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Female Orgasm Secrets - How To Give Your Woman A Vaginal Orgasm Hey, I'm Adam Armstrong. I'm the author of Outrageous Orgasms and run the website www.Outrageous-Orgasms**** In this 4 minute video I'm going to talk to you about a very specific type of female orgasm, called a vaginal orgasm. Vaginal orgasms are much less common than clitoral orgasms and less than 30% of women have ever had one. The question is: Why should you care? Why should you take the time to discover how to give your woman vaginal orgasms? The reason why you should care is because when you give your woman vaginal orgasms, magical things will start to happen in the bedroom: - Her sex-drive will increase (in other words – she'll want more sex) - She'll go out of her way to give you everything you want in the bedroom - She'll remain loyal to you and won't even think about cheating on you By the way… did you know that over 50% of women have cheated at least once? And the biggest reason why women cheat is because they wanted to get BETTER SEX. With that thought in mind – let me share a female orgasm secret with you that most men will never know… The female orgasm secret is that it is impossible to give a woman great sex without giving her vaginal orgasms. Said another way – in order to give your woman great sex… you have to give her vaginal orgasms. So now that you know how important vaginal orgasms are, let's talk about how to make them a reality for your woman. There are in fact several sex techniques you can use to give your woman this type of orgasm. Right now, we're going to focus on a technique called The Deep Spot Method. The Deep Spot Method is a powerful fingering technique and a great way to give your woman her first vaginal orgasm. Here's what you do: - Get your woman really turned on and wet - Then get her to lie flat on her back with her legs open - Now lubricate your middle finger and insert it as deeply as you can into her vagina, with your palm facing up - Next, stimulate the front wall of her vagina very firmly, using a 『come hither' motion. Keep doing this and she will have a powerful vaginal orgasm You may be wondering what the 『come hither' motion is, so I'll explain that in more detail right now… Imagine the motion a teacher does with their finger to a naughty pupil when they want that naughty pupil to come to the front of the class so that they can tell him off. They curl and un-curl their finger, right? That's it – that's the 『come hither' motion. Do that with a lot of pressure on your woman's deep spot and she will have a vaginal orgasm. As she comes, you can expect her vaginal muscles to clamp down on your finger (you'll actually feel them contract). Also expect her to moan and scream loudly – vaginal orgasms tend to have that effect on women! So there you have it – that's how to give your woman vaginal orgasms. Remember that to give your woman really great sex, you have to give her vaginal orgasms and that once you do give your woman this type of sexual pleasure… your sex-life will instantly improve: - She'll want more sex, she'll stay loyal to you and she'll go out of her way to please you in the bedroom To give your woman her first vaginal orgasm, use The Deep Spot Method. The Deep Spot Method involves stimulating the front wall of her vagina as deeply as you can, with your middle finger; using a 『come hither' motion. There is one very important thing you must keep in mind before you use The Deep Spot Method: - Make sure you finger nails are trimmed short and filed smooth because this will prevent you causing any micro-tears inside your woman's vagina Once your hands are prepared – go ahead, use the technique I've shared with you and make your woman vaginally orgasmic. She'll be mighty impressed when you do. To discover more female orgasm secrets and other ways to become a better lover and give your woman incredible sexual pleasure, I'd like to invite you sign up for my FREE newsletter. It's quick and easy to do and when you sign up I'll send you the following gifts, totally free of charge: - A 20 minute video that contains more female orgasm secrets (including another technique you can use to give your woman vaginal orgasms and techniques for LASTING LONGER in bed) - An 18 page PDF Report on the 7 deadly mistakes most men make in the bedroom and how you can avoid them If you'd like to get your hands on the video and the report (for free) and start having MUCH BETTER SEX tonight, enter the website address below into your internet browser address bar, sign up now and I'll see you on the other side… ************/watch?v=rTFgXy1JYgw&feature=channel_video_title
