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Thats what you get for going crazy.
30 May 2006
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6:36 rencontre Sibylle Von De Fenn & Anne Marie Ronayne de Terraconnecta**** à Paris. Une société spécialisée dans les RH au niveau international et qui donne depuis ce début d'année dans le Podcasting pour se présenter ou mettre en avant ses compétences et candidats.
17 Feb 2008
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Peter Fenn & Frank Donatelli discuss the issues surrounding the reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Ac
29 Feb 2008
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Peter Fenn & Frank Donatelli talk about the upcoming democratic primaries and Hillary's future in the race.
6 Mar 2008
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Peter Fenn & Frank Donatelli talk about the upcoming democratic primaries and Hillary's future in the race.
10 Jun 2009
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Bored on a Saturday? Try to learn to backflip! If at first you don't succeed, try, try again, and get it all on film. Especially if your name is Will Fenn. Music: 'Intergalactic' - The Beastie Boys
2 Jun 2008
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The full video is here: *******snipurl****/a6d2x A book editor played by the sexy Traci Lords offers a struggling novelist a shot at getting his book published in exchange for helping her have a baby.
22 Mar 2009
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A Russian street racing star has met his match in a sly American racer. As they both rival for control on the streets they must put aside their differences and band together to search for a lost templar treasure. With time, police, and the mafia against them will they find the treasure before it is too late?
8 Jan 2010
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The Vacationeers movie! www.thescenestersmovie****
21 Jul 2012
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The Vacationeers movie! www.thescenestersmovie****
18 Aug 2009
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the new murder serial killer film noir comedy Someone is killing beautiful young hipsters in East L.A. But while the bloody trail is cold for the super-apathetic detectives, Charlie, a crime scene cleaner with a penchant for Sherlockian deduction, begins finding some unusual clues in the demo CDs of indie bands left behind at the murder sites which he shares with two out-of-luck filmmakers turned crime scene videographers. Problem is, nobody is really sure that Charlie isn't the serial killer. Meanwhile, the dead hipsters are piling up like pancakes in thrift-store flannel, there's a rival Danish film crew, and on top of everything else, it looks like the killer is now making an experimental film of his own. Simple, not really, but then Murder never is. Murder… A Serial Killer… Really Great Music
9 Mar 2011
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Raze (2013) Trailer: Awakening after being abducted, JAMIE finds herself in a concrete bunker, and she discovers that she is not alone. She and SABRINA, a fellow abductee, both soon realize that they are in a modern day "coliseum" where, along with 48 other women, they are condemned to kill each other in order to protect their very own loved ones. Starring Zoe Bell, Tracie Thoms, Sherilyn Fenn, Rebecca Marshall and Doug Jones, RAZE is a powerful action-thriller poised to leave even the heartiest genre fans shaken and pummeled. It opens in theaters and on demand January 10.
4 Dec 2013
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At the unforgiving intersection of Chained Heat, TV’s Spartacus and Orange Is the New Black stands RAZE, a viscerally thrilling new action-horror film where it’s every woman for herself. The brutal shocker, director Josh C. Waller’s “self-assured debut” (Los Angeles Times), comes to DVD from IFC Films and MPI Media Group on May 20, 2014, with an SRP of $24.98. After she is drugged and abducted, Jamie (Rachel Nichols, Star Trek, Continuum) awakens to find herself in a concrete bunker where she meets fellow abductee Sabrina (stuntwoman-turned-action star Zoe Bell, Death Proof, Kill Bill, Oblivion). Before long the two women discover that they are in a modern-day coliseum, where they and 48 other women have been selected to fight to the death. If they refuse, their loved ones will be killed. Co-starring genre favorites Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy) and Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) as the sadistic organizers of the battles, RAZE is director Josh C. Waller’s(McCanick) a no-holds-barred assault on the senses, featuring some of the most brutal fist-to-the-face combat ever put on film. In this contest, may the best woman win. Extensive bonus features on the DVD include filmmaker commentary, cast and crew interviews, a behind-the-scenes featurette, deleted scenes, extended fight scenes, a gag reel and more. Neil Genzlinger of The New York Times said, “There is food for thought here about the subjugation and exploitation of women, the limits of psychological and physical endurance, and more.” “As violent as it is, RAZE is refreshing,” wrote Shannon M. Houston of Paste magazine. Brian Orndorf of Blu-ray**** called the film “strong stuff, but also briskly paced and interested in the psychological ramifications of such unrelenting brutality.” Matt Zoller Seitz of RogerEbert**** praised, “If RAZE had been released in 1975, Quentin Tarantino would never shut up about it.”
19 May 2014
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