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Excelente gol del Fantastico
24 Dec 2006
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filmamos um ovni ... apareceu ate no fantastico ... quase fui abduzido ministro da aeronautica ficou sem saber o q falar
14 Jan 2007
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Trailer de 4 Fantasticos sivel surfer esta calidad este trailer de bien excelente
20 Jun 2007
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Discover just how easy it is to setup or install a new blog site on a cpanel webhost using fantastico
15 Sep 2007
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Detail video showing how you can easily install Xoops using Fantastico.
4 May 2008
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Planet Earth / Planeta Terra Fantastico HD 16:9 documentary hdtv
5 Aug 2008
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This video tutorial shows you how to install Joomla using Fantastico in your Cpanel hosting. You can find more free video tutorials at
5 Jun 2009
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5:57 - How to Install Wordpress with Fantastico. How to Help Video Tutorial which shows you how quick and easy it is to set up a Wordpress Blog or Website using Fantastico which saves a load of time and hassle.
26 May 2009
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cPanel Tutorial - An introduction to using Fantastico
20 Jul 2009
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4:31 reviews the Fantastico Wordpress upgrade option for upgrading Wordpress blogs. In review, the Fantastico Wordpress upgrade option is one of the safest, most reliable ways to upgrade Wordpress. More at
27 Sep 2009
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Simple instruction video on setting up Wordpress using Fantastico often available through CPanel
5 Nov 2009
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6:19 Install wordpress using fantastico in cpanel hosting. With cpanel you can upload wordpress in a matter of minutes. It is sos easy to install wordpress.
15 Feb 2010
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Installing Wordpress with Fantastico through your cpanel admin area!
24 Feb 2010
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This tutorial is continued with full written instructions at http://WordpressVideos.TV In this video, we're gonna take a look at how to install WordPress automatically using your cPanel account and, in particular, a function in your cPanel account called Fantastico. So just log in to your cPanel account and you should scroll all the way to the bottom, and you'll see this blue smiley icon right here that says Fantastico Deluxe. So this is a software that comes free with almost any type of cPanel account that you have. If you're web hosting ****00:33 cPanel, you should have Fantastico already installed in the cPanel, and if not, then you should contact your web hosting and ask them about this feature, as it's really important for you to install a lot of useful scripts onto your website. So I'm gonna go ahead and click on Fantastico Deluxe. And this is the main Fantastico Deluxe screen, and if you scroll down, you'll be able to see that besides the WordPress application that we want to install, you will also find a lot of other useful open-source free PHP scripts that you can install to your server; for example, OS Commerce; ZenCart; and even several Wiki scripts; and also some forum scripts. So you're going to install WordPress just click on WordPress here. Next, click on New Installation. Okay, so this is the main setup or configuration screen for your new WordPress blog. And there's just a few fields here that you need to fill up, but the most important is this field here that asks you which directory you want to install WordPress on. So for most cases, if your website is dedicated to just that WordPress blog, then you'd want to install the WordPress software in the root directory, whereby you leave this column entirely empty, but if you want to install WordPress to a particular folder on your website, for example, if you wanna install it to a folder called Blog, then you can just enter the directory named Blog right here. I'm going to install this to the root folder of my website, so I'm gonna leave that blank, and the next thing you need to fill up is the Admin access data and also the password.
13 May 2010
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In this screencast, I will show you a simple, few steps only, installation of Wordpress blog using Fantastico. For more blogging and entrepreneurial tips, visit
3 Jun 2010
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Visit http://WordPressTutorials.TV for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials. When you read a Wordpress hosting review, you most probably will learn about Wordpress as a CMS and get to know on where to find a good Wordpress hosting for your blog. This particular Wordpress hosting review will not go over the CMS and will rather focus on Fantastico as a tool that can make the lives of bloggers lot easier. With all the blogging platforms and content management systems around us these days, it is very hard to pick the right application for your blog. This article will not cover all the blogging platforms in great details but concentrate on Wordpress as it is the most popular and widely used content management system around. If you are about to start a new blog and a little confused or undecided as to which platform would suit your need, then Wordpress most likely be the one to select. When Wordpress was launched fist few years ago, only a handful of web hosts were offering Wordpress hosting packages at that time. Out of those few hosts, most of them didn't even have Fantastico auto installer. Blog owners would actually have to install Wordpress manually on the hosting server, setup the database, and finally configure the config.php file within Wordpress to get the blog up and running. It was a lot of work, not to mention the insane amount of time it took to complete the entire process. And to top it off, you would actually have to have some good technical background to get that configured Fantastico auto installer made our lives very easy as now you can install Wordpress with just 3 clicks. Why spend hours trying to get your blog up and running where you can spend only 60 - 90 seconds to get the whole installation done with Fantastico auto installer? It is advised that you pick a host that offers cPanel hosting with Fantastico auto installer. Once you are within your cPanel, you will see the Fantastico icon under available applications that your host offers. You just select Fantastico and click to install. All you have to do is to pick the site or directory where you want to install Wordpress and Fantastico auto installer will do the rest. If you are only running one site under your hosting account, then it is even easier as you don't have to pick a domain since there will be only one. Fantastico auto installer will install Wordpress under your domain and will also setup the database for you. Its that easy. Now a days, there are lots of web hosts offer blog hosting packages with Fantastico auto installer. You will find that there are some pricing differences as well. Just one piece of advise, don't always settle with the one with lowest pricing. Remember one thing that has been proven over time, you get what you pay for. Pick a host that is known to be a good PHP host as Wordpress runs on PHP as well as the one that offers Fantastico. You might end up paying a few dollars more but this way you will be able to make sure that your blog stays online. You don't want to have frequent downtime going with some cheap hosts. Visit http://WordPressTutorials.TV for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials.
5 Nov 2010
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