhh (Mulan) Love will save the day If you can dream (Ariel) You can dream ... ... List: 1. Ariel - Barbie of Mermaidia (Elena) 2. Mulan - Barbie in the Nutcracker (Clara) 3. Cinderella - Barbie as Rapunzel (Rapunzel) 4. Snow White - Barbie of Fairytopia (Elena) 5. Jasmine - Barbie & the 12 Dancing Princesses (Genevieve) 6. Aurora - Barbie as the Princess&the Pauper (Anneliese&Erika) 7. Belle - Barbie of Swan Lake (Odette) 8. Pocahontas - Barbie& the Magic of Pegasus (Annika)
9 Feb 2009
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*******smart-cycles**** [*********** smart cycle] plugs correct into your TV, ready to take kids on learning adventures same no other. As they pedal, favorite case friends pass them finished learning discoveries, games and even exciting races. Other activities don't require pedaling at all. Includes Learning Adventure game cartridge with 3 structure to play: 1) Drive, steer and see at your own pace--visit Math Mountain, Shape Lake, Number Fields, Letter Creek and other stops along the way. 2) Learn, stop and rest, but don't stop learning! Use the joystick to reinforce important learning skills with plenty of games and activities with assorted levels for growing kids. 3) Race--put the tone to the metal as you race with cars on-screen, against the clock, or with added player. Includes Learning Journey software and the other themes sold separately include: Nick Jr.Dora the Explorer Friendship Adventure, Nick Jr.Go Diego Go! Diego's Animal Rescue, Discover the Dinosaurs, Nickelodeon SpongeBob Squarepants Ocean Adventure, Hot Wheels Barbie Fairytopia. Developmental Benefits: Teaches: upper & lowercase letters, numbers & counting, spelling, problem-solving, shapes, matching, creativity, spatial reasoning, motor skills & lots more! Requires 4 \"D\" batteries, not included. Measures 26.7\"L x 18.5\"W x 25.1\"H. Weight Capacity 200 lbs.
8 Dec 2009
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*If you have not seen Barbie Fairytopia, this trailer contains spoilers.* This is a movie trailer for Barbie Fairytopia 2.
6 Oct 2009
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This is a movie trailer to Barbie Fairytopia 3. Fairy Princess Elina (Barbie) has joined with her friends to produce the first rainbow of spring, but when the nefarious Laverna sets out to thwart their plans of painting the sky with brilliant color grey clouds soon threaten to prevail. Meanwhile, Princess Elina's puffball pet Bibble may have found romance with a cuddly little companion whose undeniable cuteness is a sight to behold.
4 Jul 2011
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Visita: ******* Visit: ******* Elina is the beautiful fairy from "Fairytopia" that transforms into a lovely mermaid in the movie. She takes a journey to Mermaidia to save their prince and ward of the evil Laverna. In order to do this, Elina must make a sacrifice and give up her fairy wings for a mermaid's tail. The beautiful Elina doll has large, 18" wings that easily transform into a fantastical mermaid tail and back again. Not suitable for water play. Colors and details may differ from those shown. Dolls cannot stand, swim or fly alone. Measures 12" tall.
3 Nov 2011
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From the movie Barbie: Fairytopia - Directed by Walter P. Martishius and starring Kelly Sheridan, Kelly Sheridan, Lee Tockar, Lee Tockar, Lee Tockar. Elina is a flower fairy who discovers that her home of Magic Meadow has been overcome by a horrible malady that is killing the flowers and making the fairies unable to fly. With the help of Bibble, a puffball and a giant butterfly named Hue she attempts to find Azura, a Guardian Fairy. She’s challenged along the way by the evil Laverna who wants to usurp the Enchantress, the ruler of Fairytopia.
12 Jan 2012
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Visita: ******* Visit: ******* Barbie Fairytopia elina
26 Jun 2012
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*******www.freewebs****/falling-flowers/music.htm The song "Rise Above It All" from Fairytopia Live (note there are 2 versions of this song, the other version is linked to below) Featuring pics of Elina and Mariposa. Pictures are promotional stills and other images I found searching on google. I do not have anything to do with Fairytopia or Barbie, I am just a fan. Everything belongs to it's respective owners (Alternate Version: ***********/watch?v=PUPnBWzjz7A&feature=PlayList&p=8A3F72701309432B&index=1) YAY! 10K views, thank you everyone!
2 Oct 2013
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This is the movie trailer for the first Fairytopia movie. In a world called Fairytopia that is "just through the rainbow," a fairy named Elina lives with her puffball Bibble in a large flower in the Magic Meadow. Since she has no wings, Elina is constantly teased by some of the other fairies. However, she has a friend named Dandelion who defends her. One day, Elina and Dandelion find out that the local Guardian Fairy, Topaz, has been kidnapped and that there is a sickness running around that affects all creatures with wings, as well as Elina's flower home. Since Elina believes that another Guardian Fairy named Azura can help solve the problem, she sets off to find Azura and embarks on a journey to save Fairytopia. After a long and harrowing quest, Elina is able to defeat the evil Laverna, responsible for the illness affecting the faeries, and for that the Enchantress grants her wings.
24 Nov 2013
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Brazilian Barbie commercial from 2006.
20 Mar 2011
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and the pauper- fairytopia- in the nutcracker- mariposa-magic of pegasus-swan lake-island princess- in the 12 dancing princess DISCLAIMER: This video is PURELY fan made. It is in no way associated with the musical artist or the cartoon company. I do not own the song or the show, all material is used for my personal use and not for gain. All material is copyrighted to it's original owners ... barbie and the pauper fairytopia in nutcracker mariposa magic of pegasus swan lake island princess my ...
