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When Carly's father leaves her in charge of her younger brother Justin to go to Mexico, things get out of hand. Includes alternate ending!
27 Oct 2007
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Days began early, were long, and filled with much work. The Puritan work ethic that New Englanders subscribed to discouraged play and the focus was on puritan religion shaped daily life. The father leaves to hunt game (nifty footage for learning about the history of hunting) while the mother tends to home matters, including cooking, cleaning, and raising of the children, demonstrating Puritan family life and Puritan culture and specifically the life of Puritan women. The children were also conscripted to do lots of chores. When not in school or being tutored at home, children helped gather food, make clothing, and other needed household chores. The center of the New England family was their faith and Puritan beliefs. Puritan religious beliefs influenced their deep continual need to work hard, governed their friendly and helpful interactions with neighbors, and provided deep comfort when life was difficult . Historical movies such as these are terrific educational videos and this is a wonderful look at Puritans in America.
4 Aug 2008
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Ed and Al are two brothers who live in a world of Alchemy, Deception, and danger. After their father leaves, their mother falls ill and passes away. Upon failing to bring her back from the dead using alchemy, They both go in search of the Philosopher's stone, believing it will help them get Al's body back, and ed's arm and leg. In this AMV one sees, that the closer they get to their goal, Ed notices a woman that eerily resembles his deceased mother. Eventually, he fights this woman, who is in fact the Humonculi he and Al inadvertently created the night they tried to bring back their mother.
13 Oct 2009
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Amanda Rose is standing at the entrance to an abandoned mine. When she steps through the opening, she'll discover something incredible. Only a few days ago, she watched her father leave their home to go on a secret mission. A few hours later, she was searching the desert site where his plane had crashed for clues to his disappearance. Are you brave enough to walk boldly with her into the unknown? Find out in Amanda Rose: The Game of Time!
27 Apr 2011
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The clip father leaves from King of the Hill (1993) Dad. Aaron. You're not gonna... I have to show you something. This way. Patrolman Burns... Have a look. Here. Watch it. I told you they were the best. Aren't they beautiful? It's a king's ransom. Look at this. Here. Signed by the president of the Hamilton Watch company, stating I'm a representative for Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. What about Missouri? I didn't get the territory I asked for. But, you know, beggars can't be choosers. You're leaving right now? Oh, don't you worry. I've got it all arranged. You see, most of the watches are just display models. They don't have works inside. I took two that had works, and I gave one to Manny at the Woodbine, so that by the end of the day, you walk in and they give you a big dinner. It won't be roast beef, something healthy like liverwurst. The other one I gave to Desot, and he gave us $17 credit on our bill. As long as we pay a little something, they won't bother us. And here is 25 cents for spending money. There you go. Here. You're gonna miss graduation. Aaron, you know... Of course I wanna be there. Seeing you getting your diploma. But I have no choice. I have to be in Davenport first thing Monday morning. You can see Sullivan! Hey, I wanna give him some marbles. No. No, I won't. Keokuk isn't on my route. They have me spread out all over the map. You know when you're gonna be back? I just can't tell. But I'll be back as soon as I can because I'll be very worried. Is there anyplace I can write to you? What happens if I need to get in touch with you for something?
12 Nov 2011
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The clip father leaves Part 2 from King of the Hill (1993) I guess there isn't. I'll be moving from town to town. It's bad luck your mother is sick just now. I should put this off, but you know how jobs are. They're not gonna let you leave. Desot said I could take a few things, as long as I let them inspect it. After all, I paid them $17. Hey, walk me over to the car. The car!
12 Nov 2011
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The clip D'Leh's father leaves from 10,000 BC (2008) Only one of the Yagahl did not believe in Old Mother's prophecy: The young boy's father... ...the one who carried the White Spear and blew the whistle for the hunt. I will watch over your son as if he were my own. I know you will. But promise me you will tell no one why I left. We cannot wait for the last hunt.
30 Nov 2011
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The clip father leaving city with daughter from Pulse: Afterlife and Invasion (2008) Hey, squirt. You want to buckle up for me? Here. I'll give you a hand. That-a-girl. That-a-girl. Oh, no. Don't look, okay? Just don't look. Hold on. I'm gonna try and get past him.
3 Dec 2011
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Just as our Heavenly Father leaves His throne in Heaven to show us the way, Derek Redmond's father left the stands to help his son finish the race.
6 Sep 2008
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One Of The Saddest Moments In Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Will's Father Leaves Him For Good Once More
2 Aug 2009
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Today in HistoryToday in History for Saturday, June 28thToday in History for Saturday, June 28thThe Associated PressHighlights of this day in history: An assassination in Europe sparks World War I; Elian Gonzalez and his father leave for Cuba; Boxer Mike Tyson disqualified for biting Evander Holyfield's ear; Richard Rodgers and Mel Brooks born. (June 28)June 28th, 1914: (AP Photos)The event that triggers World War One takes place in the Balkans, in southern Europe.A Serb nationalist assassinates Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo, in what's now Bosnia-Herzegovina.On the same day five years later, leaders sign the Versailles (vayr-SYE) Treaty in France to officially end the war, which killed millions.2000: (AP Photos)(NAT of plane taking Elian home)Elian Gonzalez leaves the United States with his father for their native Cuba.It's the final chapter of a bitter international custody dispute over the six-year-old boy.1997: (AP Photos)Boxer Mike Tyson is disqualified for biting Evander Holyfield's ear during their W-B-A heavyweight championship fight in Las Vegas.Tyson later says...(SOT of Tyson)1902: (AP Photos)(NAT of "Beautiful Morning" from "Oklahoma")Broadway composer Richard Rodgers is born in New York City.Among his musicals: Oklahoma, South Pacific, The King and I, and The Sound of Music.And, 1926: (AP Photos)(SOT of Brooks)Mel Brooks --- the comedian and movie director whose works include The Producers and Blazing Saddles --- is born in New York City.Today in History, June 28th --- ___ ___, The Associated Press.
