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Presenting a new standard in film noir comedy: The Stakeout, starring Chris Moor. Cuff 'Em Valentine gets his man, proving yet again that he's no chicken! For more funny videos, please visit *******www.departure-productions**** To hear more music from Robert Farrell Band, visit *******www.robertfarrell****/
12 Oct 2009
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Film icon Bob Hope stars in My Favorite Brunette, a viciously funny parody of hard boiled detective films like The Big Sleep. Hope plays an ordinary man mistaken for a detective by the breathtakingly beautiful Dorothy Lamour. Not wanting to pass up the lady’s favor, Hope takes the case without concern for his lack of professional training. The intentionally convoluted and twisty plot brings Hope in the presence of hilarious criminals Peter Lorre and Lon Chaney, Jr. Successfully skewering the film noir private eye films, My Favorite Brunette is one of the best films of Hope storied career, thanks in no small part to expert direction from Elliott Nugent (The Great Gatsby). This gem is not to be missed!
8 May 2008
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A riveting Film Noir ride, Impact is the gripping struggle of a man rebuilding a shattered life. 1940s Noir superstar Brian Donlevy stars as Walter Williams, a successful businessman whose wife despises him to the point of plotting his murder! The femme fatale is the sensuous Helen Walker, who arranges with her lover to kill her husband in a rigged car accident. Taking a rather Hitchcockian turn, it’s her lover who’s killed while her husband escapes unharmed! Donlevy, aware of what his wife has done and the state of his existence, scuttles away to a small town to start a new life – but will his past catch up to him? With expert production, Impact is a darkly artistic film that shows off San Francisco in the 1940s beautifully. On top of the sparkling direction, Brian Donlevy leads an all star cast of superb actors, rocketing Impact to the status of classic.
16 Apr 2008
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20 Apr 2008
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*******www.metromaaza**** In the tradition of film noir that is guaranteed to shock, thrill and surprise. A compelling film from director Hansal Mehta about swiftly changing moralities in today’s world. After a successful businessman’s stunning wife disappears, hostile and taunting ransom demands follow.
1 Jun 2008
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Film Noir at its cheapest! www.wheezywaiter****
1 Aug 2008
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Film noir hero Cuff 'Em Valentine returns in this short video and gets ambushed by a couple of thugs. Does he live to tell the tale oar is time up for the detective? Watch and find out!
20 Nov 2008
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This short film was made in the 1940's film noir style; complete with gangsters, mystery, and classic film noir lighting. Completed: April 2006 Read more about it at: *******www.chocolatecoveredfilms****/completedprojects/danger.html
11 Feb 2011
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A dark dramatic short film from the Crestfallen Productions team telling the blackly comic tale of a film obsessed young man, his dog hating neighbour and the strange relationship that develops between them both. Combining classic indie short filmmaking with genre horror, film noir and a whole bunch of other influences this is an exciting debut from a team that had only just left university when it was shot.
26 Nov 2009
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Ulcer at Work is an artistically made educational video with superb Film Noir style moviemaking. Steve Hall, an ambitious executive, notices a pain in his side, but doesn’t let it deter him from showing up his coworkers and stressing out over problems at home. In the end, an animated scene reveals that Steve has developed a duodenal ulcer. After Steve passes out from the pain, his is forced to see the doctor, who diagnoses the ulcer. He warns Steve that ulcers come from “the wrong kind of feelings.” When Steve is with his family, it is easy to see where some of these feelings come from. Steve’s family “doesn’t exactly hate him,” but they are only interested in the fact that he brings home a paycheck and presents. His kids are greedy little brats and his wife is a nagging compulsive shopper. After Steve has another “episode” at home, the doctor pays a house call. He blames Steve’s wife for her role in his ulcer and warns her that if Steve were dead or unable to work, her status as a poor widow would not be very pleasant. This film effectively teaches about Ulcers and stress, as well as providing wonderfully visually engaging entertainment.
21 Oct 2008
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Jealousy explores the irrational feelings of a married woman in a very dramatic, film noir style. Sally is a fifties housewife who decides that her husband Don is cheating on her when he comes home late for dinner one night. She throws his dinner in the trash, doesn’t listen to his explanations, then kicks him out of the house. After he leaves, Sally is wracked with doubts about his guilt and wonders about her own role in the whole mess. When Don’s coworker calls and corroborates Don’s story about working late on a new cosmetics line, Sally has an epiphany. She realizes that her own emotions, desires, and frustrations led her to her accusation of Don, "I know now the real trouble is me. If I believe in us, he'll believe in us." This film paints a disturbing picture of rigid 1950’s gender roles and the problems they produced.