4 May 2009
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Proof that WMM is a peice of shit. As far as I know, this is the first poop using Barbie, but let me know if i'm mistaken. Video: Barbie Fairytopia Trailer Zelda CD-i wand of gamelon Link CD-i faces of evil Hotel Mario Jak X Ventrilo Harrasment WTF? BOOOOOM!!! Audio: Hotel Mario Ventrilo Harrasment (Leather Belt AAUUGGHHH!!) Super Mario World Ratatoing Hall of the Mountain King Link CD-i FoE Zelda CD-i WoG Jak X Herb Alpert - Spanish Flea A Tribute to Walrusguy. Rest in PEICES!!
7 Sep 2009
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Here are some Barbie Movies. I couldn´t take all of them. Here is a list with every Barbie Movie: 1. Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001)* 2. Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)* 3. Barbie of Swan Lake (2003)* 4. Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper (2004)* 5. Barbie: Fairytopia (2005) 6. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (2005) 7. Barbie: Mermaidia (2006) (8. The Barbie Diaries) 9. Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)* 10. Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow (2007) 11. Barbie as The Island Princess (2007)* 12. Barbie Mariposa (2008) 13. Barbie and The Diamond Castle (2008)* 14. Barbie in A Christmas Carol (2008)* 15. Barbie: Thumbelina (2009) 16. Barbie and the Three Musketeers (2009)* 17. Barbie in a Mermaid's Tale (2010) *Movies, wich are in this Video I don´t own anything... All belongs to the Company , wich made this (Mattel). Please Enjoy ;-)
7 Aug 2011
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Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia Part 1 I do not own Barbie or have anything to do with it. I just uploaded this video for entertainment purposes only. I do not own Barbie or have anything to do with it. I just uploaded this video for entertainment purposes only. Copyright: Lionsgate
6 Jan 2012
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All The Barbie Full Movies Here - ***********/user/PeliculasDeBarbieN03 Since her film debut appearance in 1987 in Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World, Barbie has been a computer-animated virtual actress starring in several feature films and short films. After a fourteen-year absence, Mattel commissioned Barbie to be featured as a heroine of several princess or fairy-themed stories to accompany a franchise of related dolls and accessories. In majorities of films that she does contains a moral that is proven by Barbie herself in the movie . First generation (1987-1992) Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World (1987) Barbie and The Sensations: Rockin' Back to Earth (1987) Dance! Workout with Barbie (1992) Second generation (2001-present) Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001) In her first full-length feature movie, Barbie stars as Clara, who is shrunken by the evil Mouse King. With her new friend, the Nutcracker, Clara embarks on an adventure through a magical world to find the Sugar Plum Princess, the only one with the power to save the land. Barbie as Rapunzel (2002) Barbie of Swan Lake (2003) Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004) In her first musical, Barbie stars in the dual role of Princess Anneliese and the semstress, Erika, two identical girls who switch places to save the kingdom when Anneliese is kidnapped. Barbie: Fairytopia (2005) Barbie stars as Elina, a fairy who is teased by the other fairies because she has no wings. But when the evil fairy, Laverna poisons everything in the sky, Elina sets out to save Fairytopia. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (2005) Barbie stars as Princess Annika, who is being pursued by the evil wizard, Wenlock. Along with the Pegasus, Brietta, Annika embarks on a mission to build a Wand of Light and save her kingdom. The Barbie Diaries (2006) Barbie is a teenage girl with a magical diary. Whatever she writes in the diary comes true. She realises she has a secret admirer, who she thinks is Todd. Barbie: Mermaidia (2006) The sequel to Fairytopia. When the merprince, Nalu is kidnapped, Elina must give up her wings for a mermaid tail in order to save him. Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006) Barbie stars as Princess Genevieve who has eleven sisters, all of whom have a love for dancing. When their father sends the cruel Duchess Rowena to discipline them, the Princesses discover the gateway to a magical land. Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow (2007) The third installment of the Fairytopia series. Elina is invited to Fairy School by the Fairy Guardian, Azura to train as her apprentice in preparation for the next Flight of Spring. However, Laverna has devised a plan to ruin the Flight and plunge Fairytopia into ten years of winter. Barbie as the Island Princess (2007) Barbie stars as Rosella, a shipwrecked Princess who grew up on a tropical island and can talk to animals. When Prince Antonio discovers the island, Rosella chooses to travel to civilization and find her family. Barbie Mariposa (2008) Set in the Fairytopia series, Elina tells the story of Mariposa, a butterfly fairy who goes on a quest to save the Queen of Flutterfield when she is poisoned by the evil fairy, Henna. Barbie & the Diamond Castle (2008) Barbie and Teresa star as Liana and Alexa, two best friends with a love of music, who discover a mirror with a girl trapped inside. Barbie in a Christmas Carol (2008) In her first Christmas movie, Barbie stars as Eden Starling, a spoiled, selfish, hard-hearted opera singer, who doesn't believe in Christmas. Barbie Thumbelina (2009) When opening a new nature reserve, Barbie tells the story of the tiny fairy, Thumbelina. Thumbelina, with the help of a spoiled young girl named Makena, sets out to save her home from being destroyed by construction workers, who are planning to build a factory. Barbie and the Three Musketeers (2009) Barbie stars as Corinne, a girl who dreams to become a musketeer. When Corinne travels to Paris, she meets three other girls who share the same dream and their skills are put to the test when they discover a deadly plot against Prince Louis. Barbie in A Mermaid Tale (2010) Barbie stars as Merliah Summers, a star surfer, who discovers that she is half-mermaid and must save her mother, Queen Calissa of Oceania, from the evil Eris. Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale (2010) Barbie: A Fairy Secret (2011) Barbie: Princess Charm School (2011) Barbie: A Perfect Christmas (2011) Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 (2012) Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar (2012)
21 Dec 2012
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