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Chao Xi Huan Ni MV by fei lun hai(fahrenheit) hope you like it! It has scenes fr hanakimi...taiwan version
18 May 2008
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Small clip of NSW Police playing the Wong Fei Hong Theme Song on Chinese New Year 2007
11 Dec 2008
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Chinese zhang fei in China
11 Jan 2010
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Chinese yue fei in China
22 Jan 2010
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Super Street Fighter 4 (SSF4) Fei Long Infinite Loop juri fei long infinite loop combo ssf4 super street fighter lol glitch
23 Apr 2010
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Liu Yi Fei
15 Feb 2012
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*******www.hotdogstories**** In the spirit of Japadogs, Fei Fan Eatery in Boston's Chinatown brings Japanese toppings to an American favorite and the results are delicious!
1 Apr 2012
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3 Jun 2017
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crystal's new MV 放飞美丽 credits to errant of www.crystal-yifei**** for uploading it.
30 Sep 2008
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Normandy Madden of AdAgeChina**** explains the popularity of an online teenage girl's diary and what this means for branded entertainment.
11 Jul 2009
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Zagreb Hipodrom, 5.9.2009.Dodjele nagrada u disciplini DRESSAGE, kategoriji PRELIMINARY Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Sep 2009
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This is just a MV of some of the chinese actresses that i like :D Music by: Hoan Chau Cat Cat III ( It's one of the Theme Song in that drama ) No profit is made out of this video or the audio recording used in it. NO violation of copyright was intended.
25 Jul 2010
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How to unlock all characters (Cammy gouki guile ryu ken sagat abel el fuerte dan sakura rose m.bison vega balrog fei long gen seth akuma gouken chun-li blanka crimson viper dhalsim rufus zangief)
9 Mar 2009
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Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo GGPO Online Match Bruce Lee Siu Long(Fei Long) VS Jodim(Zangief) CHINA VS JAPAN
18 Apr 2009
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Wang Fei is an international award winning artist, published writer, and accomplished musician who has toured internationally. Wang Fei was professionally trained in literature, music and art since childhood and studied with several masters in these fields. Not only is she one of the few scholars who have truly mastered the qin and who can bring qin music to a wider audience, she is also one of the few qin performers who still maintain the qin in the traditional way as a scholarly art. Her elegant, graceful and peaceful style brings to her audiences the feeling of reading poems and enjoying Chinese landscape painting when they listen to her qin playing. Wang Fei began her study of the guqin under Professor Li Xiangting at the Central Conservatory of Music in China in 1985. Master Li Xiangting regards Wang Fei as one of the most promising students he has ever had the opportunity to teach among his more than 500 students around the world. The guqin , a seven-stringed zither, is China 's oldest stringed instrument, with a history of some 3000 years. It has always been viewed as a symbol of Chinese high culture and the instrument most expressive of the essence of Chinese music. In Imperial China, a well educated scholar was expected to be skilled in four arts: qin (the guqin), qi (the game of Go), shu (calligraphy) and hua (painting). It became part of a tradition cultivated by the Chinese literati, and an instrument associated with philosophers, sages, and emperors. Without Ulterior Motives(Oulu Wangji) This 300 year-old piece takes as its theme a tale from a collection of fables known as Liezi. The story tells of a fisherman at sea. The seagulls gathered around his boat but he had no though of hunting the birds. When he told his wife, she suggested he kill some of them and bring them home. However, as soon as he thought of hunting the birds, they no longer came to his boat. The moral of the story is that unless you forsake such schemes, there will be no harmony and no pleasure from nature. This experimental DVD make you" to listen, to watch and to feel" a comprehensive and diversity way to enjoy qin music. As both professional qin player and multimedia producer, Wang Fei thinks that guqin music is so rich and contains so many aspects of Chinese culture, using multimedia formatting can help people understand qin music better. This video Wang Fei produced with Les Stuck, a very talent musician. More information about guqin and wang fei please visit *******www.guqin**** or *******www.feiwang****
29 Oct 2009
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fei hung vs bruce lee
10 May 2010
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