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This video clip contains an overview of how CSOSA works with Faith Based organizations to mentor offenders and increase public safety in the Washington, DC community.
25 Apr 2008
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review Christian Faith Live as they go fishing with Dr. buddy bell and www.MinistryWebcasting**** out on the bay with *******www.chesapeakebaysportfishing****. A great time each year in the spring.
13 Jul 2008
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Science does not lead to Atheism. Many great scientists have been men of faith. Hear their stories in Real Science. Real Faith. Order a DVD copy and learn more at www.meaningfulscience****
30 Jun 2008
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IT IS YOUR TIME. STOP WAITING FOR JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT. TAKE ACTION NOW. HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF. JUST DO IT. REAL CASH FOR YOU NOW. *******www.myrealcashgifting**** 636-443-5643 call me anytime with any questions you might have.
4 May 2008
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This program is a television show addressing efforts in the District of Columbia to provide volunteer faith-based mentoring to offenders released from prison.
10 May 2008
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4 Jun 2008
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The Faith was given birth with three legs, and in the course remained only with the two behind. Her initial householders were afraid him they keep, and him adopted the Mr Jude, which accomplished with a lot of love and patience to her it learns to walk only in the two pisw legs, that to her had remained. Par' all her infirmity, the Faith is a dog cheerful and skorpa' generously her love in all. Big bravo in her Mr Jude deserves believes
11 May 2008
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Starbuck’s and Leoben’s plots coming to head at last! Matt + Nat have a lot to say about this one… and with all the Hybrid’s prattle, we might have a few new theories to bandy about. Harbinger of Death takes on a whole new meaning for us, and it’s looking like the Hybrid and Baltar seem to be on the same page with their prophesy! An intense episode to say the least, but what about the visual effects? Where’d that Raptor come from? Laura Roslin in a bald cap and a cancer-stricken Bajoran? What did YOU think of “Faith”?? Let us know, for a chance to win some sweet Alienware goodies… like those $200 Ozma7 Headphones in just 3 more BSGcasts! ~Matt + Nat
14 May 2008
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Mad faithful people dragging Saint'alfio in a dangerous ascent, and cries out. S.alfio popular religiuous celebration Feast in Trecastagni (Sicily) really strange!!
17 May 2009
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Nothing much to say about this one. Song: Faith Love and Happiness Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch Clips: Kingdom Hearts Editor: Achiyugo
6 Jun 2009
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What is the meaning of faith and where does it lead to in our Lord Jesus Christ? Is it the only thing we require to be saved? This video addresses all these questions based upon direct Bibilical Scripture. A must see video for all!
2 Feb 2009
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The UK's Minister for Europe, Mr Jim Murphy, speaks about the importance of faith and culture in a modern Europe.
4 Jun 2008
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Busta Rhymes joins Fatman Scoop to perform Scoops world wide club banger "Be Faithful"!!!!!!!!!!
9 Feb 2009
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TV News story describes faith-based assistance to kids, foster children, children aging out of foster care (AOFC) in Tampa.
12 Jun 2008
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Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet is a space traveling, alien world exploring escapade full of creepy creatures and (now vintage) futuristic technology. A captivating picture, this is full blown sixties sci fi at its “far out” best. The sexy Faith Domergue, originally discovered by Howard Hughes, costars along with Basil Rathbone as scientists on their way to Venus. When they arrive, however, they find themselves in a strange and eerie world where an unbreathable atmosphere has given rise to bizarre creatures. The effects are campy but excellent. Quintessential pulp sci fi elements are present, from the laser guns to the surprisingly well represented androids. These impressive visuals transform the viewer’s consciousness and lead to a satisfying science fiction classic experience during Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet.
23 Jun 2008
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Call (877) LIFE LUV. You will receive 3 FREE minutes off your first reading. Have you been feeling that your faith is being tested lately? Our advisors can give a reading that will restore your faith once again. Call today for a better tomorrow!
23 Jun 2008
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