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Me testing the 12 volt battery hack
1 Apr 2008
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Check out the rumours that a Lindsay Lohan and Callum Best sex tape had been leaked on the net news & other celebs news and gossips at *******xlohan.blogspot****/
3 Apr 2008
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How to maintain a card where you want it
10 Apr 2008
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Not Tavin!
23 Apr 2008
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***********/user/AhmadsQuran3 *******www.inthenameofallah****/ ***********/user/investigateislam *******www.investigateislam****/english/ *******www.muhammadtube****/ visit our sites to learn more about Izlam funny stories
26 Nov 2008
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***********/user/AhmadsQuran3 *******www.inthenameofallah****/ ***********/user/investigateislam *******www.investigateislam****/english/ *******www.muhammadtube****/ visit our sites to learn more about Izlam funny stories
24 Apr 2008
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Watch and read these Info about the two former US Presidents...
7 Jun 2008
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markie´s art
14 Jun 2008
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Musick Loss Management holds itself to the highest ethical standards. See what clients have to say about Musick Loss Management. Learn the TRUTH about Musick Loss Management, visit *******fireclaimshelp****/testimonials *******www.bad-business-rip-off****/wsvnvideo.html "Rip Off Report has been accused of all sorts of shady things, racketeering, black mail and rip offs. I am not going to get into the lawsuits against it's owner Ed Magedsonon or any of the many allegations of what appears to be shady practices. What I am going to get into is how they are being leveraged to manipulate Google's search results and how Google is fueling their questionable business." 97th Floor, Chris Bennett. *******www.97thfloor****/blog/public-spam-report-google-your-honeymoon-with-rip-off-report-has-to-stop/
21 Mar 2009
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31 Jul 2010
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Muslims often claim that the Quran has mentioned many scientific miracles including the Combustion Without Fire. But the facts say otherwise.
27 Aug 2009
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Question: Why does this ad show John McCain - 30 years younger - for a full 10 seconds after the end of the ad and we never see the John McCain of today - 72 years old - not age 42, as shown in the ad??? WTF? Age? McCain campaign is hiding his age, making him appear younger to voters? Deceptive... Here's a fact that may surprise you: Candidates have a LEGAL RIGHT TO LIE to voters just about as much as they want... That comes as a shock to many voters. Shouldn't candidates be required to tell the truth to voters? Yes. But ... The First Amendment "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;..." So, the very idea of self-government rests on the idea that voters — given enough uncensored information — can best decide who should be in power and who should not. The U.S. Supreme Court said unanimously in a 1971 libel case, "It can hardly be doubted that the constitutional guarantee [of free speech] has its fullest and most urgent application precisely to the conduct of campaigns for political office." And that explains why it is perfectly legal for a Senator John McCain to accuse a Senator Barack Obama of "wanting to lose a war"... We the People of America, the Voter, must do our job to seek the truth. Actively. It's up to us. Senator John McCain isn't going to do it for you. It's our responsibility, not his, and he knows it... The next time John McCain asserts that Barack Obama "wants to lose a war for political gain" ask yourself: What evidence has Senator McCain presented to support his claim? (Likewise, do the same with any claim Senator Obama makes about Senator McCain) What's my point? What am I driving at? It's Up To Us, the Voter, We The People. We have a duty and an obligation to vote FOR a candidate rather than AGAINST a candidate. As a minimum, require your candidate to win/earn/deserve your vote by telling you the TRUTH, and not by scaring you, frightening you, playing to your FEARS about what might happen / could happen / will happen / should happen - IF THE OTHER GUY IS ELECTED! That's called a DEFAULT election strategy. It goes like this: "The other guy is a bad guy so you better vote for me, even though you know I'm gonna give you more of the same as George Bush. I'm the good guy. I'm experienced. I'm a War Hero. I will keep you safe and secure. I know how to win wars. I will win the Iraq War. I will hunt down Osama Bin Laden even if I gotta go to the Gates of Hell to get him. The Surge is working. The Surge is succeeding. It's not too important when our troops come home. We will be in Iraq for another 50 years. Maybe a hundred. A hundred? No, I meant a century. Our troops were fighting in 2 wars today. But in the year 2013 when I'm finishing my first term the troops are coming home. I know how to deal with the Iranians. Bomb-bomb-bomb Iran..." You see what I mean about a DEFAULT election strategy? That's John McCain 2008. I wonder what the John McCain of 2000 would do with this guy, this John McCain 2008 impostor??
2 Oct 2010
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lol this is really funny
11 Aug 2008
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Puppetgov**** Music: Which Side Are you On? Natalie Merchant By Florence Reece (1930) Bill Hicks: A Choice Infowars**** Prison Planet**** We Are Change**** Truth Feeds****
15 Aug 2008
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Kennen Sie Mr. Schmidt? Der Unternehmer steht kurz vorm Einstieg ins internationale Geschäft. Aber heute Abend will er die Damenwelt von sich überzeugen. Dass das Publikum der Single Show nur Englisch versteht, bremst ihn kein bisschen. Schon nach wenigen Sätzen tobt der Saal. Nur leider nicht, weil Mr. Schmidt so sexy ist …
19 Sep 2008
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In the vice-presidential debate, Palin claimed that Alaska under her has accounted for “much progress towards getting our nation energy independence:” Alaska's share of domestic energy production is only 3.5 percent. Almost all of it is oil. Alaska's percentage of U.S. oil production fell from 18 percent in 2005 to 13 percent in 2008. The full details are here - *******dailysource****/palin/216 Visit *******dailysource****/palin - the most comprehensive page of information on vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on the Internet. The page has in-depth research, videos, audio clips, and links to hundreds of articles. Because this wealth of knowledge exists that many don't know about, please email it to as many people as possible and let people in discussion groups know about it: *******dailysource****/palin The sites editors and volunteers include an Emmy-award winning CNN reporter, the former operating editor of the Christian Science Monitors web site, the former head of NPRs News Blog and the Executive Director of the Online News Association - *******dailysource****/about/team The Daily Source has the highest quality news from hundreds of sites around the Internet all in one place along with cool videos, amazing photography, lighthearted news and live chats - *******dailysource****/ Click here for ways you can help - *******dailysource****/about/waysyouc... To make a donation to support this work, visit - *******dailysource****/donation Thanks
3 Oct 2008
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