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The truck tried to take a turning on the highway but because of his momentum he was unable to complete the turn and fell down from the road.
26 Mar 2018
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Cat fell in toilet cat fell in water, the cat is bathed, funny with cats, funny cats, funny animals
13 Apr 2018
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The total scene is hilarious to witness. Out of the blue, without even moving 1 foot forward this man just fell off with a girl on the back of his bike.
14 Apr 2018
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The bottles he was trying to break was emptied by him only I guess. Thus justifying his reason to fall we would like to point out he did break the bottles.
25 Mar 2018
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I hope the poor rider is ok. As the racehorse crashed into the car he jumped out high on the air and fell hard. I hope he is ok.
23 Mar 2018
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To watch the show people stood on a house roof in a great number without realizing it might not hold. Sh*t happened and they fell through the roof.
24 Mar 2018
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These riders weren't expecting this to happen at all
27 Mar 2018
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A cat who loves to swim in the pool
13 Apr 2018
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Capernaum is known to be a fish market located beside Sea of Galilee. It is considered to be the hometown of Jesus Christ for many of His miracles happened here. Not only that miracles happened here but Jesus first disciples are from here like Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew. In Capernaum Jesus teaching made a deep impression on the locales. He has healed a lot of people’s illness like Peter’s mother-in-law. On the 3rd century it was called the despicable town and it was one of the three cities that was cursed because many of the people didn’t believe Him and has a lack of faith. It later fell into ruin because it only has seven houses of poor fishermen. Today, a modern catholic church was built in a site where it is believed to be the site of Peter’s house and where Jesus has lodged. Capernaum is owned by two churches, the Franciscans and the Greek Orthodox. The Franciscans are in the western portion while the Greek Orthodox is marked by white church with red domes. Capernaum is one of the many beautiful places with rich culture and story that we could all enjoy learn and discover through times.
12 Apr 2018
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Call it magic or the power of imagination, this guy has cut a tree branch with the imaginative power of his mind. He imagined a chainsaw and bam, the branch fell.
16 Apr 2018
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Birds can’t see a glass window. This bird was in an accident where it hit a window pretty hard and fell to the ground. It did the same thing again.
17 Apr 2018
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Take a FYOM tour of Fells Point (Balto.). (This video features original music by The Legend of Sheppard Pratt.) - Trevor Check out msypace****/fyom
12 Mar 2007
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