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*******mac20q**** I was told by Matt Hillyer that I could use MPEG StreamClip to get video clips ready for FinalCut Express and then when exported out of FCE to crunch them down to a good size to put online. Works a treat Distributed by Tubemogul.
1 Dec 2009
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I have been playing around with live-type and finalcut. A sample for my film company. hotpointfilms Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Jan 2010
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Again, we are only getting to learn how to use FinalCut Pro for video editing, so please bear with us on our video quality — but here is our first published combo. It is basically putting right turns and crossbody leads with styling. You can do it over and over again so you can practice those two fundamentals!
4 Jul 2008
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NEW: now with annotations the famous laughing baby turns mean and laughs at all of the famous falling videos on youtube. Dont ask me how i thougt of this, basically I was bored and tried something new with finalcut...(im an amature)
24 May 2009
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Working on a bit longer of a sequel of the Darth Scooter video. It will be called "My Dog is a Jedi". This is a test scene me and my buddy Mike did today to test out the camera. Enjoy. And check back soon for the short-flick , "My Dog is a Jedi". Edit: I've been getting a lot of e-mails from people asking me what software I used. In total, I used FinalCut Pro, QuickTime Pro, and FXhome VisionLab Studio. The one you guys are most likely interested in is VisionLab Studio... it's a great program for making special effects. And to those of you who hate my video because it's "such a simple effect" and its "not done well"... I did these in the first 2 days of having the software (the first video within the hour of getting it), so they were meant to be short and silly and simple. ;-). But feel free to make your angry comments if it makes you feel superior as video editors =).
3 Jan 2012
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This is the "Johnny Winter" jam track from: www.jamtrackcentral**** Fan me Facebook! *******www.facebook****/home.php#/pages/James-Wetzel/28732710056 Equipment: Guitar: Fender 70's Reissue Strat Amp: Fender Hot Rod DeVille Delay: Maxon AD999 Interface: MOTU 8pre Mic: Stedman N90 Movie Editing: FinalCut Express Audio Editing: Garageband Cable: Core One Bullet Cable
28 Mar 2012
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Product world premier *******ByVilain**** Get your products online: ******* Slikhaar Studio record a behind the scenes video, made on iphone 5 in FinalCut pro X5. It shows the next video with Türker getting his new Cristiano Ronaldo look, styled by André with the new prototype wax, By Vilain.
12 Dec 2012
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Countdown I created using AE and FinalCut. I will be creating a tutorial for this soon. I'll add a link to it when it's up and running. Thank you all for the comments and likes. If you want to email me directly, my email address is peterberkidotcom****. I'll respond within 24 hours to this email address, so this is the fastest way of getting a hold of me. ------------------------------------------------------------ website: *******www.berkidotcom****
3 Jun 2013
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