9 Aug 2011
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Catherine Middleton and her father leaving the Goring Hotel on their way to Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding ceremony
6 Nov 2011
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The clip Holly Fights with Her Mother from P.S. I Love You (2007) So I don't understand. You're taking a vacation? It's a trip. Gerry planned the whole thing for me and Sharon and Denise. You think it's the best time to vacation? Gerry made all the arrangements. I have to go. Have you spoken to Daniel? Thought you two were spending time together. We're just friends, Mom. I've stood by and not said anything about all this, but now I think it's time it stopped. What do you mean? It's not healthy. Gerry's not gonna be able to keep this up forever, is he? His life ended, and so will his letters. You're gonna have to face things on your own. It was a gift from Gerry. And how can you say that? My husband was 35 years old. He wasn't supposed to die. But he did. It was awful. It's what happens. But his death is a part of your life now. And you have to deal with it. Stop saying that like I'm not dealing with it. I am. How? By waiting for a letter from a dead husband? Taking a vacation? When your father left, I had two children to support. Excuse me for not having any children. That's not how I meant it and you know it. Your father leaving was just as devastating. But I did what I needed to do and got on with it. It's not the same thing. Why not? My husband died. He was taken. He didn't wanna go, he didn't wanna leave. Yes, my husband wanted to leave. And it's so much easier being abandoned by choice, is it?
24 Nov 2011
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From the movie Hardflip - Hardflip follows the story of Caleb a young skater whose ill mother and absent father leave him reaching for the only hope he has—becoming a sponsored skater.
27 May 2012
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One of best short films ever ! Directed by Michaël Dudok De Wit Produced by Claire Jennings Willem Thijssen Written by Michaël Dudok De Wit Music by Normand Roger Denis L. Chartrand Release date(s) 2000 Running time 8:30 minutes Country United Kingdom Belgium Netherlands Language no dialogue Father and Daughter is a 2000 Dutch animated short film, made by Michaël Dudok De Wit. It won the 2000 Academy Award for Animated Short Film. The film also received over 20 awards and 1 nomination and is considered the most successful in the series of works by Michaël. Story plot A father says goodbye to his young daughter and leaves. As the wide Dutch landscapes live through their seasons so the girl lives through hers. She becomes a young woman, has a family and in time she becomes old, yet within her there is always a deep longing for her father. The story can be seen as a metaphor. The father leaving on a boat signifies his death and the images of the daughter watching for him to come back is signifying her always thinking about him throughout her life. Towards the end when the now elderly daughter begins to travel through the overgrown, dried up riverbed is supposed to explain that she has died and is now travelling in the afterlife to see her father once again.
2 Aug 2012
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Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana is a Telugu Movie Directed by Prabhu Deva Starring Siddharth and Trisha, Music was Composed by Devi Sri Prasad and Produced by M.S Raju. Siri (Trisha) and Sivarama Krishna (Srihari) are orphans. Their rich father leaves their mother for another woman. And so their mother dies in distress. With this kind of troubled childhood, Sivarama Krishna (Srihari) takes care of his little sister Siri and makes sure that she gets all the brotherly love she needs. Sivarama Krishna also starts to hate rich people and he wants to make sure that Siri is wed to a poor and hardworking man.Santosh (Siddardh) is London-settled NRI who lives with his elite parents. He along with his mother visits India to attend a relative's wedding. There he meets Siri, who is a pole apart when it comes to upbringing and family background. The inevitable happens and they fall in love. Santosh's mother who does not approve of this, tries to separate Siddardh from Siri.Santosh visits Siri's place and asks the permission of Sivarama Krishna for her hand in marriage. Sivarama Krishna refuses his proposal because he does not want his sister to suffer in the environment of money-minded people. Santosh asks Sivarama Krishna to give a chance to prove himself. Sivarama Krishna asks Santosh to work as a labor in his farm. He also gives 1 acre of land and asks him to harvest more produce than him. The rest of the story is all about how Santosh wins the bet as well as the heart of Sivarama Krishna. "telugu movie teaser 2013" "telugu movie promo songs" "telugu title song promo" "telugu full song" "telugu official full song" "telugu all promo songs" "telugu Title song teaser" "telugu full songs with lyrics" "Telugu Full songs Juke Box" "Telugu Promo songs Juke Box" "Telugu songs" "telugu Official Theatrical trailer HD" "telugu Video songs" "telugu Songs trailers" "telugu Song trailer" "telugu Audio Launch"
21 Oct 2013
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