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Heavy Rain In Islamabad
8 Oct 2017
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Occurred on May 26, 2017 / Managua, Nicaragua Info from Licensor: "We are missionaries and live in Nicaragua. My daughter came home for the summer and we decided to get her 4 wisdom teeth pulled. Two were badly impacted, so the dentist suggested to have partial anesthesia done. We never would have guessed that she would act so loopy. You can tell by this video that my daughter is fully bilingual and switches back and forth from English to Spanish. She was so weepy. She is a fan of the Fast and Furious movies and started crying when she talked about Paul Walker passing away. She is also a fan of the marble movies and how handsome Thore is. She fell in love with the yellow blanket. Her dad was on a business trip to Cuba and she was so mad that he did not go to some special pizza place that she had heard of. She really thought she was funny by telling her 'fart' joke. She was determined not to tell the nurse her age because a true lady never shares her age."
6 Oct 2017
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These four construction workers were in a light mood who put aside their day job pressure and had fun. Well, except the one who fell down hard.
5 Oct 2017
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Occurred on July 1, 2017 / McKinney, Texas, USA Info from Licensor: "It was July 1st, and we had just finished the reception in McKinney, Texas to our wedding. From there we were getting sent off in our friends' Mercedes convertible. The driver did as directed and punched it. We weren't holding on tightly enough as we had celebrated a little too hard, and we violently fell off the back of the car. We were surprisingly not injured at all from the incident."
3 Oct 2017
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As these couple of cats hovered to catch the mouse, it fell off the tree branch and the cat immediately climbed down to catch it only to not find it as it tightly held onto a leave.
3 Oct 2017
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Fell off the stairs and stood up as if nothin happened
30 Sep 2017
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Samakhusi School Girl fell down in hole during heavy rain | WhatsApp
27 Sep 2017
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This boy is a hero and what he did will surely win your hearts. He just saved a child who fell from stairs, just watch how he did it.
26 Sep 2017
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This nursery rhyme is about King Humpty Dumpty who lived a royal life in his palace. One day when he went on rounds, he sat on a huge wall and fell down. He got injured heavily. He finally recovered and realized that he had done a big mistake by climbing up the wall. Humpty Dumpty learned from his mistake, never climbed up any walls and never allowed any of his people to climb any walls in his kingdom. Explore, Play & Learn Safely! with the new Purple Turtle app on Playrific - featuring fun games, puzzles, Kids StoryBooks, Art and more for Children.
23 Sep 2017
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This girl with a selfie stick in hand, sitting in the middle of a pool, was all chirpy and happy wishing someone on their birthday until she fell off hilariously.
15 Sep 2017
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This kid just had one embarrassing moment as he thought the door had a glass pane below but there wasn't and he fell face first right on the ground.
14 Sep 2017
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7 Sep 2017
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