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Sukhoi Su-37 'Terminator' Jet Fighter Aircraft (Russia)
17 Nov 2008
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Street Fighter from Korea!
25 Aug 2008
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F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
28 Aug 2008
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The super dangerous street fighter.
4 Sep 2008
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Indian Air Force's Best Fighter Jets
9 Sep 2008
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A video preview of Street Fighter online slots. Street Fighter is a 5 reel online slot machine with 25 paylines made by Wagerlogic
14 Sep 2008
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A video preview of Ultimate Fighters online slots. Ultimate Fighters is a 3 reel online slot machine with 8 paylines made by Playtech
14 Sep 2008
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The BAC Strikemaster Jet is the 'King' of our fleet, and is ready to take you for the ride of your life! Experience the extreme speed (up to 800 km/h), the rush and G-forces while your pilot takes you through a range of military style combat moves and aerobatics. The Strikemaster is capable of flying a wide range of missions from ground attack to fighter combat, and includes the full spectrum of aerobatic maneuvers. Flights in the Strikemaster offer side by side seating, so you're in the front seat all the way! So whether you're skimming the terrain or rolling through the sky at 30,000 feet, a flight in this ex-military machine is an experience that few others can comprehend, and a ride that we guarantee you will never forget!
31 Jan 2010
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Sanremo: U.F.O. sfugge all'intercettazione di un velivolo militare Sanremo, ore 13:00 del 18 settembre 2008: è un'ordinaria giornata di irrorazione chimico-biologica. All'improvviso un caccia sorvola la città di Sanremo, compiendo alcune evoluzioni per tentare di intercettare un oggetto volante non identificato. Nel video realizzato, si nota anche un lampo da sotto il velivolo (missile? chaff? collisione con un oggetto non identificato?). Si ode anche un fragore un istante dopo. Alla fine, dopo che l'U.F.O., visibile più volte nel filmato, mentre compie rapide manovre, sfugge all'intercettazione, il velivolo militare si dirige verso est per scomparire oltre l'inquadratura. Nelle due ore successive, le operazioni clandestine di aerosol, risultano interrotte. Sanremo, September 18, 2008: another ordinary chemtrails day. Suddenly a fighter flies over Sanremo to try to intercept some U.F.O. In the footage, we can see a flash (missile? chaff? a collision with an unindentified object?). We can hear a bang too. In the end, the U.F.O. escape foom the fighter that goes towards east. In the two following hours, the chemical operations are interrupted.
20 Sep 2008
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This video is just a preview of what is coming soon. I am creating a FREE website showing you the old school training method that will make you get bigger, stronger, and well conditioned like a fighter. Stay tuned.
11 Oct 2008
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In Bucharest Romania, I had the chance to record an airplane that i guess it is a fighter jet.
6 May 2009
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Naruto Shippuuden - Naruto - Foo Fighters - The Pretender - Amv
13 Oct 2008
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ho yeah, street fighter make his come back on X360 and PS3 with 2.5D fighting game style, a lot of new characters and incredible battle system that kick ass. Check it out, Chun li will show you her strenght against a new comer named Crimson Viper.
24 Apr 2009
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The first trailer of Street Fighter IV, it sure look good :)
11 Jun 2009
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Kristi Lee gossips about the presidential candidates and their run in with the Foo Fighters, the Red Hot Chili Peppers taking a break, Sleepcar touring with Coldplay and Roxwel's filming of one of their first shows and Slipknot's tour of Japan. The rock drama will always ensue.
11 Oct 2008
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King Of Fighters (Iori 50Hit Combo)... By:tRyone... (NO M.U.G.E.N) It's Kof Wing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Download The Game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enter->
9 Feb 2009
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