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Watch as the town of Megaton gets cooked by a nuke. Satisfying!
24 May 2009
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this is the hardest guitar song in the setlist of the game(which is Satch Boogie) played on expert guitar Enjoy:) please comment and rate
24 May 2009
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The teaser video for Bethesda's Fallout 3. [PS3,360,PC] Check these fine websites for all the latest Fallout 3 news and info: nma-fallout**** http http ------------- War never changes, but Fallout has. This will undoubtedly upset a great many people. -The Escapist ------------- "The game it's closest to is Oblivion." - Todd Howard ------------- Here are the basics: •REALLY, REALLY pissed off Fallout fans. •Action RPG •Real-time combat with pause to queue targets (aka VATS ...
12 Apr 2009
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depending on your base critical chance, may make the Railway Rifle one of the best non unique Small Guns. Laszlo Radford uses the Railway Rifle. He is a random encounter who may be found at certain "random encounter" locations throughout the Wasteland. - In the XBOX 360 version, equipping a companion with the Railway Rifle may cause the game to freeze during battles frequently. - The Railway Rifle causes freezing usually when attacking two or more targets in VATS - Also after reloading a save ...
12 May 2009
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- A high skill level with explosives will allow them to do more damage. For even more damage, take the Demolition Expert perk. (max damage 802) - The Vault Tec lunch box that the mine is made from is identical to the metal lunchbox you receive with the Collector's Edition of Fallout 3. - Bottlecap Mines are of the same sort as regular landmines, but with a bigger warning attached, and a far more powerful explosion. One Bottlecap Mine will kill almost any NPC in the game, including deathclaws, while a regular frag mine will have much less damage. Bottlecap Mines have a wider radius of explosion, and therefore users should use caution when setting them for incoming enemies who are already fairly close. When you set a Bottlecap Mine, it cannot be set off by yourself or any permanent companion you may be walking with, but almost all other NPCs will set it off. You can disarm all mines that you have armed and pick them up without any danger. - Like normal Frag Mines, the Bottlecap Mine will become live and likely to cause instant death after it's dropped into NPC's pants (inventory) via theft. - Bottle cap mines take a bit longer to arm and drop than normal mines. You can find them in: - They can be found on top of Workbenches. - There is also a Bottlecap Mine on the Workbench if you purchase one for your suite/house. - 3-4 can be found in the Super-Duper Mart. NOTE: - Occasionally, the Bottlecap Mine schematic will disappear from your build options at the workbench. Cause unknown.
6 Sep 2009
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Call of Duty 5 World at War Gameplay PART3 (PC) Part1: ***********/watch?v=voI_GTfUUE8 Part2: ***********/watch?v=z3w0eh6px5g Part4: ***********/watch?v=6hc0GeFS3vY My System: CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6400+ 3,2 GHZ RAM: Corsair 4 Gigabyte 800Mhz 5-5-5-12 Hard Drive: 250 GB Serial ATA 3 Gbit/s, 7.200 U/Min mit 16 MB Cache GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX 768 Mb Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster 931c "19" Soundcard: High Definition 7.1 Realtek Speaker: Logitech® Z-4 Keyboard: Logitech® G11 Gaming Keyboard Mouse: Logitech® G9 Laser Mouse Mousepad: Alienware Hard Plastic Game Pad OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 x64 Motherboard: Foxconn nForce 590 AMD SLI
7 Sep 2009
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Using the premade meshes, I edited the projectiles and script effects of these weapons, also I added the Fire Hydrant, this is a behemoth weapon, I just swapped the meshes from a sledge and edited the killing blow to explode. Wezz's Bloody Blade - Damage: 35 - Crit: 40 DPS: 104 Wezz's Grenader - Damage:(Nuka-Grenadex3) - Crit: N/A DPS: (Nuka-Grenade x6) Wezz's Home Made Sledge - Damage: 50 - Crit: 75 DPS: 71 Wezz's Rifle - Damage: 16 - Crit: 32 DPS: 128 Wezz's Sniper Lazer - Damage: 50 - Crit: 100 DPS: 267
11 Sep 2009
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Location of the tape 3. Travel to Grisly Diner and head inside, then go to your right and out the back, the 3rd Keller tape is located on a desk at the back. (Note: There are mines around the the diner.) [NOTE: tape 1 is not required to gain access in the bunker.]
