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Directed by Olaf de Fleur, this fascinating drama chronicles the story of a naive but street smart Filipina transsexual prostitute named Raquela who decides to travel in order to find her prince charming.
23 Aug 2008
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An MTV of a Filipina trying to copy her favourite music artist Beyonce Knowles. This MTV creation was filmed using her webcam.
2 Mar 2011
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Hot and Beautiful "Filipina Chicks" from the Philippines.
16 Jan 2010
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We own three Asian Dating sites with membership 100% free. Please check us out at: *******www.filipina-lady**** *******www.asian.wife**** *******www.filipinaeyes****/online-dating-gallery/
22 Dec 2009
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Webmaster of Free Asian Dating Sites * *******www.filipina-lady**** * *******www.asian-wife**** * *******www.filipinaeyes****/online-dating-gallery/
16 May 2010
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If you like this video check us out on Facebook too! ******* we would love to chat with you, we provide dating tips, relationship advice and matchmaking for Filipina ladies and single guys, see you soon :) xoxoxo If you’re single or interested in chatting with some cool people you can also visit us at *******www.myfilipinadesire**** Are you struggling to find a date or build a relationship? If so try these 2 books we highly recommend from amazon**** on dating advice. ******* 51 Amazing Date Ideas: A Collection of Unique, Inexpensive, and Creative Date Ideas for First Dates and Beyond ******* Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love ******* Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman's Guide to Winning Her Man's Heart One of the reasons many guys like dating Filipina women is because they have a very pleasant and warm personality. They are very polite for the most part and they are very interested in keeping their home together and pleasing their family. In the days when many women are very dedicated to their careers or their own interests Filipina women naturally think about their home and loved ones first before sometimes thinking about their own careers or aspirations. We show our videos just to give you an idea of the beauty of these women but would also like to add that all women are very beautiful in nature our channel just focuses on describing you the beauty of Filipinas and what makes them unique. If your lonely or would like to finally meet a Filipina women for yourself stop by and sign up for free at *******www.myfilipinadesire****. No strings attached 100% free to chat and search for pretty ladies and single eligible guys. Have fun guys and take it easy!
12 Dec 2010
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Any service thats introduces Filipina women to foreign men is illegal. Regardless of whether the service is a romance tour company, matchmaker, marriage agency, etc., they are all illegal. For additional information, visit *******www.thaivalentine****
22 Jul 2011
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hot pinay beautiful and sexy.. take me to the philippines black eyed peas filipina beauty.. thats pinoy
25 Feb 2012
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We have been provided this video demonstrating the dubious morality of some dating sites. ********christian-filipina****/blog/proof-of-dating-sites-fake-profiles/ ************/watch?v=nvzhKdH7vhw
3 Apr 2013
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Should you immediately exchange contact details with other dating website members? A question brought to you by ********christian-filipina**** - We recommend that you should wait at least four to six weeks before exchanging contact details with any other members in Christian Filipina or in any other dating site. If you hope to find love through a dating site, consider Christian Filipina (********christian-filipina****), an ideal Christian Social Site where members are members of a safe community. Also see Peter's Intro to the Christian Filipina Forum: ***********/watch?v=t154d9YS9gM
4 May 2013
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Many international dating sites charge per-message or per-minute fees. Not our site Christian Filipina (********christian-filipina****). The sites that charge members per interaction (often based in Russia, Ukraine, China, Latin America, and a few in the Philippines and Thailand) are based on an outdated business model. They are based on a pre-internet model of coordination between big profitable sites and small "marriage agencies". The problem is that the small marriage agencies in these countries are being paid for each profile they post, each message exchanged, and each minute of phone conversation. Even though the big sites don't admit it, the truth is that those big sites compensate those small agencies with commissions, and in turn the small agencies then compensate their employees who actually create fake profiles and answer emails on behalf of fake profiles. If you want to meet a real person, there's no need to go through an agency that uses an outdated business model like that. You can meet them directly. At Christian Filipina, you can pay an inexpensive monthly fee instead of per-message charges. With our member discount program, the discounts on travel and other services more than pay for the cost of the membership, so it's a win-win situation. Join Christian Filipina to learn more. Don't waste another minute paying a scammer to pretend to like you. Start meeting real people today. Signup is easy: ********christian-filipina**** ************/watch?v=N7BgeMXSV0E
4 May 2013
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6 Oct 2007
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Philippines protests and calls to end US Visiting Forces Agreement in response to appeals court decision
27 Apr 2009
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Many believe that resveratrol has anti-aging properties, which has caused the substance, usually derived from Japanese knotweed, to be marketed as a nutritional supplement.
13 Jul 2009
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Video para el diplomado de la SCJ
6 May 2010
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5 Sep 2010
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