23 Feb 2012
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The Real Player’s Guide to The Female Orgasm ***********/2011/the-real-players-guide-to-the-female-orgasm%E2%80%8F-04-18.html
9 Oct 2012
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About George Clooney and Chocolate
24 Jul 2007
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Learn A Few Simple Techniques Will Allow You To Give Her Mind Numbing, Leg Shaking Orgasms..." *******www.ohpermata****/The-Female-G-Spot-And-Simple-Techniques-To-Give-Her-Mind-Numbing-Leg-Shaking-and-Orgasms
2 Oct 2012
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3 Jul 2008
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White Tiger Tantra Awakening & Releasing Powerful Female Orgasms by Steve Piccus reviewed by Dating Skills Review. We answer "Is this DVD program the real deal? What will you learn? What is the bad and the good of what you will learn from it - and what won't you learn. The bottom line - we answer Is it worth buying?" White Tiger Tantra is a DVD set and workbook put together to teach you how to make women more orgasmic (or orgasmic if they are not already). In this product you watch Steve Piccus as he uses sensual massage and tantric sex hand techniques to take women who were previously not orgasmic to becoming very orgasmic. This includes using hand techniques primarily and the videos include demonstrations of deep tissue massage, the tantric hand techniques, and discussion of how women become orgasmic. The demonstrations are live - so you see exactly what he does in the videos. A main purpose of this program is to help women to have ejaculatory orgasms or to squirt. Some comparable products to this are Squirting 101, Squirting 201 and David Shade's "give women wild screaming orgasms". This video is only a summary of the full review - to learn more see: *******www.datingskillsreview****/white-tiger-tantra-steve-piccus-deamore/ To watch many more reviews of the top dating and sex advice for men go to: *******www.datingskillsreview****
15 Aug 2010
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Almost every part of the brain 'iilluminates' during the orgasm - starting with pleasure centres associated with the body and spreading through the whole brain Read more: *******www.dailymail******/sciencetech/article-2062748/MRI-scan-video-female-orgasm-shows-activity-lights-EVERY-region-brain.html#ixzz1e1Nouoz9
22 Nov 2011
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*******www.facebook****/cherrytvcom *******www.twitter****/cherrytv Female orgasm can be difficult to achieve consistently (male orgasm too!) For us women, finding the right position during sex for orgasm, a "favorite" or "go-to", is a great thing. Often it involves self-stimulation, and can change depending on the partner -- but for many of us, it helps guide our sex. Cherry TV, sex for women, features sex how tos, and real world relationship help for all us females. It's girl talk and sex experts discussing all aspects of sex -- the good, the bad, the ugly. Here we share advice on sexual performance, tell about awkward bedroom moments, present kissing tips and help with erogenous zones, offer orgasm how to, help with masturbation ... basically we explore intimacy in all its glory. "sex women" "how to sex" "girl talk" relationships, masturbation, how orgasm, kissing, erogenous zones
15 Jul 2013
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*******www.dontneedaman****/how-to-use-vibrators/en/content/18-how-to-find-your-g-spot-and-how-to-have-a-g-spot-orgasm In the earlier two sex tips videos we have showed you where the g spot is and how to stimulate the g spot. Now we show you how to give a woman a squirting orgasm. This is also known as female ejaculation. It is a myth that only a minority of women squirt. Truth is that almost all women can have a squirting orgasm (female ejaculation) when their g-spot is stimulated the right way. So the question is how to make a female squirt and give a woman a squirting orgasm. In the video we show you sex tips for how to make a woman orgasm and squirt female ejaculation. Rubbing the female g spot the correct way will make a female squirt ejaculate fluid when having a female orgasm. Female orgasm how to, how woman orgasm. How to make your girl orgasm with our sex tips for men. Sex how to video. How to hit the g spot. How to female ejaculation. How do I find the gspot? Insert 1 or 2 fingers into the woman's vagina and curl your fingers inwards and upwards with the woman's vagina. G spot - where is it? The g spot is 5 to 7 centimetres (2-3 inches) inside the entrance of the vagina. The g spot will swell up when a woman is aroused to make it easier to find. Female - what is a female orgasm and how to female orgasm. SEE THIS ARTIFICAL VAGINA HERE! *******www.dontneedaman****/how-to-use-vibrators/en/for-use-with-your-man/99-artificial-vagina-pocket-pussy-toy-pussy-male-masturbater.html
