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8 Dec 2010
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Do you think this teacher deserves what he got? Why do you think female teachers go for young high school students? Click to Twitter this Video for me: *******clicktotweet****/gyL8a Follow me on twitter: *******www.twitter****/fluffeetalks Second Channel: ***********/ThisisFLuffee Read story and watch video at: *******www.dailymail******/news/article-1233270/Teacher-stripped-waist-impress-students-guilty-miscounduct.html
9 Jul 2011
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female teacher catches figting students.
7 Nov 2011
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The clip teacher-parent meeting from I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007) with Saoirse Ronan She can't seem to stay on task. Her homework is tardy. Her language is crude. Also, there's far too much socializing with her neighbors. Now, I know you're a working woman. But I was hoping for a little more discipline at home. Well the thing is... Izzie just got her period. And she's had really extreme mood swings. Believe me I'm well aware of puberty. Well, did you know that a girls test scores can very up to 20 points at different times in her cycle. And not to mention the fact that even female teachers start giving lower grades to girls as they develop. That's preposterous! Why would teachers do such a thing? You tell me. I mean... Well... Why did she get this and this and this and these three questions wrong when the answers are right? Because she didn't show her work correctly. But she got it right. The standardized tests require her to get to the answer a certain way. But her mind works a different way. Well my job is to get the students to do well on the standardized tests. Wouldn't it be better to encourage girls to feel good about math and science instead of tricking them into thinking they are stupid? I've got an idea, why don't you teach her to stop the potty mouth and let me teach her to take the standardized tests? I've got a better idea. Why don't you take the standardized tests and shove it up your ass. Well at least I see where the language comes from. Honey. You're the best Mom ever. Let's get out of here. Young girl, wants to be a big name.
28 Nov 2011
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Original Airdate : December 30, 1977 Jeremy Brown starts his new job as the teacher of English as a Foreign Language class, and meets his students for the first time. A diverse group of ten foreign adult students in London, hailing from nine different countries. From Europe come two au pairs, the flirtatious and beautiful Danielle (France) and prim and proper Anna (Germany); two young single men, Giovanni (Italy) and Max (Greece); and a laid-back middle-aged bartender, Juan (Spain), who speaks no English. From Asia come a revolutionary-minded secretary from the Chinese Embassy (Su-Li) and a Japanese businessman (Taro), as well as three students from the Subcontinent: a devout Punjabi Sikh (Ranjeet); and an unemployed Pakistani Muslim (Ali), who are constantly at each other's throats; and finally an Urdu-speaking housewife (Jamila) who can't speak a word of English. The school principal, Ms. Dolores Courtney, nearly dismisses Mr. Brown immediately as she had requested a female teacher, but he is allowed to stay on a trial basis. *******comedytvshows.blogspot****
18 Sep 2012
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Turkish female teacher: *******twitter****/aysunderay35 Turkish female teacher app: *******apps.facebook****/karadenizpdr *******www.karadenizpdr****
17 Nov 2012
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[香港电影]吴奇隆 杨采妮 - 花月佳期-成人电影-2012 日本情色电影-吴奇隆 杨采妮 - 花月佳期-成人电影-2012 \u97d3\u570b\u96fb\u5f71 \u97d3\u570b\u4e09\u7d1a\u7247 \u7f8e\u666f\u4e4b\u5c4b \u4e2d\u5b57 \u97d3\u570b\u53e4\u88dd 3\u7d1a\u7247 \u5b98\u4eba\u6211\u8981 \u97d3\u570b\u53e4\u88dd\u60c5\u8272 \u98db\u864e\u51fa\u5f81 \u5feb\u4e50\u5927\u672c\u8425 \u97d3\u570b \u97d3\u570b\u53e4\u88dd\u60c5\u8272\u4e09\u7d1a\u7247 \u97d3\u570b \u4e09\u7d1a \u4e09\u7ea7 \u300a\u7f8e\u666f\u4e4b\u5c4b\u300b \u3010\u97e9\u56fd \u97d3\u570ba\u7247 \u72c4\u4ec1\u6770\u4e4b\u795e\u90fd\u9f99\u738b \u73b0\u5728\u662f\u548c\u76f8\u7231\u7684\u4eba\u4e00\u00e8 \u65b9\u5b50\u50b3 18\u7981 800 (18.8%) \u8868\u6f14\u51fa\u610f\u5916 \u90ed\u5fb7\u7eb2 \u5e1d \u738b\u4e4b\u59be \u6478\u80f8\u6fc0\u543b \u6d3b\u6625\u5bae \u9ad8\u4ee5\u7fd4 \u4e00\u8def\u5411\u897f \u4e0a\u6d77\u5730\u9435\u6d3b\u6625\u5bae \u6478\u80f8 \u5c45\u7136\u6709\u4eba\u8aaa\u5979\u50cf\u7537\u4eba\u00ef \u4e01\u570b\u7433 \u3010\u9ad8\u6e05\u65e0\u5220\u8282\u3011 \u540e\u5bab%e \ud6c4\uad81 \u540e\u5bab:\u5e1d \u738b\u4e4b\u59be \u5b78\u751f\u89aa\u71b1 \u6fc0\u6218 \u9884\u544a\u7247 \u67f3\u5ca9 \u5927\u7b28\u9418 \u5409\u9ad8\u7531\u91cc\u5b50 \u597d\u5f1f \u91d1\u74f6\u68851 \u7ae0\u5b50\u6021 \u5317\u4eac\u9047\u4e0a\u897f\u96c5\u56fe \u6f58\u91d1\u84ee \u79bb\u4e0d\u5f00\u4f60 \u5927\u7b28\u949f \u5409\u4ed6\u5f39\u5531 \u65b0 \u91d1\u74f6\u6885 \u8272\u6212 \u5168\u96c6 \u8272\u6212 \u91d1\u6cf0\u7199 \u6c5f\u82cf\u536b\u89c6 \u7535\u5f71\u5317\u4eac\u9047\u4e0a\u897f\u96c5\u56fe high\u6b4c \u53e4\u60d1\u4ed4 \u593a\u5b9d\u8054\u76df\u9ad8\u6e05\u5b8c\u6574\u7248 \u5bc6\u7231\u9ad8\u6e05\u5b8c\u6574\u7248 \u5468\u672b\u540c\u5e8a\u9ad8\u6e05\u5b8c\u6574\u7248 \u7a83\u542c\u98ce\u4e912\u7ca4\u8bed\u5b8c\u6574\u7248 \u65e0\u95f4\u9053\u7ca4\u8bed\u5b8c\u6574\u7248 , \u65e5\u672c\u6210\u4eba\u7535\u5f71,\u65e5\u672c\u4e09\u7ea7, \u4e0d\u826f\u7f8e\u5c11\u5973\u533b\u5e08, \u65e5\u672c\u6210\u4eba\u7535\u5f71, \u65e5\u672c\u4e09\u7ea7,\u5973\u6559\u5e08\u80ae\u810f\u7684\u5348\u540e, \u5973\u6559\u5e2b,\u6c5a\u308c\u305f\u653e\u8ab2\u5f8c,Female Teacher Dirty Afternoon
23 Dec 2013
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