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Author and creator of the well known "Felt Cuisine" series of step by step, fully illustrated craft guides. I teach people all over the world how easy and fun it can be to create beautiful, hand made, pretend play food from felt.
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6 Sep 2017
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I apologise for a lot of editing in this vlog. When I was filming, it was 10pm at night - and I was tired. Still, I wanted to upload this vlog because I felt it was very important to me. Anyways, enjoy. :D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bio: My name is Sez (It’s my childhood nickname – my real name is Sarah) and I'm an Autistic and Epileptic YouTuber. I upload inclusive, creative and family friendly content on Sunday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. actingmylife is free for all to watch and celebrate. I hope you enjoy your day. :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Cappelletti Show by Serena Giannini ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music Outro: DJ Quads – Wonderful World _______________________________________________________ Where to Find Me: Facebook: actingmylifevlogblog Twitter: actingmylife211 Snapchat: actingmylife212 Instagram: sezactingmylife Pinterest: actingmylife21 Tumblr: actingmylife2215 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Camera: Canon HD Legria HF R606 57x Advanced Zoom Movie Maker: CyberLink PowerDirector
28 Aug 2017
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ProLink IT Solutions has been providing excellent IT service to our clients for the past 14 years. Mitchell Johnson created the company in 2003 under the name ME Computer Solutions. In 2011, we outgrew our old location in South Jordan and moved to a new building in West Jordan. We felt it was the appropriate time to change our name to ProLink IT Solutions. For more information about data security consultants Salt Lake City call 801-938-3730. Address:- 8783 S Redwood Rd, West Jordan, UT 84088 Phone:- 801-938-3730
1 Sep 2017
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Shopclues has come up with the Super Saver bazaar, where you want to find the things that can be categorized as essential for daily use. Humans needs can be categorized on only two bases i.e. Basic needs and primary needs. Besides these, there are things which sometimes felt essential and these things lead to the extra cost. To curb the extra expenditure on all the needs Shopclues has brought up Super Saver Bazaar.
4 Sep 2017
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The human body is a vastly complex biochemical organism, finely tuned and adaptable. It contains many different regulatory systems to make sure that things work properly in response to external conditions. When it becomes too warm inside the body, the water cooling system is turned up, and more sweat is secreted by the skin. The sweat evaporates, cools the blood underneath the skin, which in turn cools the body core. The sensors in the brain detect that things are back within normal limits, and turn off the sweat glands. This type of regulation (known as homeostasis) occurs for all bodily processes, and usually without any awareness or thought on our part. When external circumstances (like extreme heat or cold) or internal conditions (disease or poisoning) cannot be adjusted by normal mechanisms, the signs of discomfort and disease appear. The types of physical effects seen or felt (signs and symptoms) depend on the type of stress to which the body has been exposed. Because there are so many complex interrelationships between the systems within the body, a single change in any one system may result in numerous effects in other systems. In addition, the types of response to disease are limited, thus signs and symptoms of disease are often quite similar for different diseases. For example, headache, fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are very common non-specific symptoms of disease, produced by many, many conditions. Because of the generality of most physiological responses to disease, many other methods have been developed to help diagnose the actual causes of disease. These methods include physical, biochemical and immunological techniques upon which modern clinical medicine is based. A body's homeostasis can be upset by physical, chemical and/or biological agents which put stress on the body. The body's reaction to prolonged stress depends on the nature of the agent, the degree of stress, and the duration of stress. When the stress is too strong or too long, and
10 Sep 2017
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Have you ever felt so dissatisfied with your sex life that it induced depression? The growing sadness dominated all the aspects of your life leaving you with a feeling of self-hatred. A woman can reform a man to the point where he loses interest in all aspects of life and becomes passionless. Low libido and infertility are few of the symptoms that can inhibit sexual desire and doom your sex life.
11 Sep 2017
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Garba is a form of dance which was originated in the state of Gujarat. Garba is our cultural folk dance art. The idea behind its inception was to promote our culture and traditional garba folk dance of our state. When we are from Gujarat, it is clear that garba is in our blood. We thought why we did not teach our people to our culture and its art, with the same thinking the three of us started maan garba. Being passionate about garba they felt the need to share their knowledge on this beautiful folk dance which led to the foundation of maan garba. When we started it was very difficult but now we have success by facing the difficulties.
11 Sep 2017
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AKA SIERRA EGAN Sierra Egan MODEL About Swimsuit model also known as Sierra Skye who has worked with the company Boutinela. She is an Instagram phenomenon with more than 2.7 million followers. Before Fame Her first Instagram photo was published in May of 2015. The picture featured her kitten. Trivia She has worked with photographer Bryant Eslava. Family Life She is of Native American and Italian descent. She is from California. Videos featuring Sierra have been seen on the Instagram account of her boyfriend Roman Palumbo. LYRICS : "When Love Takes Over" (feat. Kelly Rowland) It's complicated, it always is, that's just the way it goes Feels like I've waited so long for this, I wonder if it shows? Head under water now I can breath, it never felt so good. Cause I can feel it coming over me I wouldn't stop it if I could When love takes over, yeah You know you can't deny When love takes over, yeah Cause something's here tonight Give me a reason I gotta know, do you feel it too ? Can't you see me here on overload, and this time I blame you... Ohhh... Looking out for U to hold my hand, it feels like I could fall Now love me right like I know you can, we could loose it all When love takes over, yeah You know you can't deny When love takes over, yeah Cause something's here tonight Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight I'll be loving all the time, it's true Cause I want to make it right with you When love takes over, When love takes over, When love takes over, When love takes over, When love takes over, When love takes over, When love takes over, Over, Over, Over, Over, Over, Over, Over, Over, Over, Over When love takes over, yeah You know you can't deny When love takes over, yeah Cause something's here tonight.
18 Sep 2017
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Hello everyone! I like to draw with paints, pencils, felt-tip pens. With this video I continue my series of works. Today I am drawing an airplane for my grandparents.
20 Sep 2017
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Navratri is the celebration of the end of the darkness of ignorance and evil. It is said to bring knowledge, goodness and bliss, thus spiritually enlightening the human mind. Navratri is celebrated through the first nine days of the Hindu month of Asvij. At one stage the God felt powerless against the onslaughts of demonical forces headed by Mahishasura. In answer to their prayers for protection, they were ordered to part with a portion of their divine power, to form into a new goddess. It was thus that Mahishasura Mardini took physical form as the combined might of 33 crores of Gods. The dreaded demon Mahishasura was killed by her after a ceaseless fight of 9 days and night. Celebration of Navratri :- first 3 days of navratri is dedicated of Mahishasura-- the buffalo headed demon. Buffalo represents tamoguna in us. That is a quality of laziness, darkness, inertia and ignorance. Therefore by worshipping mother Durga, We invoke the divine power within us to destroy our animalistic tendencies. The next 3 days are dedicated to mother Laxmi. By invoking her grace we are not only blessed with virtuous qualities but also by Davi Sampatti and by gaining victory or self control over the mind. Last 3 days are dedicated to mother Saraswati who is the bestower of light of knowledge. She removes the ignorance and darkness and grants us the higher knowledge of self. Navratri signifies victory over our own mind. Navratri is to destroy the ill thought and replace them with virtuous qualities. It signifies the process by which one removes the layers of ignorance and achieves the state of self- realization. " apnahumsafar wish you happy nav
21 Sep 2017
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Learn how to create beautiful, hand crafted, pretend play felt food that will thrill your children and keep them entertained and delighted for hours on end...
4 Oct 2007
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hot model felt down
5 Jun 2008
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