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A proff arabian man try to act the most famous actors
14 Sep 2007
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The Founder with Famous Actors and Actresses. (... (more) Added: March 26, 2008 The Founder with Famous Actors and Actresses. (Albert and Liezl Martinez, Sharon Cuneta, Eddie Garcia, Charo Santos, Robin Padilla, Kris Aquino, Mickey Ferriols, Dina Bonnevie and Miriam Quiambao. Visit www.freefromtears**** to view more pictures. © 2008 Free From Tears. All Rights Reserved.
27 Mar 2008
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Girl of My Dreams is a classic college musical comedy from the nineteen thirties. The film centers on famous actors like Lon Chaney Jr. – and surrounds them with beautiful college girls. Shot on the beautiful and historic campus of the University of California at Berkeley, Chaney and costar Edward Nugent are track stars that get wrapped up in a student election. But don’t be fooled, this movie is about hooking up with girls, playing pranks, having fun (while not attending class), and singing songs. Girl of My Dreams was originally made as a light diversion to the Depression, and it still works just as well today!
15 May 2008
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I'm Dwayne Gunderson but folks just call me the Goob. This is my very first video blog that I made with my very own camera phone that mama got me for my birthday! Well, I've done picked my last peanut and I'm going to Hawleewood to become a famous actor! I'll try to post another video soon but until then - Feel the free, y'all!
30 Jun 2008
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This film is from the safe driving genre (some fun educational videos), but it has many extras in it that make it a cut above average. Famous actor Jimmy Stewart narrates, introducing four unrelated people who are going to be filmed for one day. Stewart informs the audience that by the end one of them will die in a car accident. They each drive different cars or have different car safety features, any of which could lead to bad car accidents: one drives a hotrod, one has faulty brakes. The suspense is heightened effectively by knowing ahead of time that only one group will die, and guessing at which one. A fine example of 1940's melodrama, And Then There Were Four explores safe driving topics as well as the risk factors of driving. Of the many Jimmy Stewart narrations, this film about unsafe car dangers is highly entertaining.
16 Jul 2008
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Charlie Chaplin was an Academy Award-winning English comedic actor. He became one of the most famous actors as well as a notable filmmaker, composer and musician in the early to mid Hollywood cinema era. He is considered one of the finest mimes and clowns ever captured on film. Don't miss the Charlie Chaplin shows exclusively on
15 Mar 2009
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ODEON Filmcast this fortnight presents new footage for Burn After Reading, the latest black comedy film staring John Malkovich, George Clooney and Brat Pitt. Watch Mark Walberg in Max Payne, a film inspired from the video game of the same name. The hilarious Ricky Gervais is a lead character in Ghost Town, his first Hollywood feature length film and take a look at up and coming actor Shia La Beouff in his new explosive thriller Eagle Eye. We are also featuring films currently out in cinema The House Bunny staring Anna Faris from the Scary Movie franchise and City of Ember featuring famous actor Billy Murray. To wrap it all up we have Pride and Glory, a latest from Edward Norton and Colin Farrell.
10 Oct 2008
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Jessah attacks the celebrity-packed voting PSA "Don't Vote". They're famous actors, so they obviously know what they're talking about.
24 Oct 2008
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Just something random I found on the internet. This clip is from a Tamil Movie. I don't know the name of the movie. The 'dancing fellow' is a midget and person sits on the bed from the left hand side is also a midget. The 'adult' person is lying on bed is a famous actor from south Indian movie industry. People call him 'Superstar', since he has a huge fans following. His name is 'Rajnikanth'. Probably, an Indian movies' fan knows him. The 'dancing midget' actor was at his early 30s when this movie was shot. So, smoking the 'bedi or bidi' was not illegal at his age, I guess. The midget actor's screen name was 'Thavakala' in a colloquial Tamil -- It can be translated roughly in English as 'A frog' or 'short'. The 'midget' actor is an avid fan of big superstar 'Rajinikanth' and he can dance, move, act, and speak like the original one. Enjoy!
5 Jan 2009
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MASTER GOMES NETO www.agkf****.br 2º parte da entrevista com o Mestre Gomes Neto Interview with the Master Gomes Neto, where the master of the one vision of this wonderful Chinese martial art that became it more famous art for its charm and pretty movements, being extremely versatile with beauty without equal, a millenarian art that blew up in the cinematographic world sponsored by Hollywood with the films of kung fu. Term KUNG-FU was very known here in ocidente thanks to the innumerable films of Hong Kong that used this word to also assign to the Chinese martial art and the Bruce Lee, who was world-wide famous as " KING OF the KUNG-FU". We find famous actors and actresses (of kung fu) since of the times passed until the present as: Bruce Lee, the protagonist Kwai Chang Caine - David Carradine, Brandon Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet I read, Cynthia Rothrock, among others.
