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BDC Training, Special Finance Training, Internet Sales Training, and Lead Generation Success in Texas. makes its auto dealer partners more profits than would otherwise be possible. If your bringing in less than 70% of your Internet leads to the dealership, closing less than 40% at the door or generating less than 5,000 leads a month from your own site you might want to pick up a phone and call 503.227.3515 today.
3 May 2008
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See more owner finance homes in Dallas, Texas like this one at You will also learn why you need to stay as far away from "lease option" and "rent to own" deals as possible.
7 May 2008
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Blow up your car dealer advertising and ads!! Auto dealers spend more money on advertising than any other advertising segment. Hyperdrive Media takes budgets and leverages them 5 fold over what any of it's dealer clients could purchase with the same money. It's a rebulutionary automotive advertising system. fuel you BDC, Special Finance department with unlimited traffic, prospect loyalty and make big gross faster and easier than ever before. Own the hearts and minds of your public in a way car dealers have a big challenge doing. Smack your auto dealer competition in the face with a phone book. The problem with most automotive advertising agencies is that they are more the advertising industry's freind than the car dealer. Hyperdrive Media kicks this tired business directly in the pills with a fresh face.
14 May 2008
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1:48 We finance auto repair for vehicles '97 and newer, minimum loan $1000. 0% interest, automatic approval. Visit website to apply
23 May 2008
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"(home financing leads) special finance leads,automotive leads,home improvement leads,'home financing leads'" Carlos Cintron 914-908-4773 sub prime leads" Distributed by Tubemogul.
29 May 2008
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0:54 - Many think only banks can offer commercial mortgages or commercial lending, but in fact smaller firms like East Coast Commercial Finance offer better service, more funding sources, and often better terms.
30 May 2008
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Automotive Finance Manager Jobs
2 Jun 2008
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Corporate Finance Jobs and
2 Jun 2008
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Executive Finance Jobs and
2 Jun 2008
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Special finance training in the automotive industry that moves the needle. Whether it be to maximize special finance leads, the special finance manager, get faster call backs, manage your special finance lender spread, increase you special finance look to book, this is the right program for you. or Automobile special finance is an art form and the right trainer and consultant is an important choice. Automotive special finance requires the ultimate balancing act and commitment. Every special finance lead you get costs money and needs to be maximized to the fullest. In the world of special finance and Special finance lenders the dealers with the right talent and the best relationships win big. Read about in any special finance magazine or contact us today. Hyperdrive Technologies and the Mastery Council
10 Jun 2008
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We owner finance homes with no credit check
13 Jun 2008
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GM's 72-Hour Sale, 0% Financing on Chevy, Pontiac, GMC, Buick Update: Check out the included models visit the website June 2008. 0% (zero percent) Financing. Introducing the GM 72 Hour Sale live on the Internet at Source: Carr Auto Group, Portland, OR. You can activate this incredible offer online at If you haven’t been reading the newspaper, watching TV or surfing the web today there is big news from GM including. Today, GM announced it would launch a 72-hour sale starting tomorrow, June 24, and running through June 30, offering 0% financing for 72 months on most Chevy, Pontiac, GMC and Buick vehicles at Chevrolet 0% financing is expected to be a big seller. Consumers have been waiting for an event like the 72 hour zero percent financing sale. 0% for GMC should help move smaller business commercial units. Examples of authorized GM's 72-Hour Sale, 0% Financing online delivery centers include Portland Oregon, Chevrolet, Carr Auto Group We are moving at light speed to provide a web based activation center for our GM dealers is the U.S. said Eddie Coleman of Hyperdrive Technologies. GM is also adding another $500 in bonus cash for buyers who buy instead of lease. Typically financing offers are used in place of cash back, and the current cash-back offers on many GM products are quite huge. Check current cash back offers We’ll update this post when more information comes in. To active the GM 0% Financing on Chevy Pontiac GMC Buick, gm 72 hour sale directly, go to beaverton Oregon will be a major deliver center for the Buick 0% financing aspect of the offer, cadillac zero percent may be a real possibility in June 2008. Carr Auto and Carr Auto Group as well as Carr Chevy World will have extra staff on site and online to facilitate the massive event. Carr Chevy World has not had the option to offer zero percent since before the gas prices hit the sky. A Chevrolet 72 hour sale will surely stimulate sales in June 2008. Chevy zero percent and general motors zero percent was not expected to him by many analysts’ until 2009. GM 0 percent June 2008 will create a scramble for gas efficient models. GM 0% Financing on Chevy Pontiac GMC and Buick is expected to dominate the domestic sales grid for June of 2008, Buyers rush on the web to take advantage of the GM's 72-Hour Sale, 0% Financing on Chevy, Pontiac, GMC, Buick at Carr Chevrolet’s national online delivery center at
25 Jun 2008
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Bâle Ii - La Finance Mondiale Renforce Son Pouvoir Introduction
25 Jun 2008
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We are joined by the founder of Loans Australia who shows us how to avoid financing nightmares in property
9 Feb 2009
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We owner finance homes with no credit check.
2 Jul 2008
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Happy car finance customer Fernando Esteban used a Creditplus car loan to buy his Mazda Estate.
9 Jul 2008
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