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The man was too drunk so was not riding the cycle but it didn’t save him. He took a corner fell down with the cycle. And for some unknown reason, he screamed T-Rex.
19 Jun 2018
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He is very lucky that Parkour practice did not end up a ride to the hospital. His teeth would have been all broken if he fell a little forward.
18 Jun 2018
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The bald man is not unlucky in just lack of hairs. This video shows that how he just fell into the garbage mud and messed himself up.
17 Jun 2018
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This funny video is shaking the whole internet users with laughter. The rider slipped and fell off from his bike and his bike vanished like it is magic.
16 Jun 2018
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She was energetic and roaring to crush the pumpkin with the Mjölnir in her hand. Alas, the pumpkin won and she fell on the ground.
15 Jun 2018
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In this edition of the Pop Series is Composer "Elias Näslin" Producer "Elijah N" and dynamic Artist "Frigga" Performing the beautiful pop ballad"Missing What's You" I fell in love with this track from the start. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. As always thank you so much for watching as listening. Please read on. Take a second and subscribe to us. Stay up to date on latest releases from Music4allofU.
13 Jun 2018
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The guy was unable to calculate a turn which crashed his bike and from the doc, he landed on a boat and his bike on the side of the boat.
12 Jun 2018
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The person just out of nowhere fell breaking the roof and destroying the cap stand. Now if this fall you don’t call hysteric, I don’t know what is.
11 Jun 2018
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The fall of the woman was really bad and hard. She just fell on the first step and badly got hurt in her stomach and legs.
6 Jun 2018
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The lady was using her mobile when she was startled. As a reaction, she lost her grip on the phone and it fell from the balcony. Goodbye phone.
1 Jun 2018
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Carolina Restoration Services prepared document of how to remove tree. We describe three methods to remove tree: 1) Felling a Tree, 2) Taking the Stump Out and 3) Removing Small Trees for Transplant. Carolina Restoration Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your tree removal emergency in Raleigh NC and surrounding areas. For more information about our tree removal, wind damage, flood damage etc. Call us at +1 919-469-1955
1 Jun 2018
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You cannot push someone into the swimming pool from that far away, however, this guy learned t later when he also fell in with the girl he was pushing.
30 May 2018
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