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The clip Fighting with Vanessa from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) with Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley Austin, can I have a word with you? Of course you may, luv. Look, I know I'm being neurotic, but... I can't shake off this suspicious feeling about that Italian secretary. You know, Miss Fagina. And I don't want to sound paranoid but... I've had some bad relationships in the past and... I have been known to be jealous. I'm sorry. No, don't be sorry, baby. You're right to be suspicious. I shagged her. What? I shagged her rotten, baby! Yeah! I don't believe you, Austin. She was repellent. Saucer of milk, table two. But did you use protection? 'Course. I had my nine-millimeter automatic. You know I meant did you use a condom? No. Only sailors use condoms, baby. Not in the nineties, Austin. Well, they should, those filthy beggars. They go from port to port. What? Vanessa, don't have a thrombo. Alotta meant nothing to me. Well, it means something to me. Austin, if you want us to have a relationship you have to get it into your head that times have changed. You can't just go off shagging anybody anymore. And if you could, I wouldn't, because I'm not like that. Vanessa! You're everything to me. You just don't get it, do you? Good night, Austin. Welcome to the nineties. You're gonna be very lonely.
25 Nov 2011
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After their fight with Vanessa & Ralph, Brendon & Rachel have even more to say about the dating divorcees.
7 Sep 2012
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