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Agnetha Faltskog
3 Dec 2009
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Agnetha sings her second song on "The Heat Is On" Special from April 1983. This show was part of a promotional tour to publicise her first solo album after Abba, which was called "Wrap Your Arms Around Me". The album reached No.1 in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Denmark. Here she sings the title track from the album. This song had limited release as a single, but still reached No.1 in Belgium and No.3 in Holland. Her whispering technique here is as hot as anything you will ever see in ...
9 May 2009
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Agnetha sings her fourth song "I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever" from The Heat Is On Special in April 1983. This show was part of a European tour that Agnetha made to promote her first post Abba solo album, titled Wrap Your Arms Around Me. The album reached the higher regions of the charts across Europe, including No.1 in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Denmark. Agnetha gives a confident relaxed performance here of this tuneful romantic song. Lyrics, Music: Russ Ballard It feels so ...
16 May 2009
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Promo video for good duet with Peter Cetera. This song is from her 1987 album I Stand Alone recorded in California. Agnetha still looks great, even pushing a bike. She rides off into the snow at the end. Sadly we lost her music for 17 years after this album. But Agnetha has earned her rest by now, and devotes time to her two children.
19 May 2009
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After the release of I Stand Alone in 1988, Agnetha took a break from her musical career and completely withdrew from public life. In April 2004, after 17 years of silence Agnetha came back with a bang by releasing the album My Colouring Book, a collection of covers of 1960s classic oldies. The album topped the charts in Sweden, reached top 5 in some countries and No.12 in UK. The Times reviewer noted "her voice is still an impressive pop instrument", and The Observer noted "time hasn't diminished her perfect voice". The album release attracted major media attention across Europe, but Agnetha refused to be involved in any publicity. Despite this, the album sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide, with 50,000 of those in the UK alone. Agnetha has a fear of flying and has not been on an airplane for over 15 years. When she goes abroad she prefers to travel by car. She prefers a tranquil life in a rural suburb south-west of Stockholm, away from the noisy city atmosphere. Agnetha wrote these cover notes for My Colouring Book: The early impressions in life are etched with a particular strength and clarity. That applies especially to music. So this album is a celebration of the music I heard yesterday. A respectful homage to the artists who have inspired me and left deep prints in my soul and in my heart. This is the soundtrack of a time lost, to which I return to, with the mighty forces of music. I have enjoyed these songs all my life and they hold a special place in my heart. My effort was to recreate these songs with all respect for the originals. My Colouring Book is my way of showing gratitude towards the songs, the artists and all they have given me. You are all deep within my heart and will stay there forever. To my family, my friends, to all listeners around the world and to everyone involved in this project - thank you for inspiring me to do this - I love you. Agnetha raises her voice dramatically for the third and fifth verses in this song, to produce some of the most emotional singing I've ever heard. She may be 53 here, but as this picture shows, Agnetha is still as beautiful as ever. Words & Music by Fred Ebb & John Kander Originally recorded by Kitty Kallen in 1962. Lyrics: For those who fancy colouring books, And lots of people do, Here´s a new one for you, A most unusual colouring book, The kind you never see, Crayons ready very well, Begin to colour me These are the eyes that watched him, As he walked away, Colour them grey, This is the heart that thought, He would always be true, Colour it blue These are the arms that held him, And loved him then lost him somehow, Oh... colour them empty now These are the beads, I wore until she came between, Colour them green This is the room that I sleep in, And walk in, and weep in, And hide in that nobody sees, Oh... colour it lonely please This is the man, Whose love I depended upon, Colour him gone.