13 Sep 2009
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PS3 news for Sept. 20.Rate,comment,subscribe and check out my game music videos.
21 Sep 2009
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Fallout 3 trailer with oblivion theme music! Bethesda games The Elder scrolls IV tune and Fallout 3 trailer! Enjoy!!Some may ask why? well i gotta do something on my free time!
15 Mar 2010
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We return to the post apocalyptic nightmare with Fallout: New Vegas, the upcoming release currently in development by Obsidian Entertainment. . Follow us on twitter at *******twitter****/gameongaming.
23 Mar 2010
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Locations of all 100 Steel Ingots.Give Ingots to Everett and he will reward you with unique items / 10 Ingots.Rewards / Ingots:10 - Laborer Outfit20 - Filtration Helmet30 - Steel Knuckles40 - Metal Master Armor50 - Metal Blaster60 - Bombshell Armor70 - Leather Rebel80 - The Mauler90 - Perforator100 - Tribal Power Armor
30 Mar 2010
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You can enter the Downtown with all your personal items if you do this...
30 Mar 2010
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Visit Big Town (directly north of Vault 101, on the Vault side of the River) and speak with Bittercup. She will mention dating Pappy. Talk with Pappy and mention Bittercup's remark in a Speech challenge. Even if you fail, the challenge will still be available -- simply try over and over to merit success. Upon success, you'll get 5 EXP, and the option to try again will still remain. Simply repeat successes as long as you like. You can reach level 20 in only a matter of hours, rather than days. Enjoy! Credit: *******www.gamefaqs****/console/xbox360/code/939933.html ~~ DOESN'T WORK / PATCHES ~~ The game publisher, Bethesda, has issued mandatory game fixes for all of the major consoles with online access for this game. In order to use this glitch, you'll probably have to remove the patch. This video is about the glitch, not about patch removal. All new comments about how the glitch doesn't work will be ridiculed for not reading this section first, then you'll read it, and slap yourself. Just to say so, i *would not* advise trying this glitch if you're system is already patched. There are plenty of other glitches that don't need unpatched games than to go to all that trouble. (for x360) rileyse20 writes: "go to settings,memory, when it says hardrive press Y. press clear cache that will remove patch then disconnect from xbox live and start the game up it will work then." (for PS3) Solypsys writes: "Go under the Game tab and select Game Data Utility. Highlight the Fallout 3 entry and press triangle then press delete. Disconnect the internet to your PS3 (pull the plug if necessary) and enjoy. Keep your internet disconnected as long as you want to play unpatched. Redownload the patch before earning trophies, otherwise you wont get them." ~WARNING~ Any armor or weaps that you find in any of the post-patch addons (such as Anchorage treasures, etc) will be removed if you remove the patches (but not your save games, just the inventory items). I would NOT recommend using this trick anymore (it was posted and was good just after the game was released and before any patches/addons were out yet) unless you have no DLC yet. There is no way to remove just the patches from Fallout 3. Try the console system boards at GameFAQS**** if you have any more questions about patches, don't ask them here. GameFAQs PS3 System Board: *******www.gamefaqs****/boards/gentopic.php?board=927750 GameFAQs 360 System Board: *******www.gamefaqs****/boards/gentopic.php?board=927749 ~~ LEVEL 20 ~~ Can you only get up to level 20 with this glitch? You can only get to level 20 if you don't have the Brotherhood of Steel add-on (or have purchased a future GOTY edition). After that, you can only get to level 30. It's not the glitch's fault, it's part of the game itself. ~~ RUINS FUN ~~ Some say this glitch takes the fun out of the game, and they're certainly welcome to think that. However, I think having twenty perks practically from the beginning makes the game more fun, instead of running around being severely limited for most of it while you bother with leveling up. That's what glitching is, really. ~~ SILVER TONGUE ~~ Chances are, if you use this trick for getting all the way up to level 20 (I suggest waiting to use the "Here and Now" perk only when you reach level 19, so you'll save the most time) you'll end up with over 2000 successes. So yes, you can unlock the Silver Tongue achievement (50 successes) with this. ~~ TROPHIES ~~ I don't have a PS3, but I'm certain that since the update for PS3 includes the trophy system, that you won't be able to be awarded trophies if you delete the update. Google it. ~~ FINDING BITTERCUP ~~ The trick will only work as long as you've gotten on Bittercup's good side (one chance, when you first meet her. Pappy must also still be alive, naturally. If you can't find her, it's probably day time. She sleeps in the day, so go look in the beds. ~~ IS SANDMAN QUICKER? ~~ Not necessarily. If you've got high enough speech skill (or higher Charisma is better), then you can get a success every time. With Andale, you get 50EXP but have to wait for an animation to run its cycle every time. With this, you can get 6EXP per selection, but you can skip his response and keep hammering it. If you're fast on the button-mashing, you can get over 50 in the same amount of time you get 50 with Andale. My Andale/Sandman Glitch video: ***********/watch?v=bBLdpyl8lfw ~~ OTHER TOPICS ~~ READ THE COMMENTS FIRST BEFORE ASKING. It's probably already been asked thirty times before.
