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Compilation of some amazing trick,this is part two(for idiots,Kick El toro,and 3flip down Wallenberg are in first part),and these are also best ever,it's a:Stair Section: Corey Duffel-ollie double set 9 stairs flat 10 stairs Gareth Stehr-ollie a 21 stairset Josh Casper-ollie gap(15 feet high) Jeremy Wray-ollie water tower gap(18 feet long) Bastien Salabanzi-backside ollie down 20set Ryan Dannettelle-bs ollie el toro(20 stairs) Jeremy wray-bs ollie,almost 30 feet gap Andrew reynolds-caballerial down wilshire 15 Ryan Sheckler-huge kickflip Andrew reynolds-huge shifty flip down 12(4 block) Lindsey Robertson-huge heelflip down wallenberg four Grant Patterson-nollie flip down wilshire 15 Kevin Romar-amazing nollie hell down wilshire Jeff Mikut-hardflip wilshire 15 Jimmy Carlin-hardflip down 14 stairs Brandon Tirner-huge ss hardflip down Carlsbad Chris Cole-bs flip down wilshire 15(I know reynolds bs flip down wallenberg 4 is biggest,but I can't find it) Andrew Reynolds-massive fs flip down wallenberg four.. Jim Greco-ss fs flip down wilshire 15 Paul Rodriguez-ss fs heel down 14 set All 4 360 flips down Macba: Chris Cole-normal Johny Layton-switchstance Felix May-fakie(better,cleaner,stylish than Koston) Tony Tave-nollie Jerry Hsu-nollie backside heel down big 13 set Bastien Salabanzi:cab flip down Barcelona's euro gap rail section: Bastien Salabanzi-360 flip to fs noseblunt grant Patterson-nollie flip bs crook on hubba 9 Chris Kendall-hardflip bs lipslide down 10 Billy Marks-flip to fs lipslide down 12 Bastien Salabanzi-kickflip backlip down huge 10 set(same high rail as Wilshire,so Bastien could do down wilshire) Eric Koston-gap flip backlip Eric Koston-bs tailslide flip out to fakie Healt Kirchart-bs tailslide flip out to fakie on rail 7! Koston-360 flip to fs nosebluntslide down 8 Wade Desarmo-ss kickflip to ss fs feeble!! Stafan Janoski-ss kickflip to ss bs crook down rail(tampa Pro 07 bestrick,everybody know,I know He do that down rail 9 in Nothink but the true!) third best trick ever: Andrew Reynolds-fs flip down 18!!!!!!!!! Check Part one...... Song:Guns and roses Don't Cry I miss reynold's bs flip wallenberg and Willow's bs bigspin wallenberg,that's definetily best trick...
22 Sep 2008
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www.worldsnowboardtour**** In one of the most thrilling events of this season, exciting down to the very last run of the day; Eric Willett (USA) won the Billabong Air&Style 2013. Beating favorites like X Games Big Air Champion Mark McMorris in the superfinal, Eric can bring home the Ring of Glory, and a special edition Air&Style Nixon watch on top of his first prize. “More important to me was the fun we had here today and yesterday, riding with these legendary guys in the Jam session and some of my closest friends today.” Sebastien Toutant came second and took home the World Snowboard Tour Big Air Trophy. “I won the Slopestyle Tour Trophy last year and was very happy to collect this one too. It’s an amazing feeling to be rewarded for your accomplishments over a season.” Sebastien commented. It was a very close call for the Big Air championship this year; Sebastien only beat Norwegian Stale Sandbech by 1.01 point in the Big Air final ranking. Round 1 of the classic Air&Style head-to-head format eliminated Maxence Parrot, who mathematically had the best chance of winning the World Snowboard Tour Big Air championship tonight. His best run, a Backside Double Cork 1080 Mute with a frontboard 270 on the rails wasn’t enough though, to beat local favorite Clemens Schattschneider (AUT) and advance to round 2. Things heated up in the following runs, when at the same time conditions were hardening as the snowfall got more dense. Stale Sandbech brought on the highlight run, a Backside Triple Cork 1440 Mute and Frontside Lip slide earning 93.33 points. Eric Willett eliminated Seppe Smits, last season’s Big Air Champion. In the Super Final, Mark McMorris was sadly discouraged; as he wasn’t able to land his runs clean after his two beautiful triple corks in round 3. His Backside Triple Cork 1440 Mute and Cab 270 Frontboard to Fakie on the rails, was the highest scored trick of the night, earning a striking 96 points. Mark obviously had a hard time recovering and couldn’t make it to the podium. Aleksander Ostreng (NOR) beat him with a Backside 1260 Mute 180 on 180 out. With the Big Air chapter for the 2012-2013 season closed, the riders on the World Snowboard Tour are preparing for the next leg; the 6Star Burton European Open starting in Laax from Monday February 4th on. Women and Men will start qualification rounds on Monday for Halfpipe and Slopestyle disciplines. After that, the Women will see their World Snowboard Tour Champions crowned in Vail, at the final day of the Burton US Open on March 2nd. The last 6Star event for the men this season will be the Arctic Challenge held in Norway from March 7-9, where the Halfpipe Tour Champion and Overall champion will be decided.
7 Feb 2013
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After a qualification day under light snow falls, the sun came back in Ischgl for a super final day at the 2013 Volkl World Rookie Finals for an unforgettable edition. Jonas Bösiger interrupted the scandic legacy and bring back in Swiss the World Rookie Champion title for the male category, while Katerina Vojackova from Czech Republic conquered the femal title. A perfectly shaped Ischgl Snowpark hosted the most amazing challenge ever for the titles of 2013 World Rookie Champion. The level in the final was extremely high and all the riders pushed their limits starting from the early morning trainings with double to double, corks and huge back side rodeo from the first and second jumps. The competition format was judging in overall impression, with 3 run each rider, best run counted for the final ranking. Among the male rookies Jonas Bosiger from Swiss resulted the best rider of the day and got the title of 2013 WSF World Rookie Champion with a run including Back 1080 Double Cork, Frontside 720, 50-50 backside 360 out on the pole kicker, huge Method on the hip, Backside boardslide and frontside 50-50 front 360 out on the multi jib obstacle. For the girls Katerina Vojackova from Czech Republic won the 2013 WSF World Rookie Champion title with huge Backside and Frontside 360, 50-50 Indy on the Pole-Kicker, Backside air on the hip, Backside Boardslide and Front-Tail slide to Fakie on the final jib obstacle. In the male grom category Norwegian Isak Ulstein won with Backside720, Frontside 720, Backside Rodeo5, Halfcab mute, 50-50 to Backside Noseblunt and frontside 50-50 to frontside 360out, while Taelor Mattingley from USA was the best grom girl with Stalefish, Backside 360, Method, Fronteside air on the hip, 50-50 and 50-50 nose slide in the jib area.
10 Apr 2013
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