17 Oct 2009
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This song is from My Colouring Book (2004), Agnetha's comeback album after an abscence of 17 years. This project had started 4 years earlier. Agnetha recalls: "I didn't only want very famous songs. It would have been a little too easy to pick a bunch of chart toppers. I've chosen the songs I felt for the most and it became quite a few. I had about fifty or sixty songs that I could see myself doing. Then we tried a little more than twenty songs and now there are thirteen left." "At first I searched in my own record collection, but I also went to a record store in Hässelby that specializes in music from the 60's. There I nearly got a fever. It started to vibrate in me when I was browsing through records by Petula Clark, Rita Pavone, Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield and, of course, Connie Francis. Plus some guys like Paul Anka and Neil Sedaka among others. I bought so much there." "For me my teens were very much about music, in me and around me. If I wasn't writing my own, I listened to music or was singing with a dance orchestra. When I look back I see what a deep impression all of this left on me. The gratitude toward the artists, the songs and all that they've given me. The impressions I've got without really thinking about it, being aware of it. Now I understand when I listen to these artists, all the work that's behind these seemingly simple songs. It was because of this that I learned to sing in English. That's where I laid the foundation." "We wanted to work without stress, without pressure. Hopefully it can be heard on the record that it is a calm, secure and warm atmosphere surrounding the recordings. We have recorded it through my production company, so we have not worked with a record company until the end." "That we could do the album in the Atlantis studio was great fun of course. But I felt nervous starting over again. I had built up some kind of fear of the microphone and it took three to four weeks before it subsided. I was very stressed when I got in front of the microphone. There was some struggle with my voice before we got going. It's like a rusty pipe but then it suddenly cleared. And once it did it was fun and I felt that it would work out." "I wanted to record this album partly because I have received many letters over the years where people write that they miss my voice. My own prime motivation has been the love for songs from the 50's and 60's, where there are very, very strong melodies and poignant lyrics. Many recordings from the time are fantastic. I feel very happy that I was so young when everything exploded in popular music. With this album I want to act as an intermediary of my experiences with these songs and artists. It's a tribute to them and what they've given me." Agnetha's comments on Love Me With All Your Heart are: "This is an example of how we worked with the songs. Petula Clark has a verse in Spanish in the song and I wanted to keep that. I don't speak Spanish, even if I have sung some in Spanish with ABBA. Then we had Ana Martinez with us in the studio. Now I had a Spanish interpreter so that the part really should be correct. There are many ears out there listening and it's important that I don't sing wrong." This picture is from the My Colouring Book album photo sessions, showing Agnetha is still as beautiful ever despite now being in her 50's. Music/ Carlo Rodriguez Rigual; Lyrics and Music/ Mario Rodriguez Rigual; Lyrics/ Carlos Martinoli; English lyrics/ M. Vaughn Love me with all of your heart, That's all I want, love Love me with all of your heart or not at all, Just promise me this, That all you'll give me all your kisses, Every winter, every summer, every fall When we are far apart or when you're near me, Love me with all of your heart as I love you, Don't give me your love, for a moment or an hour Love me always as you loved me from the start, With every beat of your heart, With every beat of your heart, (Instrumental) When we are far apart or when you're near me, Love me with all of your heart as I love you, Don't give me your love, for a moment or an hour Love me always as you loved me from the start, With every beat of your heart, With every beat of your heart, (Instrumental) Es tu palpitar, Es tu cara Es tu pelo, Son tus besos Me estremezco... a-a-ah When we are far apart, or when you're near me Love me with all of your heart, as I love you Don't give me your love, for a moment or an hour Love me always as you loved me from the start, When we are far apart or when you're near me, Love me with all of your heart as I love you, Don't give me your love, for a moment or an hour Love me always as you loved me from the start, With every beat of your heart, With every beat of your heart, With every beat of your heart, With every beat of your heart.
