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The clip the black eye from Fear (1996) Oh, my God. Oh, my... Who is it? Can I come in? Um... I, uh... I thought of you when I saw this in the hotel gift shop. Oh, Nicole, what happened? I was in gym class. We were playing volleyball, and I caught an elbow right in the eye. Oh. Well... Let's see what we can do. Those are pretty shoes. Thank you. Hey there. Doesn't your daughter look exceptionally pretty today? Uh-huh. Oh, hey, yeah. You look lovely, Nic. Thanks, Dad. I gotta go. Can I get a kiss? Bye, Dad. Bye, Nic. Thanks, Laura. What was that about? Woman stuff. She got a black eye in gym class, so I gave her a makeup lesson. So she wouldn't look like a slut.
20 Nov 2011
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