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a film noir about nothing. a little bit psychodelic a little bit expresyonist a little bit experimental a little bit sürrealist! it's a trash film.
11 Jul 2009
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Film noir -elokuvatyylin ja nykykomedian elementtejä yhdistävän spotin päähenkilö on nainen, joka matkaa mystikoiden ja selvännäkijöiden kiehtovaan maailmaan ilmeisenä pyrkimyksenään saada selville tulevaisuutensa. Kohtaukset rakentuvat kohtaamisille eri etnisiin ryhmiin kuuluvien ennustajien kanssa, jotka eivät kuitenkaan pysty tarjoamaan päähenkilölle tämän epätoivoisesti etsimiä vastauksia. Viimeisessä kohtauksessa päähenkilö asettaa take away -ateriansa sivuun ja avaa perinteisen onnenkeksin
19 May 2011
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T156 Activity week 5/6. A sock puppet homage to Film Noir / Paddington Bear TV show and as a 50th Year Birthday recognition to the WWF charity.
8 Nov 2011
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One day, my co-worker and I started talking like 30s film noir gangsters...or was it racetrack was definitely based on variations of the Rocky mobster characters from the Looney Tunes (Bugs Bonnets and Racketeer Rabbit). From there, my co-worker did a recording and the rest is history. Enjoy. Starring Darren Manley ===================================== Support my work, Like my Page on Facebook *******tinyurl****/675yffo
16 Nov 2011
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The first ever female directed Russian film noir with reverse chronology.
3 Feb 2017
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Noci Pictures Entertainment presents the trailer for the feature film "Mr. Id". A classic tale of a hitman and his favorite hooker(s) "Mr. Id" tells the story of a failed and misogynistic writer (Steve Parlavecchio), who moonlights as a part-Time hitman, by the name of Jack Maggot, who has fallen into a self-Destructive abyss through a slew of bad relationships, failed novels, and a dreaded past. One night, he meets Lenore, who assures him that if he finds a writer by the name of "Mr. Id", and kills him, Jack will have the life he has always wanted: the sterile purity and comfort of a dream come true. With the help of his street-Walking "administrative assistant", Heather (Ami Dolenz), Jack has to revisit three important women in his life, Andrea Walker, Mia Crumb, Margaret Bolamano, to see if they could somehow forgive him as well as steer him towards finding "Mr. Id". During the course of his investigation, he realizes that his own self-Centered demise that he has created will only make his efforts at self-Transformation nearly impossible to attain, no matter how much he wants to quit the racket and write full-Time. Especially when he is trailed by a pair of bumbling Chicago detectives, Jon Paul (Yuri Rutman) and Paul Jon (Lawrence J. Russo). But Jack knows that he needs to overcome what he can in order to clean himself up and find "Mr. Id". Shot entirely on location in Chicago in 35mm Come home, open up a bottle of red wine, turn off the lights, turn off the phone, kick the kids and dogs out of the house, and enjoy the smooth and cool vibe of "Mr. Id" If you love Tarantino, Scorsese, Depalma, Coen Brothers, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Coke, controversy, suspense, Kafka, Chicago at midnight, red wine, ; dirty motels, gunshot wounds, stimulation, deep thinking, spirituality (kind of), a cool soundtrack, and edgy independent films, you ll love Mr. Id Please support Independent Film and Noci Pictures Entertainment (http//:www.Noci.Com) By Buying Your Copy Today at *******store.payloadz****/go?id=812006 Running Time: 1 Hour, 27 Minutes. Unrated. Viewer Discretion Advised (some scenes may depict graphic content) facebook.Com/Pages/Noci-Pictures-Entertainment-LLC/123866288997 facebook.Com/#!/Group.Php?gid=21181135715&ref=ts (Mr. Id Appreciation Society)
6 Jun 2010
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Awesome video featuring a smoking hot actress deciding what to wear as she ventures out to worship her rock idols!
27 Dec 2006
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The story of Chrome Kelly Vs. Slick Banister
19 Feb 2007
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Revenge is always nice. Hot girls sucking on lollipops. Can the world get any better
5 Mar 2007
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This is a compilation of clips, interviews and trailer excerpts from the library of Pirromount Pictures. You can purchase most of the films referred to at www.pirromount****
8 Mar 2007
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Christina Aguilera at her best
4 May 2007
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Watch what happens when we love our pets so much more than ourselves.
21 May 2007
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2 realities:Real life and fantasy.Fiction is the truth in the lie.There are some people who love objects more than people,and there are some who face reality;and then there are those who turn one into the other. *To order full movie go to: *******www.taylorhayden****/TaylorHaydenProductions.html
11 Nov 2007
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documentaire sur le sport du conkfou chaoline production :ammar mhamdi cameraman: amir lyamine montage : louchene farid cite250 logements Ain Touta Batna Algérie
7 Jul 2009
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The tail bites the dog for an unnamed private investigator who then deals with taking the emotional side of work home. Starring Ronald and Mary Bronstein. Guest starring Tony Baker and Frank V Ross. Directed by Joe Swanberg.
5 Feb 2008
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An unnamed private investigator bumbles serving a subpoena and gets a lesson on communication from his wife. Directed by Joe Swanberg, starring real-life couple Ronald and Mary Bronstein.
7 Feb 2008
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