29 Oct 2009
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This song is a favorite of ParsonRob's! I would rate it up there with the "Ray Charles Singers"! They are the ones who had a #2 hit with it, back in the 60's. Plus, instead of just two minutes of this beautiful song, Agnetha Faltstog's version gives us an extra minute! Isn't life good? ParsonRob www.libertybiblefellowship****
15 Feb 2012
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To you, my beautiful Marlene, from me
30 Mar 2012
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Ven siéntate a mi lado, hablemos un momento tengo algo que decirte que tu debes saber es cierto que te amaba, no me arrepiento, pero el amor escapa y ya no ha de volver. No quiero que te afanes pensando que talvez tu logres que me quede a tu lado prefiero no mentirte, ya nada puedo hacer te juro que en verdad ya lo he pensado. Para decir adiós vida mía y te estaré por siempre agradecido me acordaré de ti algún día para decir adiós solo tienes que decirlo. Comprendo por mi parte, tu triste decisión y aunque el corazón lo tengo herido. Si no puedo tenerte, entonces pues adiós no podemos fingir, cuando el amor se ha ido. No quiero que te afanes, pensando que talvez yo en ti logre que me quede a tu lado. Guardemos el recuerdo de la primera vez del amor que ambos hemos dado. Para decir adiós vida mía y te estaré por siempre agradecido me acordaré de ti algún día para decir adiós solo tienes que decirlo.
29 Sep 2013
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Dear,Mr.Ola Brunkert. I thank you for your great drums. I love your technique. forever. MADRID, Spain (AP) -- A former drummer for the Swedish pop band ABBA was found dead with cuts to his neck in the garden of his house on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Police said Monday an autopsy showed it was an accident. A neighbor found the body of 62-year-old Ola Brunkert on Sunday evening at his house in a coastal area outside the eastern town of Arta, a Civil Guard spokesman told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. He said an autopsy was carried out and confirmed initial investigations. "It was an accident," he said. The spokesman said Brunkert hit his head against a glass door in his dining room, shattering the glass and cutting himself in the neck. He managed to wrap a towel around his neck and left the house to seek help, but collapsed in the garden. Brunkert lived in the coastal apartment complex of Betlem in the municipality of Arta, in the eastern part of Mallorca. Brunkert had lived in Arta for around 20 years. His wife, Inger. died less than a year ago, an Arta municipal official told the AP. She spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to discuss the case. ABBA band member Benny Anderson told Swedish daily Expressen he was sad to hear of the drummer's death. "It is tragic," he said. Band member Bjorn Ulvaeus added that Brunkert had been "one of the best." "I remember him as a good friend when we worked together in the mid-1970s. He was a very creative musician who contributed a lot when we toured together and worked in the studio," Ulvaeus told Expressen. According to ABBA's official Web site, Brunkert and bass player Rutger Gunnarsson were the only musicians to appear on all ABBA albums. Brunkert first played with ABBA on the group's first single, "People Need Love," and toured with the band in 1977, 1979 and 1980. He had been a jazz drummer and a member of the blues band Slim's Blues Gang, before joining pop group Science Poption in the mid-1960s. ABBA, with the four regular members Agnetha Faltskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Ulvaeus and Andersson, was one of the world's most successful bands, with album sales of more than 370 million. The group has not performed together since 1982, but continues to sell nearly 3 million records a year.
25 Apr 2009
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My slide with the best and great pics of AGNETHA FALTSKOG, the queen!!
30 Aug 2009
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Agnetha Faltskog performs 'One Way Love' on Festival de Montreux in 1985.
