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Hello, Friends. Manoj here, Want to learn "English Vocabulary"? Learn with me, 2 Words A Day and beautify your day to day English statements and get acquainted with the English Language. Vocabulary also gives you the confidence to speak English well. So, come and join me. You will see the difference.
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ZindaGI 50 50 FIRST LOOK- Pakistani actress Veena Malik’s forthcoming movie, Zindagi 50-50 first trailer is out and we must say it has loads of stuff that leaves you stunned. Bikinis, beer, parties, playboys, weed, compromises, lovemaking are few words that define the erotic nature of Zindagi 50-50.
23 Feb 2013
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www.clearwisdom****/html/cate-130/ and www.falundafa**** : May 13 is World Falun Dafa Day, a special day for all Falun Dafa practitioners that we each honor and celebrate in our own ways. In big cities around the world, grand parades and colorful displays in honor of this auspicious day will be great opportunities for more people to learn about this peaceful practice. Countless people have benefited in so many different ways, so we thought we'd take this opportunity to ask a few fellow Western practitioners to share a few words of their understandings with you as well. 西人談 法輪大法和法輪大法日對我的意義" An Englishman in his late 20's explains, "World Falun Dafa Day means celebrating my starting to practice Falun Dafa....It's also a time for me to celebrate the day that Master Li Hongzhi started teaching Falun Dafa to the world." 庆祝世界法轮大法日就等于是庆祝我开始学炼法轮功... 庆祝世界法轮大法日就等于是庆祝李洪志师父开始把法轮功传给了全世界...。" A young man in the southwestern U.S., said that Falun Dafa "gives me the knowledge and wisdom to be a better son, husband and friend. It allows me to make the right choices even in difficult circumstances." "法轮大法使我变成一个更好的儿子,丈夫,和朋友。法轮大法让我在困难的境况下作正确的选择。" A human rights lawyer says that, "enabled me to achieve what I knew I most wanted - the grace that comes with forgiving those who hurt us big time,,,," "法轮大法让我能优雅的原谅那些重重伤害我的人..."。 A retired television producer in New England says that, "Cultivating according to the teachings of Falun Dafa means that I now know how to live my life in a most solid, stable, and compassionate way..." " 法轮大法使我知道如何生活,过一个踏实,稳健,和慈善的一生..." A private school teacher in upstate New York tells us that put simply, "World Falun Dafa Day is the anniversary of the day that our most benevolent Master brought the Great Law of the universe to the public...The magnitude and significance of this event cannot be expressed in words... "...世界法轮大法日就是最慈悲的李洪志师父开始把宇宙最大的法传给大众的周年记念日。...法轮大法日的规模和意义是无法用言语来表达..." A real estate professional in Toronto tells , "Falun Dafa... has also taught me what it truly means to be a responsible human being and what our true purpose is here on earth..." "... 法轮大法教会了我什么是真正的是一个负责任的人以及我们活在地球上的真正目的是什么。..." A young engineer says, "For me personally, Falun Dafa Day allows me to reflect on how fortunate I am to have be able to find and take up this practice. It has changed me from a person who was not good to one who is. From someone who had no real understanding of life and the universe to someone who can face life's most fundamental issues." "...让我反思自己如何幸运,能够找到并炼法轮功。 法轮大法使我从一个不是太好的人变成好人。法轮大法使我从一个没有真正理解生命和宇宙的人变成一个勇于面对生命的最根本问题的人。..."
29 May 2010
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After making a shocking statement by calling gay people “disgusting”, socialite Paris Hilton was spotted partying at the Roosevelt Hotel. As always Paris loved the spotlight and exchanged a few words with the paparazzi before going inside.
9 Oct 2012
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MTV Real World Casting assets, video. Ever wonder how some cast members of the Real World get on the show? Did you ever think that you could do a better job picking and choosing the next MTV reality star? Now you can! MTV is giving YOU the chance to vote for your favorite wanna-be Real World-er for MTV’s Real World 20. Tyler from Real World: Key West is your online mentor for the contest – and he and his chest have got a few words to say about fame and of course, what it takes to be the next cast member of Real World 20! Check out *******www.realworldcasting****/ From Wiredset Digital Agency.