29 Jan 2009
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The German photographer DET KEMPKE, c/o Kelly Kellerhoff, at a shooting with the German comedians Bastian Pastewka and Christoph Maria Herbst - a shooting for the German magazine TV DIGITAL at the Babelsberger Filmstudios. Topic: Comedians as famous actor-duos - like Laurel & Hardy and... View more Making Ofs of photo shootings at www.kellykellerhoff****
30 Jan 2009
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The two young actors in Slam dog Millionaire, going to step on the red carpet with Famous actors
10 Mar 2009
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神韻春季巡迴已在洛杉磯連演三場,在洛杉磯再次掀起神韻旋風。演出中展現出神奇、美妙的中國和殊勝的天國景象讓見多識廣的好萊塢演藝界人士也大為稱奇,稱神韻演出是「來自天堂的糖果」。 洛杉磯素有世界影視之都之稱,神韻演出也吸引了不少好萊塢演藝人士到場觀看。高超的技巧、深邃的內涵、純正的能量、絕美的藝術讓他們大為嘆服。 埃米裡安諾.迪茲(Emiliano Diez, famous actor)是一位影視雙棲演員,演過一系列的電影和連續劇,最近正在熱播中的電視劇《人人都愛雷蒙》(Everybody Loves Raymond)也有他的身影,他對神韻的評價是﹕「非常專業,呈現得很好,我很喜歡。視覺上很美麗,音樂很美,舞蹈呈現得很好,我很滿意。我向人們推薦這個演出,中國人和像我這樣的非中國人,人們會喜歡的。」 古巴移民美國的迪茲在看完上半場後表示注意到有一個反映迫害信仰的劇目,他表示在古巴也有這樣的事發生﹕「我認為讓其他國家的人知道中國人正在經歷的、其政府和共產黨自1949年所做得這很重要」。 麗賽特.李(Lisette LeeActress &dancer)是一位好萊塢電影演員同時也是舞蹈演員,她在看到神韻一個又快又短的促銷片後,立刻意識到神韻是那種看完之後回味無窮的演出:「這是來自天堂的糖果,絕對的傑出。 太棒了,將你完全帶入了另外的空間,坐在觀眾中觀看那些傑出的表演者進行的演出絕對是個榮幸。」 對神韻展現的深邃精神內涵,她表示能夠理解﹕「我理解那種從人轉變為精神生命—轉變為神,那是我們所有人都會經歷的旅程。當你坐在觀眾中看到這些時,她將你帶到了生命的更高狀態。人們不是通過語言而是通過圖像瞭解到這些,這感動了你的靈魂。』 這是新唐人記者嵐洪、蕭茗從洛杉磯報導 其他推薦: 2009新唐人電視台全球系列大賽、中國舞、聲樂、小提琴、漢服、中國菜、鋼琴、武術、油畫、攝影 *******competitions.ntdtv****/ Best Show! 神韻藝術團世界巡演 *******DivineShows****/ 上海截訪人員把持中央信訪部門 *******
14 May 2009
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Singer , songwriter , Blogger , is now also a famous actor. Check it out now!
10 Mar 2010
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*******downloadableaudiobooksfree****/ There's really nothing more relaxing than to curl up in bed with a good book on a nice fine day. But when was the last time that you were able to do this? Has it been a while now? With lots of things that we do now, we usually can no longer do what we want to do, like reading books. Well-written and entertaining books have long been a way to relax and enjoy or to learn something new. But the main problem with reading books the old-fashioned way is that you have to sit and concentrate with the bulk of the book spread out before you. Not right now, though. People can now enjoy a good book while still doing their work. That is through audiobooks. An audiobook is simply a book that has been recorded into an audio format. This is done by a person reading the book aloud while being recorded into a device. It's more like listening to a song in your mp3 player. Just imagine yourself having someone read the whole book for you is very convenient. It's like listening to a song in your music where you can rewind and fast forward. Many audio books also feature famous actors reading the books. Some are even read in the format of a play, in which different actors take the parts of the characters in the book. They may also feature sound effects or music to help enhance the listening experience. Why do people right now would prefer audiobooks over paperback books? There are a lot of reasons why? Know more about audiobooks on the next videos. You can also go to *******downloadableaudiobooksfree****/ or visit the link below. *******downloadableaudiobooksfree****/
18 Aug 2011
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Bollywood’s not so famous actor Shiney Ahuja has been accused of sexual harassment once again, however this time by a co-star.
26 Oct 2011
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