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10 Nov 2016
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4 Jan 2009
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15 Nov 2007
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In this scene, Nicole hasnt fully recovered from her breakup and hasnt been getting on with her boss at work, together these factors have left Nicole feeling depressed and not in control of her life.
25 Feb 2008
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Here is a comical illustration of how you can improve your mood and learn more about your customers and members by gathering feedback and ideas.
2 May 2010
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Destination (Author) Link: *******www.thewellnessdirectory***.nz/article/a-simply-key-to-inspire-relationships-the-5-love-languages Video Description: Depression is the most common mood disorder in today's society. Learn how to help yourself naturally, with diet & lifestyle tips.
26 Aug 2011
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Broken Hearted is never an easy things to heal but know one thing for sure, when you are feeling down and broken hearted, put this songs up, linger in a day or two then move on. Know deep inside its not your lost, its their lost, you are just too precious for them in the first place anyway.
16 Jun 2007
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I have been feeling down lately, so after going on a bad date tonight, I decided to vent a little frustration out in front of a video camera.
3 Jul 2007
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An old one, but when i feel down i play this and life is a lot brighter.
23 Nov 2007
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Share Your Story in a Video Who was there for you when you really needed comforting? Whether you were sick, feeling down, or just needed a hug, we want to hear your tribute to the person who cared for and comforted you. Create a tribute video and tell your story about a time when you felt really comforted or cared for. Tell us who that person was and what they mean to you. Enter your video for an opportunity to win a Comfort Getaway. Enter your video before January 31, 2008 for an opportunity to win a $10,000 Comfort Getaway. See official contest rules for details - *******www.vicks****/caring-tributes/contest-rules.php. Who was there for you when you really needed comforting? . Tell us who that person was and what they mean to you. Enter your video before January 31, 2008 for an opportunity to win a $10,000 Comfort Getaway. See official contest rules for details - *******www.vicks****/caring-tributes/contest-rules.php
10 Jan 2008
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A brief excerpt from "Don't Get Too Comfortable" by David Rakoff from Doubleday. Feeling down? Feeling Blue? Get what all the Rich Folk do...Rhinoplasty A VidLit Production.
23 Jan 2008
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Please if you take the time to watch this video i would love to hear your impressions and comments.Your thoughts could be my thoughts thankyou!A couple of years ago my father died a few days before christmas.As you can imagine it devastated our family.He was a larger than life sort of guy who lead his life in a way that has changed me forever and this i am eternally gratefull.Not a moment passes by without his prescence guiding my soul.Part of this legacy though leaves me with an unfathomable sadness that threatens to overcome me always.I'm glad though in a way i think we are closer now than i can ever remember being.Anyway i wrote this song for my mother as a christmas gift and to this day i can't play it very well i don't think i'll ever get this right but this in itself means something.Anyway hope someone likes it its about losing people close,its just a simple song that someday i'm going to get someone to teach me!If this song means anything to you or you would like to post a comment anyway i would truly love to read your thoughts.Hopefully this song will help you to appreciate the people you love and hold dear before the moment passes and another chance to reach to those close is yet again squandered.Don't let life get you down! Cheers Ian Patrick Compton (Please share me with your friends if you like what i do :)) Never run away my friend when your feeling sad my friend. Never run my friend when your feeling down my friend. I know this aint a good time for you and afterall my friend you've come too far. You shouldn't be here today. Never be afraid to tell someone you care my friend. Never be afraid to show off the little things inside the man. Sometimes you keep on trying but you can't get in and you've come too far. It's like living on the edge since your heart broke down. Hide these lonely feelings till there's no one around. Your friends keep on calling because you can't be found, on this your sadest day. Never be afraid to tell someone your in love my friend. Never give up on the good things no matter how it hurts my friend. Sometimes you keep on trying but you can't get in and you've come so far. Living on the edge since your heart broke down. Hide these lonely feelings till there's no one around. Your friends keep on calling because you can't be found on this your saddest day! (more)
8 Oct 2012
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Feeling down? Just jerk off!
15 Apr 2008
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This week the ringtone is titled "Hello Cheerio". If you're feeling down and blue select this ringtone to cheer you up a bit when your friends are calling.
17 Jun 2008
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Develop simple systems for dealing with repetitive challenges, using the IF-Then Method. If X happens, then I'll do Y to resolve it. The If then method is the simplest way to create processes in an organization or to create new patterns in the mind. For example in an organization IF the phone rings, THEN we'll say this. IF a person is with us longer than 6 months, THEN we'll do this. And you can use the IF-Then method in your own life to deal with a challenge. IF I start feeling down, THEN I'll do this to feel better. IF I encounter a person who insults me, THEN I'll remember to zoom out and take the most empowering approach. IF I spot an attractive member of the opposite sex in the produce section of the super market, THEN I'll ask for advice on the avocados. With the IF-Then method you pre-plan your actions and you have system for arriving at desirable outcomes. For more tips visit *******www.FullPotential****
17 Jun 2008
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I chose this song because when I am feeling down and out just hearing this song makes me relize that God is watching me when no one else is.
27 Oct 2008
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