22 Jul 2013
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The male orgasm explained : ***********/watch?v=zYrSVw7Gio0 The female orgasm explained, female, orgasm e,xplained beautiful agony moaning vibrator girls kissing hypnosis masterbation girl moaning tyga hot orgasim
2 Feb 2014
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Female orgasm, Tech house music, PROMO unmix track by Vertical, (C) 2010 Follow me on Mixcloud : *******www.mixcloud****/john-xenos-vertical/ Follow me on Twitter:********twitter****/#!/JxVertical Fan page J.X Vertical on fb :********www.facebook****/JXVerticalOfficial Vertical profil Soundcloud is : *******soundcloud****/john-xenos-vertical
5 Aug 2014
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Female orgasm tattooing
2 Nov 2014
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It’s no longer so mysterious. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! ******* MUSIC Backatcha Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. IMAGES Blonde woman flinging hair. Ingram Publishing/ Thinkstock**** Hand with cucumber organic vegetable alenavlad/ Thinkstock**** Red wine pouring down from a bottle Ljupco/ Thinkstock**** Couple in bed Andrey Kryuchkov/ Thinkstock**** Red Rose Sun Chan/ Thinkstock**** Happy woman giving thumbs up 4774344sean/ Thinkstock**** Close-up of beautiful pink Orchid Antonel/ Thinkstock**** Two pink orchids Antonel/ Thinkstock**** Pouring red wine pavlinec/ Thinkstock**** Single red rose Ziviani/ Thinkstock**** Playful Woman At Beach Ridofranz/ Thinkstock**** Fitness ferrerivideo/ Thinkstock**** Back pose of a casual businessman stockyimages/ Thinkstock**** Rear view of african american woman pointing michaeljung/ Thinkstock**** warm red texture ************/photos/calliope/3713265317 red texture ************/photos/finlap/4335805782 Free Texture #330 ************/photos/brenda-starr/6077531767 texture 45 ************/photos/nasos3/3646108218 Unaciertamirada Textures 97 ************/photos/unaciertamirada/5836358544 Free Texture #301 ************/photos/brenda-starr/5810003120 SOURCES ******* *******www.webmd****/sex-relationships/rm-quiz-orgasms *******www.huffingtonpost****/2012/12/04/female-orgasm-facts-femaleorgasm_n_1927537.html *******sogc****/publications/female-orgasms-myths-and-facts/ ******* GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed**** www.buzzfeed****/video****/buzzfeed****/buzzfeedvideo****/buzzfeedyellow****/buzzfeedpop****/buzzfeedblue****/buzzfeedviolet****/cnnbuzzfeed BUZZFEED BLUE Tasty short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from BuzzFeed. From incredible science facts to amazing how-to's and DIYs, BuzzFeed Blue will entertain, educate, spark conversation about all the little things that matter in life. Bite-size knowledge for a big world. Just like BuzzFeedVideo, but more blue.
9 Jan 2015
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6 Sep 2009
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Though female anatomy is all the same, how individual women reach orgasm is quite unique. The Cherry Panel discusses positions they like and actions they take in insuring they get there. As the old saying goes - different strokes for different folks!
3 Nov 2009
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Me and my friends went on a movie making binge and did this short in a little under 10 hours. What we ended up with was a hilarious short that's just under 4 minutes long and an out takes clip that's a little over 10 minutes. After seeing what Caine could come up with I started just giving him the premise of the dialogue and letting him make up his own lines. All of the dialogue in the bathroom scene was pretty much improv. For under 10 hours from shooting to finish I think it's really damn good. Enjoy. Warning: Mature Audiences Only!
25 Apr 2012
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