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Very rare performance... In the kitchen!
4 Apr 2006
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Money are disapearing
1 Feb 2007
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Based on the famous trunk scene from Tarantino's movie, this is an entertaining, unofficial tampon advertisement. With Hungarian voice & correct English subtitle.
6 Mar 2007
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Vivere a Milano! Giulia ci racconta i vantaggi e gli svantaggi, per una giovane attrice, di vivere nella metropoli della moda, dove la frenesia è uno stato comune.
2 Jun 2007
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Great from PF
11 Jun 2007
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Un voyage à travers le temps et l'espace : des machines redécouvrent la vie, des millions d'années après la disparition de leurs créateurs.
1 Jul 2007
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The cult favorite The Wasp Woman is a touchstone sixties monster movie. The story outline is familiar: an aging beauty (Susan Cabot) wishes to take a scientists experimental youth serum, which is derived from Wasps, but the serum goes too far and turns her into a monster. What separates The Wasp Woman is the quality of its acting. Going beyond the cheap (and fun!) effects and goofy costumes, The Wasp Woman enchants with good drama that unfolds into magnificently effective horror scenes – once the creature is unleashed, of course. While enjoying the fantastic popcorn fun, don’t forget to spot the sexy starlette Lynn Cartwright as a sultry and sassy Brooklyn secretary.
8 Nov 2007
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This Punk Rock Alternative band formed in a garage in Hesperia, CA in fall 2003. Using their heavy guitar sounds with old school punk attitude they have created a fear in rock n' roll that has been given birth to in the 70's, and which has seemed to been on it death bed due to the current state of music today.
27 Dec 2007
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One of the worst (and best!) movies ever made, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians blasts Old Saint Nick into space to deal with grumpy aliens! Oozing campy fun, this film is a celebration of ridiculous costumes, cheap sixties sets, and absurd dialogue. But unlike other classic “bad” films like Killer Clowns from Outer Space, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians succeeds as a family film with its wholesome themes and loveable characters. The Martians are more “grumpy” than evil, and many of them are sympathetic. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians truly is fun for the entire family: the kids are wrapped up in a story with Santa and space, and the adults laugh themselves silly.
3 Nov 2008
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Terry Meeuwsen talks with Karen Kingsbury about her New York Times bestselling career.
4 Feb 2008
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I can’t decide if this is real or not…it depicts Kobe Bryant, the laker, jumping over a moving car! The car is going pretty fast too…hmm
10 Apr 2008
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I can’t decide if this is real or not…it depicts Kobe Bryant, the laker, jumping over a moving car! The car is going pretty fast too…hmm
6 Nov 2008
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Patrick Carman presents the land of Elyon and his works of fantasy, adding INTO THE MIST to the young adult book series. He also unveils new books for kids, starring squirrels!
6 May 2008
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Al palazzo Lanfranchi di Matera, domenica 08 giugno 2008 è stata inaugurata la biblioteca francese. Presenti il sindaco della città dei Sassi Emilio Nicola Buccico, Maria Antezza, Elizabeth Jennings, Maria Teresa Cascino. per Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Jun 2008
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Six Song ALBUM RELEASE on JUNE 17th on itunes! three of them never before seen on the internet. the ep is called "Bo fo Sho" music and lyrics by bo burnham hey I'm Santa Claus, I'm the king of snow I hate my wife because she is ho ho ho She used to please me everyday Then she made it clear that Santa's only s'pose to come once year Now i buy whores Rock n roll and i stuff their stockings with my north pole I had a wonderful life With a healthy household and a beautiful wife and a pot full of gold then my wife spent my riches all by herself and since women are bitches, blew a keebler elf now i drink all day and a part of me dies cause my wife's gettin gangbanged by the rice krispie guys Everyday i get up, and i get to work late, my boss says "hey whatsup?" i say im grrrrrrowing tired of this shit the kids they laugh cause im a sensitive cat "big pussy!" i cant argue with that if another kid gives me frosted flakes i swear on my life, ill eat his parents. im the easter bunny hey im back used to funny now im hooked on crack heaps of heroine aint no joke marshmallow peeps, covered in coke coke coke coke coooooke drugs for life thats my plan but now i have no attention sp..... hey pat did you hear? all my elves got sick i think they got herpes from some irish chick santa, tony, could you guys please stop? oh snap.....crackle and pop
8 Nov 2008
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Author Karen Kingsbury shares her deeply personal story of salvation and how her husband helped lead her to an authentic relationship with Christ (interview aired on The 700 Club). The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is a multifaceted nonprofit organization that provides programming by cable, broadcast and satellite to approximately 200 countries, with a 24-hour telephone prayer line. CBN's flashship show is "The 700 Club", a daily news / magazine television program that presents a lively mix of information, interviews, and inspiration. Keywords: the700club, The 700 Club, CBN News, CBN, Christian Broadcasting Network, 700 Club Web site: *********** Counseling Center: 1-800-759-0700
10 Jul 2008
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