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Author and creator of the well known "Felt Cuisine" series of step by step, fully illustrated craft guides. I teach people all over the world how easy and fun it can be to create beautiful, hand made, pretend play food from felt.
Just call her Kate Feel-Upton…
18 Jul 2013
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Has Megan Fox got plartic surgery done? What do you think viewers.
23 Feb 2013
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tp://www.itunes****/trickofdisaster *******www.myspace****/trickofdisaster Hey guys, here's my song! It's call Broken I Guess! Let me know what you think! Here are the Lyrics: Broken I guess G D Em5 C5 I think youre perfect I think youre simply, wonderful I think its worth it To grab this rope and pull And somewhere else theres Lada dad a But right here theres lada dad a In this difficult way for me to convey what I want to display is to say Nothing at all So Em5 C5 D Ah ahh ah Chorus G DBm C You hum a tune about the darkest parts of man But baby (double time) Even if youre broken baby Even if youre broken baby G F# Bm C Even if youre broken babe C D Thats ok, Im broken too I think youre lovely I love the way you, scrunch your face When I tell you a joke About the futile, human race And somewhere else theres lada dad a But right here I kiss you And before too long Ill have written a song To examine whats wrong with us Nothing at all Chorus I think youre perfect Age:23 Home town: Toronto Ontario Hobbies: Playing Music, Playing Video Games, Reading Books, Playing Basketball, Writing Songs Favorite Books: The Watchmen, Enders Game Series, Narnia, Hitchhikers guide series Favorite Author: Orson Scott Card, Alan Moore Favorite TV shows: Heroes, Dexter, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Battlestar Galactica, South Park, American Dad Favorite Actors: Brad Pitt, Seth Rogen, Matt Damon, Christian Bale Favorite Artists: John Mayer, Regina Spektor, Mute Math, Kanye West, Tegan and Sarah, Metric, Sloan, Tragically Hip, Tom Yorke, Radiohead, Muse, U2, Pearl Jam, Nirvana Favourite Songs: Say, Typical, On the Radio, Combat Baby, Sunday Bloody Sunday Favorite Movies: The Departed, Wall-E, Crash, Memento, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs (anything by Quinton Tarantino) About yourself: I am a 23 year old Songwriter and sometimes singer from Toronto. I am currently trying to make a career in the music industry, grow my fan base all that kind of stuff. My band Trick of Disaster was recently on an episode of disBAND and a song I co-wrote is going to be on an upcoming episode of Chris and John to the Rescue Favorite Artists no one has heard of: Darrelle London, Robyn Dellunto, Lisa and Katie Favorite Lyrics: "Take all of your so called problems, better put them in quotations" John Mayer "To boldy clap, in a room full of nothing" Tragically Hip "Felt up and fingerprinted waiting for the train" Metric
16 May 2009
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The Pentecostal/Charismatic response to the continued destructive effects of this preacher's heresy which is still being felt up till this day!
10 Aug 2010
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