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HoneyShed segment featuring the Shu Uemura False Eyelashes.
12 Nov 2008
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Alex and Jim talk about false friends aka falsche Freunde. Alex (from Germany) and Jim (from the USA)talk about cultural differences and similarities between Germany and the USA. German vs USA is available on: YouTube Twitter Flickr Facebook StudiVZ Produced by: *******www.walkaboutlanguages****
14 Feb 2009
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De'Vo False But
4 Mar 2009
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Jeff Paul scam is completely a false allegation against Jeff Paul. Many are advertising him as a person having fake and false system just for making profits. Giving Jeff Paul a bad image helps them promote their products.
18 May 2009
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THE SEAL HUNT IS CAUSING FINANCIAL DAMAGE TO EVERY HARD WORKING CANADIAN CITIZEN. Click to find out HOW MUCH MONEY Sealers lose, and the staggering Economic Damage they inflict on Canada. A constant myth by the DFO & Gail Shea and Seal Hunt cheerleaders is that a sealer makes "significant" income from killing seals, this is false, and this is clearly shown by the direct words of the actual sealers themselves who concede and admit the income they get from the seal hunt is insignificant.: 'I can't see for the life of me how you could break even, let alone make money.'—admits a veteran Sealer, Jack Troake "Few people will sign on for a crew knowing there is a small chance of splitting a meagre income", said Fisher Ray Newman. The National Post FINANCIAL TIMES published an article on the Economics of the Seal hunt. "The Millions Ottawa spends subsidizing the Seal Hunt" *******network.nationalpost****/np/blogs/fpcomment/archive/2008/04/17/the-millions-ottawa-spends-subsidizing-the-seal-hunt.aspx The article reveals that the seal hunt COSTS Canada up to 50 to 60 million dollars in expenses per year. Including paying millions upon millions of tax dollars docked from 30 million hard-working Canadian citizens paychecks to move Canadian Coast Guard ice-breakers into the sealing areas to clear paths through the ice and lead them to where the seals are. THAT is the COST. Keep those figures in mind. NOW LETS SEE HOW MUCH THE SEAL HUNT EARNS: The TAC or Total Allowable Catch was 280,000 seals in 2009. Notice that this is FEDERAL LAW! The seal hunt CANNOT take more seals than this number. At the time of the National Post article, a seal pelt brought in 52 bucks. In 2008, 1 seal pelt brought in at most 33 bucks. In 2009, that figure is 15 bucks. And as low as 2 dollars each if imperfect. That means, for 2007, that IF Every seal pelt brought in by a sealer was perfect, you would calculate 52 dollars for 1 pelt and multiply by 275,000 seals killed. THIS is from the article, BEFORE the price dipped: 275,000 seals. x 52 dollars. ------------- 14,300,000.00 but this is not the profit from the seal hunt. One must divide that half because that's not profit! There's expenses! To go on the hunt in the first place takes a boat! You need to buy that boat, insure that boat, repair that boat, buy fuel, supplies, arctic clothing, equipment, gear, rigging, weapons, bullets, etc! They estimated that the expenses are half. That's 50%. So 7,150,000.00 = all the hunt brings in, and it COSTS upwards of 50 to 60 million, so the seal hunt is a LOSS to 30 million Canadians of 40 to 50 million dollars right there. But wait. That was 2007, when a seal pelt was 52 dollars. It's not that anymore. The price of 1 seal pelt NOW is only 15 bucks. And that's if it is perfect, not gouged, shot, marred, ragged, stained, cut wrong, torn, scarred, etc. Otherwise 1 pelt will bring in as low as 2 dollars. The TAC for 2009 is 280,000. So multiply those: 15 dollars per pelt x 280,000 seals = 4,200,000! That's it! That is how much the entire industry of the commercial seal hunt grosses. Now deduct Expenses....