27 Jan 2010
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"Dancing Queen" is the biggest hit single recorded by Swedish pop group ABBA, and as such is considered to be their signature song. The song was written by Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Stig Anderson, recorded in 1975 for the group's album Arrival, and released as a single the following year. "Dancing Queen" features a shared lead vocal performance by Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Its opening keyboard glissando and hummed vocals are one of the most identifiable sections of 1970s pop music. Like a majority of ABBA songs, "Dancing Queen" is relatively straight-forward; it's about a seventeen-year-old girl having a good time on a Friday night. She is not fazed by the social and political pressures in her daily life as a teenager on the dancefloor, and all she wants to do is dance, no matter the identity of her dancing partner. "Dancing Queen" recording sessions began August 4, 1975; the demo was called 'Boogaloo', and as the sessions progressed, Andersson and Ulvaeus found inspiration to the dance rhythm in George McCrae's disco classic "Rock Your Baby", as well as the drumming on Dr. John's 1972 album Gumbo. Faltskog and Lyngstad recorded the vocals on sessions in September, and the track was completed three months later. During the sessions, Benny brought a tape home with the backing track on it and played it to his future wife Anni-Frid, who started crying when listening. Quote: "I found it so beautiful". While working on the lyrics, part of the verse was scrapped: "Baby, baby, you're out of sight/hey, you're looking alright tonight/when you come to the party/listen to the guys/they've got the look in their eyes...". I'll be posting my remix with this verse included. It Rocks! "Dancing Queen" spent six weeks at No.1 in the UK from September 1976 and became ABBA's only American chart-topper in April 1977. It also hit No.1 in eleven other countries worldwide: ABBA's native Sweden (where it spent 14 weeks at the top), Norway, Ireland, West Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), South Africa, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. "Dancing Queen" also reached the Top Five in Canada, Finland, Switzerland, Austria and France. Best feel good happy song I've ever heard. Somehow this song causes a chemical reaction of euphoria in my brain that is always welcomed. Gotta Love the undalating ABBA neon as well. Best Wishes and ABBA Rocks!
14 Sep 2011
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Moving live version, performed here for the last time, in their home town, Stockholm, April 1981 Shown as part of Dick Cavett TV Special New HQ version click here ***********/watch?v=VjIyfY4dMFc&feature=plcp Agnetha Faltskog - Vocals Anni-Frid Lyngstad - Vocals Bjorn Ulvaeus - Guitar, Vocals Benny Andersson - Keyboards, Vocals & Lasse Wellander, Mats Ronander - guitars Ola Brunkert - drums Rutger Gunnarsson-bass Anders Eljas - keyboards Åke Sundqvist - percussion Backing vocals- Tomas Ledin, Lisa Öhman & Lena Ericsson Recording Engineer Michael B. Tretow Please sign this petition to induct ABBA to their rightfull place in the 'Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame' *******www.petitiononline****/abbabba/petition.html You CAN make a difference! Knowing Me Knowing You No more carefree laughter Silence ever after Walking through an empty house, tears in my eyes Here is where the story ends, this is goodbye Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa) There is nothing we can do Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa) We just have to face it, this time we're through (This time we're through, this time we're through This time we're through, we're really through) Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go (I have to go this time I have to go, this time I know) Knowing me, knowing you It's the best I can do Mem'ries (mem'ries), good days (good days), bad days (bad days) They'll be (they'll be), with me (with me) always (always) In these old familiar rooms children would play Now there's only emptiness, nothing to say Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa) There is nothing we can do Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa) We just have to face it, this time we're through (This time we're through, this time we're through This time we're through, we're really through) Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go (I have to go this time I have to go, this time I know) Knowing me, knowing you It's the best I can do Thanks to abbaontv**** for the line up here!