28 Oct 2008
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DOWNLOAD AND SEE FULL MOVIE ONLINE: wwe.denedy**** FREE download Max Payne is a third-person shooter video game developed by the Finnish company Remedy Entertainment, produced by 3D Realms and published by Gathering of Developers in July, 2001 for Windows. Ports later in the year for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 were published by Rockstar Games. A Macintosh port was published in July 2002 by MacSoft in North America and Feral Interactive in the rest of the World. There were plans for a Dreamcast version of Max Payne, but they were cancelled due to the discontinuation of the console. A sequel called Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne was released in 2003. As of March 12, 2008, the Max Payne franchise has sold over 7 million copies according to Take-Two Interactive. Max Payne Overview The Max Payne series has a major cinematic influence: the Hong Kong action movie genre, particularly the work of director John Woo, which features a great deal of slow-motion violence and gunfights, almost resembling ballet. "John Woo" is in fact the password that the mobsters must recite to enter their laundromat hideaway. The game's stylish cinematography and choreography is combined with heavy film noir, pulp noir, and pulp fiction influences in characters and dialogue. Rather than employing rendered or digitized cinematic movies for cutscenes, the story is told instead with "graphic novels" and narrated in the heavy-handed style of radio detective dramas such as Pat Novak for Hire. The games are dark and noir-style, following Max Payne, a troubled cop with internal and external conflicts in a dark, sinister New York City. Max Payne Sequels and spin-off Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Main article: Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne At the ending of Max Payne, he was being led away in the back of a police car, about to face charges for his two night killing spree in which he killed upwards of 600 people, even though they all had criminal records. However, Max was eventually cleared of all charges, thanks to his relationship with a very influential member of society, Senator Alfred Woden. A few years have passed, and Max has returned to work for the NYPD as a homicide detective. However, during a routine murder investigation he finds himself face-to-face with the fugitive Mona Sax, a woman he thought was dead. Max and Mona team up to solve the answers to Max's past that left his wife and child dead. Between them and the answers they seek rests an army of scum and murderous thugs in New York City's underground. Max Payne 3 The PC version's ending to Max Payne 2 teases with a message at the end of the credits proclaiming, "Max Payne's journey through the night will continue", but the story itself seems to be over, Max has found peace with his life of guilt and out of both games, Max is one of only two characters left alive (the other being Jim Bravura who survived but was left in critical condition. Mona survives in an alternate hidden ending on the Dead on Arrival difficulty level. It's yet to be known if it's canon. The third game in the series was announced by Jeffrey L. Lapin, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive in 2004. There have been no further announcements regarding the matter -- not even a developer for the third game has been named. Remedy Entertainment's name was mentioned in the announcement. At the same time, a post on Shacknews, apparently from someone claiming to be Mikael Kasurinen, a level designer for Max Payne 2, read "FYI: We are not making Max Payne 3." GameSpot notes the status of the game is TBA. Take-Two Interactive suggested that there will be a Max Payne 3 at some point. While Take-Two didn't announce the game during its conference call, it has brought the franchise up regularly as examples of its stable of owned intellectual properties.
11 Nov 2008
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When we went to the theatre, neither of us really wanted to be there... possibly lower expectations than we've ever had for any film ever. Maybe that's why we enjoyed "The Spirit" more than anyone we've talked to. It's a film noir comicbook that takes Frank Miller's last film, "Sin City", and re-applies every single trick he knows to great effect. Despite all the poor reviews for it, we think that if you liked "Sin City", there's really no reason that you'd dislike "The Spirit"! ~Matt + Nat
2 Jan 2009
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A long forgotten silent film noir made by the tupolski brothers.
12 Jan 2009
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The trailer for my 30-minute parody of the 1950s film noir classic "Sunset Boulevard." Directed by Ron Arens. Written by Ron Megee. Starring Ron Megee, Cathy Barnett and Ames Hall. Produced by Bungalow Creative and the Heartland Men's Chorus.
20 Dec 2009
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Composer/thereminist Pekkanini plays his own tune "Cool Theremin" This is what reviewers at Garageband**** say about "Cool Theremin": "This mix would be ideal in a dark film noir alien love scene! I don't think this sounds like anything I've ever heard, which is of course fantastic so 100% for originality. The musicianship inherent to this mix is fantastic and this shines in the melodies and the harmonies present in the vibraphone (mallet) and analog synth solo. Just fantastic. Consequently the mood is highly emotive and engaging!" Reviewed by: almselectronica from Wellington, New Zealand "It's all going very quiet here. I like the violin-like sound that is going all directions. This is really special and joyful, making you feel good. Humoristic as well to me, but I don't know if it was meant like that. Around 1:20 a piano is coming in, violins and a horn who is moving to all directions as well. There are percussions on the background. The lead violin has got something chinese as well. I just like all of it here. It's quiet, moody, funny and I think it will never get boring. I hear classical, Chinese and Jazzy influences. Fantastic." Reviewed by: Alexander Port from Lier, Belgium
8 Feb 2009
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