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A take-off on film noir. A 40's style movie about a man who senses something bad has happened to his good friend Frankie and investigates.
8 Dec 2007
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Fritz Lang is one of the greatest directors in history, and M is one of his finest films. M oozes film noir darkness and callousness, an unbearable vision of the bleak sickness of society. Metaphorically suggestive at every turn, M’s harrowing premise is that the pursuit of a child serial killer is getting in the way of ordinary criminal activity. Thus the criminals, who not coincidentally parallel the police, decide to ferret out the killer themselves. In doing so, they hold a courtroom trial of their own. The film’s cynical and powerful message would already be enough to make it a masterpiece, but Lang also showcases innovative cinematic techniques involving sound and storytelling that had never been done before, raising the films status to even loftier heights. Lang in general and M in particular would influence American film noir masters like Alfred Hitchcock and others for decades.
21 Mar 2008
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A dark and captivating film noir journey, Million Dollar Weekend just does everything right. The handsome Gene Raymond decides to become a big shot by stealing over one million dollars from his company and flying overseas, never to return. But on the plane, he meets with the stunning Osa Massen, a frightened widow who’s being blackmailed. Raymond wants to help, since he’s falling in love with her. But as Raymond gets embroiled in a smoky, nasty world of blackmail, unrequited love, and desperate men, his trip to paradise becomes a plane ride to hell. Million Dollar Weekend is a fast paced picture that never lets up until it’s all over.
22 Mar 2008
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Presenting a new standard in film noir comedy: The Stakeout, starring Chris Moor. Cuff 'Em Valentine gets his man, proving yet again that he's no chicken! For more funny videos, please visit *******www.departure-productions**** To hear more music from Robert Farrell Band, visit *******www.robertfarrell****/
12 Oct 2009
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A riveting Film Noir ride, Impact is the gripping struggle of a man rebuilding a shattered life. 1940s Noir superstar Brian Donlevy stars as Walter Williams, a successful businessman whose wife despises him to the point of plotting his murder! The femme fatale is the sensuous Helen Walker, who arranges with her lover to kill her husband in a rigged car accident. Taking a rather Hitchcockian turn, it’s her lover who’s killed while her husband escapes unharmed! Donlevy, aware of what his wife has done and the state of his existence, scuttles away to a small town to start a new life – but will his past catch up to him? With expert production, Impact is a darkly artistic film that shows off San Francisco in the 1940s beautifully. On top of the sparkling direction, Brian Donlevy leads an all star cast of superb actors, rocketing Impact to the status of classic.
16 Apr 2008
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Film Noir at its cheapest! www.wheezywaiter****
1 Aug 2008
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Film noir hero Cuff 'Em Valentine returns in this short video and gets ambushed by a couple of thugs. Does he live to tell the tale oar is time up for the detective? Watch and find out!
20 Nov 2008
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This short film was made in the 1940's film noir style; complete with gangsters, mystery, and classic film noir lighting. Completed: April 2006 Read more about it at: *******www.chocolatecoveredfilms****/completedprojects/danger.html
11 Feb 2011
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A dark dramatic short film from the Crestfallen Productions team telling the blackly comic tale of a film obsessed young man, his dog hating neighbour and the strange relationship that develops between them both. Combining classic indie short filmmaking with genre horror, film noir and a whole bunch of other influences this is an exciting debut from a team that had only just left university when it was shot.
26 Nov 2009
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Ulcer at Work is an artistically made educational video with superb Film Noir style moviemaking. Steve Hall, an ambitious executive, notices a pain in his side, but doesn’t let it deter him from showing up his coworkers and stressing out over problems at home. In the end, an animated scene reveals that Steve has developed a duodenal ulcer. After Steve passes out from the pain, his is forced to see the doctor, who diagnoses the ulcer. He warns Steve that ulcers come from “the wrong kind of feelings.” When Steve is with his family, it is easy to see where some of these feelings come from. Steve’s family “doesn’t exactly hate him,” but they are only interested in the fact that he brings home a paycheck and presents. His kids are greedy little brats and his wife is a nagging compulsive shopper. After Steve has another “episode” at home, the doctor pays a house call. He blames Steve’s wife for her role in his ulcer and warns her that if Steve were dead or unable to work, her status as a poor widow would not be very pleasant. This film effectively teaches about Ulcers and stress, as well as providing wonderfully visually engaging entertainment.
21 Oct 2008
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a film noir about nothing. a little bit psychodelic a little bit expresyonist a little bit experimental a little bit sürrealist! it's a trash film.
11 Jul 2009
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Film noir -elokuvatyylin ja nykykomedian elementtejä yhdistävän spotin päähenkilö on nainen, joka matkaa mystikoiden ja selvännäkijöiden kiehtovaan maailmaan ilmeisenä pyrkimyksenään saada selville tulevaisuutensa. Kohtaukset rakentuvat kohtaamisille eri etnisiin ryhmiin kuuluvien ennustajien kanssa, jotka eivät kuitenkaan pysty tarjoamaan päähenkilölle tämän epätoivoisesti etsimiä vastauksia. Viimeisessä kohtauksessa päähenkilö asettaa take away -ateriansa sivuun ja avaa perinteisen onnenkeksin
19 May 2011
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