9 Oct 2012
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I do not own these videos and audios: Copyrights by UMG Abba undeleted administrator and Abbainter****. anni-frid lyngstad benny andersson bjorn ulvaeus agnetha faltskog some of the songs were taken from the abba undeleted, this is a compilation of their rarely heard songs, songs included were: summer night city (intro), hamlet, every good man,put on your white sombrero (hat), undr my sun, rubber ball man, here comes rubbie jaime (frida and benny),ah vilka tider, ricky rock n' roller,burning under my bridges( favorite lead of Bjorn), should i laugh or cry,dreamworld, Baby (rock me), elaine, free as a bumble bee, merry go round, and You owe me one,, Just enjoy this one,, other tags: dancing queen, knowing me knowing you, take a chance on me, mamma mia, lay all your love on me,ABBA People Need Love mp3 ABBA He Is Your Brother mp3 ABBA Ring Ring mp3 ABBA Live Isnt Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) mp3 ABBA Waterloo mp3 ABBA Honey Honey mp3 ABBA So Long mp3 ABBA I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do mp3 ABBA Sos mp3 ABBA Mamma Mia mp3 ABBA Fernando mp3 ABBA Dancing Queen mp3 ABBA Money Money Money mp3 ABBA Knowing Me Knowing You mp3 ABBA The Name Of The Game mp3 ABBA Take Chance On Me mp3 ABBA Eagle mp3 ABBA Summer Night City mp3 ABBA Chiquitita mp3 ABBA Does Your Mother Know mp3 ABBA Voulez-Vous mp3 ABBA Angeleyes mp3 ABBA Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) mp3 ABBA I Have A Dream mp3 ABBA The Winner Takes It All mp3 ABBA Super Trouper mp3 ABBA On And On And On mp3 ABBA Lay All Your Love On Me mp3 ABBA One Of Us mp3 ABBA When All Is Said And Done mp3 ABBA Head Over Heels mp3 ABBA The Visitors (Crackin Up) mp3 ABBA The Day Before You Came mp3 ABBA Under Attack mp3 ABBA Thank You For The Music mp3 ABBA Ring Ring (1974 Remix Single Version) mp3 ABBA Voulez-Vous (Ext Remix 1974 Us Promo) mp3ABBA Waterloo mp3 ABBA Gimme Gimme Gimme mp3 ABBA Rock Me mp3 ABBA Love Isnt Easy mp3 ABBA Gonna Sing You My Love Song mp3 ABBA Sos mp3 ABBA When I Kissed the Teacher mp3 ABBA The Name of the Game mp3 ABBA Hole in Your Soul mp3 ABBA Why Did it Have to Be Me mp3 ABBA On and on and on mp3 ABBA Lay All Your Love on Me mp3 ABBA The Visitors mp3 ABBA Kisses of Fire mp3 ABBA When All is Said and Done mp3 ABBA Ring Ring mp3 ABBA Rock N Roll Band (1St Version) mp3 ABBA Love Has It S Ways mp3 ABBA Ah Vilka Tider mp3 ABBA Marry-Go-Round mp3 ABBA Santa Rosa mp3 ABBA Pick A Bale Of Cotton mp3 ABBA On Top Of Old Smokey mp3 ABBA Midnight Special mp3 ABBA Crazy World mp3 ABBA Happy Hawaii mp3 ABBA Fernando mp3 ABBA Summer Night City (Part 1) mp3 ABBA Summer Night City (Part 2) mp3 ABBA Lovelight mp3 ABBA Dream World mp3 ABBA Voulez-Vous (Extended Version) mp3 ABBA Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) mp3 ABBA Thank You For The Music (1St Version) mp3 ABBA Under My Sun (Part 1) mp3 ABBA Under My Sun (Part 2) mp3 ABBA I M Still Alive mp3 ABBA Put On Your White Sombrero mp3 ABBA Elaine mp3 ABBA Should I Laugh Or Cry mp3 ABBA You Owe Me One mp3 ABBA The Day Before You Came mp3 ABBA I Am The City mp3 ABBA Cassandra mp3 ABBA Under Attack mp3 ABBA Scaramouche mp3 ABBA Summer Night City mp3 ABBA Take A Chance Of Me mp3 ABBA Baby mp3 ABBA Just A Notion mp3 ABBA Ricky Rock N Roller mp3 ABBA Burning My Bridges mp3 ABBA Fernando mp3 ABBA Here Comes Rubie Jamie mp3 ABBA Hamlet 111 (Part 1) mp3 ABBA Hamlet 111 (Part 2) mp3 ABBA Free As A Bumble Bee mp3 ABBA Rubber Ball Man mp3 ABBA Crying Over You mp3 ABBA Just Like That mp3 ABBA Givin A Little Bit More mp3 ABBA Every Good Man mp3 ABBA Just Like That mp3 ABBA Opus 10 mp3
22 Oct 2012
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song by Agnetha Faltskog & Peter Cetera
1 Sep 2013
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