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ENHANCED VERSION News Reports WTC7 Fell Before It Happens
25 Jul 2017
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This is what we really call luck. Watch these motorcyclists narrowly escapes death from being crushed by huge concrete bricks falling from a truck.
15 Jul 2017
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4 Jul 2017
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Dance face-off is mostly fun but this guy made it painful as well. He tried to do a standing moon sault and fell right on his back in the process.
7 Jul 2017
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Watch how this drone got slam-dunked by a paper sprinkle blast and fell into the crowd. This is why concerts are not the place to bring drones. MAYDAY!
28 Jun 2017
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Video about saving animals. 1 Fox stuck in the net and was saved by a passerby. 2 dog fell in hot tar and its a few hours rubbing vegetable oil to save her. 3 the Owner left his dog in the trap, but the locals don't let her die. The dog had to amputate the paw, but the dog still managed to live a full life. 4 residents of the Chelyabinsk rescued a cat that had frozen into ice at a temperature of -35 degrees below zero. People who found the cat gently with warm water freed his feet from the ice. The vet gave him anti-inflammatory injection and a few hours later the cat was able to walk. 5 residents called the organization "Hope for paws" and said that someone the dog was beaten severely and dumped in a canal 30 feet down. A dog named Jordan. She had surgery and went into foster care where she's well taken care of.
1 Jul 2017
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This guy should have paid attention to the road as he idiotically stepped on a dog sh*t and fell flat. His reaction? He walks away as if nothing happened.
7 Jul 2017
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Find out how bumbeling Brit Eddie Redmayne fell into the biggest role of his life when he actually was trying to find a good Tea Shop! Appologies to J.K for making you look naughty, but you did have Poppy Montgomery play you in that movie, and she's a bit of a saucy bint aint she! So maybe I was right ya sexy little minx!
16 Jul 2017
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When the elder brother was scared about removing his teeth, the little one didn't wait. He hit the strings attached to the teeth and it fell out smoothly.
16 Jul 2017
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This is the height of insanity, idiocracy and dumb-headedness, watch how this truck tried to move on a broken bridge and fell off as a result.
17 Jul 2017
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Take a FYOM tour of Fells Point (Balto.). (This video features original music by The Legend of Sheppard Pratt.) - Trevor Check out msypace****/fyom
12 Mar 2007
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6Pluz1 Production (S.P,O.P) proudly present our mtv for the song from Penny Tai - Once Fell In Love (戴佩妮 爱过)This is an assignment for our media production subject. The members : yao, cj, car, wee, iris, val & miin. Enjoy! Hope you guys can leave some comments here too.
16 May 2007
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Check out the new video from Perth's very own Che'Nelle, 'I Fell In Love With The DJ'
11 Oct 2008
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Chinook Helicopter Fell off Carrier while trying to land.
12 Oct 2007
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