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7 May 2013
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The clip Fielding's brother from Waking the Dead (2000) with Paul Hipp Jesus! Good morning, Private. Colonel. It's a damn good feeling knowing you're patrolling New York harbor. The fuckin' Cong could be shoppin' on Fifth Avenue like that. Fielding, I want you out of that Coast Guard. Come on! No, really. I'm worried about you. What if Nixon takes the wrong pill... ...and sends you guys over to Vietnam? Name one national political leader who hasn't served his time, Danny. Remember that little coast guard song that you made me learn? My new assistant just told me what "Semper Paratus" means. I don't like this... ..."always ready" shit. I get distinct death vibes. Your new assistant? The girl out there? Yeah. Sarah. Catholic girl. They know their Latin. "My coast guard fights for me "And our shore's liberty "We will be strong "Even if die we must "We'll never fail the trust "That we've been shown" Good, let's go. No way. We're not done yet. "We're proud, we're true We're brave "We fear not pain nor grave "Our tide rolls on "We'll sail the ocean blue "Coast guard, we love you and everybody too" I can't remember the rest of the words.
15 Jan 2012
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Access Hollywood Sally talks about the actors who have been cast to play the younger versions of the "Brothers & Sisters" ensemble. How is everyone reacting to seeing their younger doppelgangers?
25 Apr 2010
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