27 Jun 2007
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LAS VEGAS, NV -- An amazing Las Vegas publicity stunt almost ended in disaster Wednesday night for British billionaire Sir Richard Branson. One of the world's best-known billionaires fell 40-stories from the top of the palms Hotel to kick off the launch his latest multi-billion dollar enterprise, an extension of his low-cost airline Virgin America. But Branson came down faster than anyone expected In the middle of the fall a gust of wind slammed his backside and left hand into the side of the building. It nearly ripped his pants off and caused some painful but not serious injuries. At the end of the ride Branson seemed shaken. He spoke a few words to the crowd and then went inside for medical treatment. During the fall, Branson released a handful of tickets for free flights on Virgin America. But the wind sent them flying and no one seemed to be able to locate any of them afterwards. The stunt was emceed by the magic duo of Penn and teller... Branson invites danger in almost everything he does. His people say despite the injuries suffered while plummeting at The Palms he returned to his publicity schedule just a few hours later.
14 Oct 2007
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Ninja Magic Words aka Power Itself The Most Giant Monstar (formerly Power Itself The Magic Dragon God aka Monstar The Most Giant) is a Holy Horrorcore rapper from the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for martial arts, meditation, and power lyrics. His first solo album "Omega Rockstar (Super MMA Apocalypse)" is available on Itunes. He also has two free mixtapes available on "Ultimate Ninja Hurricane (Fantasy Move Ease)" and "Interview With The Poltergeist (King Of Hallowdreams)" and has an upcoming mixtape entitled "Undeadpool (Neverending Ocean Of Potions)" and an upcoming studio album entitled "Infinite OP / Special Moves (Sides Of The Force)".
*******www.edmunds****/insideline/do/Drives/FullTests/articleId=126279 --- "I like it," he yelled from across the parking lot. "It's a 2009 Subaru Forester," we shouted back. "I know," he said. "Looks good." Typically we'd rate this quick exchange right up there with catcalls from construction workers, but when these few words of light praise come from the biggest BMW snob ever to rub a Roundel, "like" and "good" take on a whole new meaning. Pulling away, we sat up a little taller in the Forester's driver seat, tossing a saucy flip of hair to the indifferent gate attendant.
3 Jul 2008
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Here is a video I was featured in for a new website called In this video I speak a few words of Russian. I did a series of videos for them. I will post them all eventually. Hope you all like my acting, xo ;O Jaqk
1 Mar 2008
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She's dead! It seems like so much celebrities are dying very rapidly. What could it be? Leroy shares a few words WEBSITE: *******www.freshtildeathonline**** Twitter: *******www.twitter****/ftdonline Myspace: *******www.myspace****/freshtildeathonline
21 Dec 2009
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YouGetIt**** launches May 1st. Here's a few words from its creators and founders on what exactly YouGetIt is.
1 May 2007
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3 Sep 2008
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*******www.japanesepod101**** Time to test your language knowledge.... Body language that is! JapanesePod101**** presents you with the third episode of Japanese Body Language and Gestures, where you will learn another gesture commonly used in Japan, presented by the lovely native Japanese speaker, Hiroko. Have fun learning about the best ways to communicate without saying anything (okay, we'll teach you a few words while we're at it). If you learned a lot with this video, stop by our Japanese language learning website and get other language learning content including other great videos like this one, audio podcasts, review materials, blogs, iPhone applications, and more. *******www.japanesepod101****
17 Dec 2009
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Get Free Microsoft Points (2011): *******www***olstufffree**** You'll be shown in the website above, in a few words, how you can get free Microsoft points for xbox 360 without investment, credit card or special knowledge by completing offers and surveys. 100% free! Thank you for your time!
6 Feb 2011
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