20 May 2010
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Location of the tape 4 and the Victory Rifle, unique Sniper Rifle. Tape: Travel to Rockbreaker's Last Gas and turn to the west, you will see an abandoned shack at the top of a cliff, this shack is the location of the 4th Keller tape. Make your way around the cliff from the left side of the mountain (there will be some Super Mutants). Enter the shack and the tape will be on the workbench on the left. [NOTE: tape 1 is not required to gain access in the bunker.] Victory Rifle: A critical hit with this rifle will knock enemies down for 1 to 4 seconds. Consequently, this is an excellent weapon for stealth oriented players as a critical hit will buy the player enough time to pull out the Lincoln's repeater or a similar long-range weapon (plasma rifle works well). This combo will make you almost invincible against solitary foes. The Victory Rifle has the best durability of all sniper rifles (+200% CND). NOTE: If you bring any NPC that needs a weapon into the shack, he/she/it will run to the locker and, apparently without any problems, take out the Victory Rifle. This is one way to get around the need for 100 Lockpick to open the locker. When inside the shack with Dogmeat as company, ask him to find you a weapon, and he will eventually retrieve the Victory Rifle. As sometimes multiple weapons are loaded into the containers at random, the number of tries necessary for Dogmeat to find the rifle will vary.
22 Jul 2010
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Unique Alien Blaster. In addition to its 100% critical chance and high damage, the Firelance sets its target on fire upon strike causing 2 points of damage every 5 seconds. Both the Pyromaniac and Xenotech Expert perks affect this weapon and it uses the rare Alien Power Cells as ammunition. The Firelance can fire 63 shots, about 6 cells, before burning out. The Firelance can only be obtained in the "Unidentified Flying Debris" random encounter. See Fallout 3 random encounter locations (type A) for locations where this event may take place (via the link at the end of this description). The encounter only occurs once per player character. Things to note: - The Firelance can get stuck on buildings, like a water tower in the wasteland. - If the Firelance Event took place and you are having trouble finding the weapon, you might want to use Dogmeat to search the area for the Firelance. And dont worry, Firelance wont disappear if you travel away to get Dogmeat. Only risk is that if the Firelance Event took place near hostile NPCs, they may utilize the Firelance. In that case, you can find it from that NPC's dead body. - Normally, this weapon is weaker (but still very hard-hitting) than the Alien Blaster due to its burning effect. However, with the pyromaniac perk, its power exceeds that of the Blaster. It still wears down faster, though. - If the event occurs while passing through a rocky part of the Wasteland, the Firelance may drop onto rocks and not be retrievable by Dogmeat, as he often gets stuck around rocky areas. (the same with ammo). - X360 bug: It is possible that the spacecraft can glitch and leave 24 Power Cells and a Firelance stuck in the sky in addition to the regular 24 Power Cells and a Firelance on the ground. This is very rare tho. For detailed statistics and all other info: FALLOUT WIKI: *******fallout.wikia****/wiki/Firelance
20 Aug 2010
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