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Occurred on August 13, 2017 / Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA Info from Licensor: "Taken at Shades of the Past Car show. He stopped to put his top down on his car and ended up losing his keys. He was a great inspiration!"
13 Oct 2017
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Learn How You Can Upgrade Your Self-Massage With The Best Equipment On The Market By Clicking The link
2 Oct 2017
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Many people with mild lead poisoning have no symptoms. Symptoms that do occur usually develop over several weeks or longer. Sometimes symptoms flare up periodically. Typical symptoms of lead poisoning include personality changes, headaches, loss of sensation, weakness, a metallic taste in the mouth, uncoordinated walking, poor appetite, vomiting, constipation, crampy abdominal pain, bone or joint pains, high blood pressure, and anemia. Kidney damage often develops without symptoms. Young children who have been exposed to lead may become cranky and their attention span and play activity may decrease over the course of several weeks. Encephalopathy can then begin suddenly and worsen over the next several days, resulting in persistent, forceful vomiting; poor coordination and difficulty walking; confusion; sleepiness; and, finally, seizures and coma. Chronic lead poisoning in children may cause intellectual disability, seizure disorders, aggressive behavior disorders, developmental regression, chronic abdominal pain, and anemia. Adults who are exposed to lead at work typically develop symptoms (such as personality changes, headaches, abdominal pain, and damage to nerves, with numbness and loss of sensation in the feet and legs) over several weeks or longer. Adults may develop loss of sex drive, infertility, and, in men, erectile dysfunction (impotence). Encephalopathy rarely develops in adults. Children and adults may develop anemia. Children and adults who inhale the fumes from leaded gasoline may develop symptoms of psychosis in addition to typical symptoms of lead poisoning.
26 Sep 2017
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Humans have twice as much lymph fluid in the body as blood. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump. In order to move, lymph relies on blood pressure and the relaxation and the contraction of the muscles and joints. Your lymphatic system can easily become stagnant, especially when it becomes overwhelmed with toxic debris. The combination of a toxic lifestyle and lethargy is a recipe for chronic disease. All things in nature have a natural progression. When this progression is inhibited, health deteriorates. Think of a river. A healthy river runs clean and clear compared to stagnant water. Imagine them clogged and the resulting backup. Picture an engine and car oil, and you can equate our lymphatic system to an oil filter. Imagine how sluggish and constrictive the engine would be if the oil wasn’t constantly filtered. Sluggish lymph fluid is a breeding ground for infection. Stagnant lymph interferes with every system of the body. Because lymph cleanses nearly every cell in the body, symptoms of chronic lymph blockage are diverse. While most people prefer to identify one specific cause of a disease, there are rarely fewer than three and can often be hundreds. The point is, if the body is unhealthy, the lymph is unhealthy, too. If the body is sick, the lymph is sick, too. Symptoms of lymphatic congestion include: Rings get tight on fingers Skin is puffy, showing edema Soreness, stiffness, achiness in the mornings Arthritis Lethargic, drained, sluggishness Bloating, water retention Itchy skin Bad skin (dryness, acne, premature aging, etc.) Breast swelling or soreness with hormonal cycles Brain fog Cold hands and feet Chronic headaches and/or migraines Cellulite Cancer Diabetes Chronic inflammation
28 Sep 2017
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How to Spot Early pink skin cancer| skin cancer bumps on face Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, because the skin is the largest organ and it is in direct contact with the environment every day.[1] Early diagnosis is key when dealing with skin cancer. Working to prevent skin cancer is the best early defense against skin cancer. You can examine your own skin every month as well as ask your dermatologist if you find something you are unsure of. These methods will help you spot the early signs of skin cancer. 1 Examine your body. The best way to find skin cancer early is to keep a check on any skin abnormalities through a monthly full body skin exam. Stand in front of a full length mirror. Examine the whole front of your body, checking each part of your body. Turn around and look over your shoulder, examining the back area of your body, paying special attention to the back of your legs. Next, raise your arms and examine your underarms, inner arm area, elbow, forearms, upper underarms, and palms. Make sure you also look at the tops and bottoms of your feet. Using a hand mirror, check your buttocks, genitals, neck, and scalp. If there are areas you can’t reach, ask a loved one to help. 2 Track your changes on a mole map. As you examine your body, track your moles on a mole map. This map needs to be a representation of your body, with a front and a back, so you can keep track of where all your moles are. Each month, pinpoint where your moles are and write down the general appearance of them. The American Academy of Dermatology has a premade map that you can download every month as you do your examination 3 Look for problem moles. While making your examination, you need to watch for problem moles. You should notice is your moles change shape, size, or color, start to ooze or bleed, and feel itchy, swollen, or tender. To keep track of problem moles, you need to follow the ABCDE rule. The rules to notice melanomas are: A: Asymmetry, when moles have different
28 Sep 2017
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Early on Wednesday, September 20, Hurricane Maria, a powerful Category 4 hurricane with 150 mph winds, made direct landfall on Puerto Rico, bisecting the entire island and drenching it with feet of rain.
28 Sep 2017
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A wagon traveling through the night loses a wheel. While doing repairs a stranger rides up and offers help. Sabrina Lynn passenger sees him and rushes off into the night, only to drop in a dead faint at the feet of Nick Barkley.
30 Sep 2017
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Herban Planet made intergalactic history by launching one pound of marijuana flower, “Space Weed Bro”, 35 KM above the Earth’s surface into space. The space vessel, a clear cube containing the duly-named “Space Weed Bro,” was attached to a weather balloon with GPS tracking and was retrieved after descending back down to the Arizona desert. Recovery was quite the adventure as it could only be calculated approximately where it would land. The entire event was documented from various angles using cameras attached to the vessel as well as drones and an on-the-ground video crew. The craft attained an altitude of approximately 118,000 feet where the temperature was -94º below zero! As it returned to earth, it reached a velocity of over 240 mph!
3 Oct 2017
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Monovisc and Orthovisc are hyaluronic acid knee injections that can relieve pain and get you back on your feet. Both Monovisc and Orthovisc are viscosupplements that provide effective relief from knee pain, but differ in the way they are administered.
5 Oct 2017
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Shoes give a great comfort to our feet. The primary purpose of wearing shoes is to ease the locomotion and prevent injuries. The secondary purpose is, for fashion look, and also to indicate the status or rank of the person. Now shoppyzip have a great collection of women's casual shoes. Buy casual shoes online in shoppyzip and get free delivery. Easy 30 days return and exchange is available in which you won’t get in any online shopping websites.
7 Oct 2017
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The reptilians, are one of the most ancient, and technologically advanced civilization in the universe. what is interesting, is that they were genetically created, by another race, referred to, as master race. this race's history, began so many years ago, when earth as we know it, didn’t even exist. Long time ago, when the universe wasn’t populated with millions of extraterrestrials, an extremely advanced beings, arrived in this universe, from a different, unknown world. This beings, were called Carians. The alpha draconians, have long tails, and stand from 18, to 25 feet tall, and can weight up to 25 000 pounds. The reptilians are the creators of the gray aliens. Subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video. Thank you
7 Oct 2017
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The festive season is knocking on the doors. Buying gifts have already begun among the Indian families. People always try to find fresh ideas to woo their relatives all the time. Every year, the Best Contemporary Diwali Gifting Ideas make a particular trend and strengthen the bonds between you and your relatives. No more same gifts or bland packages. SendBestGift is here with the perfect ideas for Diwali gifts to knock the socks off from your family members’ feet.
9 Oct 2017
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