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DadLabs Ep. 333 The Lab - Snacks have a way of taking over a household. And as parents, we know kids need them, but how do we prevent every event from becoming all about the snacks? We take this issue into the Lab and digest the information. Brought to you by Boon.
9 Jun 2008
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DadLabs Ep. 334 The Lounge - Smooshed, crunched, squished, pulverized or pulped: what snacks make the worst messes to clean up? We asked this question to our panel of experienced parents and received a veritable buffet of answers. Isn't it amazing, the things peanut butter can be made to do? Brought to you by Boon.
10 Jun 2008
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DadLabs Ep. 335 Daditude - Owen is pregnant once again, and so is his wife! In this episode Jodi takes Owen grocery shopping and educates him on what he and can not eat. But Owen is more interested in drinking milk from the carton, stealing beer and making off-color comments about organic sausage. Brought to you by Boon.
9 Feb 2009
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DadLabs Ep. 337 The Lab -- Is leaving a bit of baby spitup on your shoulder a good career move? If not, how can you get the stuff off? To understand why babies spit up so much, we get Baby 411 author and pediatrician Ari Brown to set us straight. Brought to you by OxiClean Baby.
18 Jun 2008
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DadLabs Ep 338 The Lounge -- In this episode we ask experienced parents to discuss those Superfund Sites of parenting, to describe the most appalling cleanups and gross scrubdowns that come with the child raising territory. Interestingly, not a single parent we asked had to hesitate before answering. Brought to you by OxiClean Baby.
17 Jun 2008
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DadLabs Ep 339 Daditude -- In a noble and dignified attempt to understand what his own pregnant wife goes through every day, Owen dons a 35 lb. pregnancy simulation suit and performs ordinary household tasks. Turns out, cleaning the bathroom and emptying the dishwasher is tough in his condition. Brought to you by OxiClean Baby.
9 Feb 2009
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DadLabs Ep. 340 Gear Daddy -- Do dads perform their share of the housekeeping chores? Doubtful. Then why not pitch in? Laundry is easier and greener if it's done by a front loading washer. Our Gear Daddy explains why. Brought to you by OxiClean Baby.
20 Jun 2008
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DadLabs Ep. 341 The Lab -- Hello. I'm Don. I'm a producer at DadLabs, and the guys totally went to Sweden without me. And told me to cover for them. Which is exactly the kind of crap they do all the time. So I made this video of helpful cooking hints about breakfast. I hope you like it.
23 Jun 2008
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A short anecdote from the audiobook "Fascinating Walt Disney". Available at Barnes and Noble Stores, Amazon, Apple iTunes or toll-free twenty-four hours at 1-800-431-1579. For more information go *******www.hollywoodstories****/aboutdisney.htm
24 Jun 2008
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DadLabs Ep. 342 The Lounge -- Tell the truth, parents, don't you secretly look forward to those business trips that get you out of the house for a few days? We put this question to our panel of experienced parents, and they unpacked their opinions. This episode is free of surcharges and baggage fees.
24 Jun 2008
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DadLabs Ep 343 Daditude -- Is circumcision one of the topics you would never discuss with your sweet mum? Not if you're Owen! And not if your mum is an experienced pediatrician. Owen and his mum have a cocktail and talk foreskins, yay or nay.
26 Jun 2008
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DadLabs Ep. 344 Gear Daddy -- Okay, bad emergency things happen all the time, like the DadLabs guys going off to Sweden all of a sudden. So you have to be super ready with precautions and super readiness. Which is what I am totally all about in this disaster video, and the preparations for it.
26 Jun 2008
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DadLabs Ep 345 - DadLabs in Stockholm; Is Sweden the most dad-friendly nation on earth? The DadLabs crew hits the road to investigate. Daddy Brad and Daddy Clay report their findings on Swedish paternity leave policies and daycare. Would you take 8 months of family leave? Brought to you by Baby Bjorn.
30 Jun 2008
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DadLabs Ep 346 The Lounge -- In this episode, we ask our panel of expert and veteran parents the following question: "How much maternity or paternity leave did you take?" Stats indicate the the amount of family leave Americans take is on the wane. Are you part of that trend? Brought to you by Baby Bjorn.
1 Jul 2008
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DadLabs Ep. 347 Daditude -- The Dads review the latest offering from Pixar, Wall-E. And where better to discuss a family movie about robots falling in love than in a minivan? Will this blockbuster be a billion dollar machine?
3 Jul 2008
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DadLabs Ep. 348 Gear Daddy -- Why celebrate our nation's birth with a trip to the ER with your own progeny? There are plenty of safe and fun alternatives to things that go bang in the night. Gear Daddy has some glowing ideas for your 4th of July. Brought to you by BabyBjorn.
4 Jul 2008
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