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Pinard Stethoscope | Fetoscope is a device, that is utilized to listen the heart rate of a fetus during pregnancy. It is a kind of stethoscope that was formerly called as Fetoscope. This equipment is usually manufactured by Plastic, Aluminium or Wood and it is gossipy. Pinard Stethoscope functions similarly to an ear trumpet through amplifying sound. We have been considered as the well-known Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Pinard Stethoscope | Fetoscope all over the world. You can write us a mail or contact us for further details.
20 Dec 2016
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 Lead can affect almost every organ and system in your body. Children six years old and younger are most susceptible to the effects of lead. Children Even low levels of lead in the blood of children can result in: * Behavior and learning problems * Lower IQ and Hyperactivity * Slowed growth * Hearing Problems * Anemia In rare cases, ingestion of lead can cause seizures, coma and even death. Pregnant Women Lead can accumulate in our bodies over time, where it is stored in bones along with calcium. During pregnancy, lead is released from bones as maternal calcium and is used to help form the bones of the fetus. This is particularly true if a woman does not have enough dietary calcium. Lead can also cross the placental barrier exposing the fetus the lead. This can result in serious effects to the mother and her developing fetus, including: * Reduced growth of the fetus * Premature birth Other Adults Lead is also harmful to other adults. Adults exposed to lead can suffer from: * Cardiovascular effects, increased blood pressure and incidence of hypertension * Decreased kidney function * Reproductive problems (in both men and women)
3 Apr 2017
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Smoking for Two with Cletus the Fetus. Smoking mothers is a HUGE peeve of mine. I am tired of seeing children suffer due to their mother's selfish compulsion to poison herself. If you can't quit - GET YOUR DAMN TUBES TIED - don't pollute another baby. Men who let their women smoke while carrying their babies are twerps too! REAL MEN put their foot down and don't purposely bring any children into the world who will suffer. But then again MOST of these women are into surprise whoopsie man trapper pregnancies. Also I have never met the child of a smoking mother who is not a mouth breathing hyper-active moron. Smoke while pregnant - it is the WHITE TRASH thing to do. There are no excuses. Only those of us who can't wait to get away from the trash who do it.
15 Jul 2008
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1 Aug 2008
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DYING FETUS - "Homicidal Retribution"; taken from the album War of Attrition - in stores now via Relapse Records. www.dyingfetus**** www.myspace****/officialdyingfetus Director: Frankie Nasso for Raging Nation Films Producer: Kim Restighini for Raging Nation Films www.Relapse**** www.myspace****/RelapseRecords
12 Jan 2009
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Dying Fetus Dying Fetus Dying Fetus Dying Fetus Dying Fetus Dying Fetus Dying Fetus Dying Fetus Dying Fetus Dying Fetus Dying Fetus Dying Fetus
22 Aug 2009
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DYING FETUS - "One Shot, One Kill"; taken from the album 'Stop At Nothing' - in stores now via Relapse Records *******www.dyingfetus**** *******www.myspace****/dyingfetus Producer/Director: Kip Bissell for Tap Out TV and Film *******www.Relapse**** *******www.myspace****/RelapseRecords
1 Oct 2009
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DYING FETUS - Epidemic Of Hate - Destroy The Opposition 2000
31 Oct 2009
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Fetus Moving in Pregnant Belly 36 Weeks Pregnant - you can see the baby wiggling around in my pregnant belly! I've been trying to catch a "good" hard kick, but everytime she's active and I run to get the camera, she stops moving! She will be born on 8/13/08. July 31, 2008 © dana alison
4 Nov 2009
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Dying fetus what else can i say?
17 Nov 2009
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Dying Fetus awesome video. "Whadya do when your van breaks down on the NY State Thruway south of Albany, you get towed to a truckyard, and are waiting to get that always awesome 150 mile tow to Queens to play the gig that night? Why, make a video, of course!" Sparky
20 Nov 2009
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this is BEN... he says he likes to eat fetuses... yeah, i dont know
19 May 2010
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DYING FETUS - "Shepherd's Commandment"; taken from the album 'Descend Into Depravity' - available now via Relapse Records. Buy on iTunes here: *******tinyurl****/shepherdscommandment *******www.myspace****/dyingfetus Producer/Director: Kevin Custer *******www.relapse**** *******www.myspace****/relapserecords
21 May 2010
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An embryo is a multicellulardiploid eukaryote in its earliest stage of development, from the time of first cell division untilbirth, hatching, or germination. In humans, it is called an embryo until about eight weeks afterfertilization (i.e. ten weeks LMP), and from then it is instead called a fetus. The development of the embryo is called embryogenesis. In organisms that reproduce sexually, once a sperm fertilizes an egg cell, the result is a cell called the zygote that has half of the DNA of each of two parents. The resulting embryo derives 50 percent of its genetic makeup from each parent. In plants, animals, and some protists, the zygote will begin to divide by mitosis to produce a multicellular organism. The result of this process is an embryo.
13 Jul 2010
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Put together in 2000 by a friend of the band, and never released, this is a music video for "We Are Your Enemy" from the 1998 Dying Fetus album "Killing On Adrenaline."
14 Jul 2010
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brutal death from Brazil Album: Zombie Gore Vomit Lyrics: Medicine's bastard children Malevolent experiences created in Laboratories Fetus with a deformed bony frame Embryos in uterine formation It body hosts a monster A parasite...stronger each day Appeasing hunger on it's mother's Entrails!!! After the birth, she's dismembered Her reproductive organs are mutilated The creature devour her remains Horror - a macabre being's been born Medicine's bastard children Malevolent experiences created in Laboratories Fetus with a deformed bony frame Embryos in uterine formation A freak with two heads Bodily deformity - anomally It's limbs are atrophied It's curse in all it's existence!!!
24 Aug 2010
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