30 May 2009
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Seal beaters justify atrocities by attempting to say it obtains them money, or it's their livelihood, or that it puts food on the table, so the horrors they commit should be perpetuated. This is False. Just because something is done to obtain money, does not make it right. There are those who exploit children forcing them into prostitution for money. That's their livelihood too, but that does not mean it is right. Drug Pushers seed communities and entice youths with heroin and methamphetamines, that is the livelihood that provides money for some in certain poor communities, yet this does not mean it should be praised as such a fine livelyhood. Dogfighters ply their abhorrent trade to earn money, scammers defraud the elderly and get funds that put food on grifters tables, yet this does not excuse it. Poachers using snare traps to kill animals and massacre them for their horns and their ivory tusks to sell pieces of their bodies for money probably feeds poor poachers and their associates, however this excuse does not suffice to a judge to avoid prison. Not too long ago, white plantation owners used blacks as slaves on cotton farms and used them to earn money for the white owners and pay their bills, and provide food for their families, and even bring in money to provide jobs for white farm-hands, and even probably provided a significan amount of commerce as part of the economy, and possibly these men complained that telling them not to exploit the free labor obtained from african slaves would hurt their livelihoods, and take food out of the poor white plantation-owners children, yet today we now know this is wrong, and we do not stand for this today. Just because some act provides spoils of money, income, furnishes the perpetrator food, or homes, or cars, or his clothes, does not suffice to justtify crimes against humanity and nature. And with all this said, the seal hunt does not even earn significan money at all. The seal hunt is a Financial LOSS to the nation. It costs more than it bring in. 30 million Canadian people get their paychecks docked so that 0.00015 of the population of a tiny horde of lobbyists Sealers which are a Special Interest group can obtain less then 350 bucks, less than anyone could earn at even something akin to a yard sale. And Sealers already have 2 jobs. They already earn tens of thousands of dollars as Fishermen. Sealing is 2ndary. And also the govt already pays fishermen welfare UI checks which it gives Sealer Fishermen for sitting at home, while it is not fishing or sealing season. Thus, Sealers already earn tens of thousands. Sealing is Not their only job. Seal hunting does NOT bring significant income, it earned sealers in 2009 less than 18 cents an hour. 29 bucks. in a whole month. Avt per sealer of 350 bucks compared to tens of thousands they already are earning doing fishing. And they already obtain govt payment checks every month. So if you ever see anyone attempt to say that it is their livelihood, or earns a "significant income" or is needed in order to put food on the table, this is now shown False and the individual who attempted to say it is now discredited. This argument cannot be used ever again. If anyone such as a seal beater supporter tries it, they will now be exposed. FOR MORE INFORMAITION & TO HELP CHARITY GO HERE: Sea Shepherd Society: *******www.seashepherd****/seals/ Harpseals****: *******www.harpseals****/ HSUS: *******www.hsus****/protect_seals.html Seals Alert SA: *******sealalertsa.wordpress****/ Look Out for Seals: *******www.lookoutforseals****/ Anti Sealing Coaltion: ******* Grey Seal Conservation Society: *******www.greyseal****/ IFAW: *******blog.stopthesealhunt****/campaign_updates/ WSPA: ******* Scandinavian Anti-Sealing Coalition: *******www.scandinavianantisealingcoalition****/ Humane Society International: *******community.hsus****/hsi/hsi_protectseals_actions.html Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Donations Page: *******www.seashepherd****/donate.html _
4 Jun 2009
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A common lie attempted by Canadian Seal clubbers is to try to make the public ( you ) believe that they don't kill "baby" seals anymore. This is False. 97% of what they kill are babies. A seal does not become reproductively mature until 6 or 7 years. However seal clubbers kill seals right after their fur changes from white to grey, which happens at around 13 days! 97% of the seals killed are between 12 days and 12 weeks old. These are biologically all baby seals. They have lied.
23 Jun 2009
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Top make up artist Lindsey Poole shows you how to apply individual false eyelashes.
9 Jul 2009
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Victims of false or unjust arrest can sue in New York City. If you were arrested after a traffic stop, because of a bad warrant, or simply because of mistaken identity, you are entitled to compensation in New York City. You need to talk to a lawyer ASAP. NYC False Arrest Lawyers Orlow Orlow & Orlow have help those falsely arrested for over 30 years experience. *******www.Orlowlaw**** today or call 1800LAW NYNY 1800 529 6969
16 Aug 2009
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Fear is the #1 killer of success, and most of the time that which we fear never happens. Matt Theriault leads you through a simple exercise to determine whether you fear is false or genuine.
31 Aug 2009
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Detecta y traduce - False friends en español Traduce correctamente aquellos no tan conocidos. - Phrasal verbs Bueno por nivel 3 de Inglés - Ejercito
9 Oct 2009
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The Honorable James David Manning discusses the false peace prize that was given to Barack Hussein Obama. Recorded 9 October 2009 Follow us on twitter *******twitter****/atlahworldwide For more information *******atlah**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Oct 2009
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Is Dalai Lama The False-Prophet, Sai Baba The 'Regent' Of The Dragon Satan, And Maitreya The Beast? NOTE: I DON'T HATE THE KIND TIBETAN PEOPLE!!! But I Am Saying That They Are In Spiritual Bondage To Worshipping Devils And Their Doctrines.
13 Oct 2009
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Is Dalai Lama The False-Prophet, Sai Baba The 'Regent' Of The Dragon Satan, And Maitreya The Beast? NOTE: I DON'T HATE THE KIND TIBETAN PEOPLE!!! But I Am Saying That They Are In Spiritual Bondage To Worshiping Devils And Their Doctrines.
13 Oct 2009
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Is Dalai Lama The False-Prophet, Sai Baba The 'Regent' Of The Dragon Satan, And Maitreya The Beast? NOTE: I DON'T HATE THE KIND TIBETAN PEOPLE!!! But I Am Saying That They Are In Spiritual Bondage To Worshiping Devils And Their Doctrines.
11 Apr 2010
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Is Dalai Lama The False-Prophet, Sai Baba The 'Regent' Of The Dragon Satan, And Maitreya The Beast? NOTE: I DON'T HATE THE KIND TIBETAN PEOPLE!!! But I Am Saying That They Are In Spiritual Bondage To Worshiping Devils And Their Doctrines.
14 Jan 2010
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