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learn how to do a false cut to do magic tricks
8 May 2007
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Recently the Islam and Christian worlds have been impacted by a rash of end-times novels and movies . According to religions , t Recently the Islam and Christian worlds have been impacted by a rash of end-times novels and movies . According to religions , the world is heading inexorably towards the final battle between the Antichrist/ Dajjal (Capitalism) and Mehdi&Christ (Peace&Justice), from which Divine Rules would emerge as victor and heir to the new era called "Golden Age". Do you think Present-day observations clearly resemble very specific signs, which Muslims&Christians believe will immediately precede and forewarn the arrival of the anti-Christ and the advent of Judgement Day? So please let me know here Do you think Antichrist/ Dajjal The False Messiah is the materialistic forces of modern Western civilization deceiving the faithful, by putting man on God's throne teaching them ? Do you think Antichrist/ Dajjal the end-of time deceiver is alive amongst us representing a system of disbelief and whose promised paradise is actually hell? I would be very glad if we look for answers to these "big" questions. Best regards
15 May 2007
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A tutorial for an awesome false cut that can be used on a table or in the air. 2 Angles on the teaching. One in spectator view, and one in XCMers perspective.
20 May 2007
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This video is some false cuts revealed
14 Jun 2007
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here's Keira getting her false teeth at 6 months old!
13 Jul 2007
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TRUE TEMPLE IS WITHIN YOU. Only a False Spiritual Teacher, False Enlightened Master, Fake Self-Realized Master, Fake Spiritual Guru will build a Hindu, Jain, Vedic Temple, Jain Temple, Hindu Temple, Swami Vedic Temple, or conduct Vedic Temple Inauguration. Or build a church, syn agog or other type of temple. Those so-called spiritual teachers are stuck in religion and religious traditions. Temples and Statues do not expand one towards spiritual growth. Building a Temple is like trapping someone in an organized religion. Unfortunately Westerners get trapped into Eastern tradition and following fake sadhus, fake enlightened masters, and fake swamis (swamijis). Know the Truth. TEMPLE IS WITHIN YOU. It's time to put down the so-called spiritual teachers and spiritual swamis that promote, build, and worship a Vedic Temple, a Hindu Temple, or any other type of Temple. Related Spiritual Video & Description: Is your guru real? Is your guru fake? Dr. Acharya Yogeesh speaks on how a Disciple of a Spiritual Guru can determine if his Spiritual Teacher is REAL. There are many fake swamis, fake sadhus, religious teachers and fake spiritual teachers that claim enlightenment, self-realization, and have claim to have reached the highest states of consciousness. A break through talk to awaken the disciple to the truth of their possible untrue teacher. This message is intended for spiritual seekers, disciples, and students. kwords: vedic temple, swami vedic temple, hindu, india, jain, spiritual teachers, spiritual teachings, spiritual guru, spiritual person, spirituality, spiritual master
6 Feb 2008
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This is a technical chart description of a false set-up for a 30 minute gap strategy.
15 Feb 2008
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Challenge friends for $10 if they can make the word TILE to TRUE and FALSE word without adding any letters from the beginning or end of the word TILE.
27 Feb 2008
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false teachers in these last days they will decieve many not a few but many....they are simply blind, the blind leading the blind and both will fall in the ditch...
26 Mar 2008
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In this information video I show the difference between a false hair/fibre anomaly with examples of real ghost footage of `signature` anomalies. The comparisons speak for themselves and it is hope that paranormal investigators or sceptics can realise the essential differences. Apologies for the gap at the beginning. YouTube strike again!!
16 Apr 2009
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A researcher in London was the first to assert that the combination measles-mumps-rubella vaccine known as MMR caused autism in children. Following this “discovery,” a handful of parents declared that a mercury-containing preservative in several vaccines was responsible for the disease. If mercury caused autism, they reasoned, eliminating it from a child's system should treat the disorder. Consequently, a number of alternative therapies arose, and in one such treatment, a doctor injected a five-year-old autistic boy with a chemical that bound to mercury, only to stop his heart instead. Children with autism been placed on stringent diets, subjected to high-temperature saunas, bathed in magnetic clay, asked to swallow digestive enzymes and activated charcoal, and injected with various combinations of vitamins, minerals, and acids. Instead of helping, these therapies often hurt those who are most vulnerable, and particularly in the case of autism, they undermine childhood vaccination programs that have saved millions of lives. In this book, Paul A. Offit, a national expert on vaccines, challenges the modern-day false prophets who have so egregiously misled the public—and exposes the opportunism of the lawyers, journalists, celebrities, and politicians who support them. Offit recounts the history of autism research and the exploitation of this tragic condition by advocates and zealots. He considers tha manipulation of science by the media and the courtroom, and he explores why society is susceptible to the junk science and dangerous therapies put forward by anti-vaccination activists.
29 May 2008
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"(Gregory Drake) LIAR Gregory Drake False Marketing Techniques" Gregory Drake lies about me to promote himself. *******www.webseospecialistinnyc**** "Gregory Drake" Lies Gregory-Drake Lier LIAR Distributed by Tubemogul.
8 Jun 2008
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9th Commandment – Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness to Thy Neigh
4 Aug 2008
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Adam Flores, one of the parish lay preachers gives a talk on jealousy and seeking false religion in light of the life of King Saul. Preached at the weekly parish asamblea. Subtitled in English. Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Sep 2008
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This is a video studio version of the new song False Religion by WinterBand that we did for you. Bubba Ray on drums Hayseed on guitar, Bobo on bass and Steve Winter lead guitar Special thanks to Bobo, Hayseed, Bubba Ray and the Dept of Corrections for allowing them out to do this as part of work release (especially Bubba Ray because of his record). *******www.winterband**** Please see our CDs and video DVDs at *******www.onegodmusic**** We hope our music is a blessing to you. We also play original Christian Bible based songs, original contemporary Christian music. Christian rock music. Please give us a good rating and be sure to subscribe to winterband if you enjoy it! Just click the subscribe button! Christian rock music Apostolic Pentecostal Jesus Bible WinterHaven Rock Contemporary Church Band Christianity ChristianRock
1 Aug 2010
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PLAYLIST ADDED. CHECK MY PROFILE PAGE. Key Witness Recants False Testimony From 2004. The prosecution's key witness recants her false testimony against Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York. Habibah Washington exposes the plot to conspire against Malachi York for crimes he did not commit. For more information go to
8 Nov 2008
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