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Just trying something new. So far, so good! It will be even better if I can make something out of nothing.
Keep an eye out for new Disney•Pixar content at *******www.facebook****/disneypixar Mater tells a tall tale about the time he met a UFO and saved him from a group of government scientists in this Cars Toon. Don't forget--Cars 2 comes to theaters nationwide in 2011!
31 Jan 2010
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Bug's Race - 3d animation short done by a pair of Polish students from PJWSTK - Ania Jurkiewicz and Andrzej Ellert. Film was inspired by 3d animated movies like Pixar's Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, and Dreamworks' Shrek or Madagascar. It tells a story of a race for domination over the meadow. Funny gags and fast action. The main characters - the spider, the snail, the beetles and the ants do everything to eliminate their oponents. Who will win the race? See for yourself! The film was created using Autodesk Maya. See more on official site: *******www.bugsracemovie****
24 Sep 2008
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Influence Bug and 8 Trooper Bugs head out to Bobby Nelson's house to influence him to steal. It's up to the secret agent fruits, the Agents of the Spirit, to stop them! Check out the rest of our videos on YouTube: ***********/TheAnimationEmpire We used Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Premiere, and Movie Maker. Check out *******www.Blender**** for free 3D animation software. Of course, this wouldn't be a TheAnimationEmpire video without a double-dose of nonsense and nostalgia. Look for references to Loony Tunes, Indiana Jones, Charlie's Angels, Spiderman, Star Wars Episode 2, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Kart, The Simpsons, Yoshi, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jurassic Park, Kung Pow, The Matrix, Super Mario Brothers (Bros.) and, of course, a lot of secret agent themes. Our preview for Episode 2 even references Batman, Toy Story, and several more Star Wars themes. Our work has been compared to Shrek, Disney, and Pixar films (Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Cars, etc.). We can tell the difference because we don't have their 80 million dollar budget. =^) Constructive comments only please! Want another 3D animation? View our first animation with the fruit characters. It's so lame that we call it Extra Fruity: ***********/watch?v=K2Ko5-IgUWA Check out our silly music video, Bucket Full of Cheese: ***********/watch?v=YEShg_kigmc Here's our Short Short that is nostalgic and insulting, Punky Brewster VS Pippi Longstocking: *******youtube****/watch?v=7N1qk-Huwao Do phones annoy you? Get... Mad At Phone: ***********/watch?v=rc9JSZa6byw And our random 27-second short, Taking Care of Business: ***********/watch?v=Mkmxx6XbNio Do you like Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live? We blog about him several times a week: *******www.andysamberg.blogspot**** Hey, want to watch more TheAnimationEmpire videos? Then head on over to The Animation Empire: *******www.theanimationempire****
21 Apr 2007
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Camp Lo Reviews 'Finding Nemo 3D'.
13 Sep 2012
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A very funny clip from Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo when Dori and Marlin encounter a whale.
15 Apr 2009
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this is my original trailer to Finding Nemo which i edited with Avid
24 Mar 2007
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29 Apr 2013
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The hip hop duo puts on their 3D glasses and goes under the sea to tell us their thoughts on "Finding Nemo 3D," which they say is electricity...though that may just be from the electric eels.
15 Sep 2012
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I took the common Finding Nemo trailer and the Mission Impossible trailer and combined and made Finding Nemo an action movie! Took me time, so check it out and comment please.
26 Jan 2007
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25 Dec 2012
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In this aquarium Nemo makes friends with a group of fish. These fish try desperately to help Nemo escape to the sea and be reunited with his father. disney nemo ,fiding nemo,find nemo,finding nemo,finding nemo item,finding nemo items,finding nemo review finding nemo reviews,finding nemo set,finding nemo sets,finding nemo video,finding nemo walkthrough,nemo nemo dori,nemo videos,mphiprion,amphiprion ocellaris,amphiprion percula,anemone,anemonefish anemones,animal,aquarium, behavior, breeding, breeding clownfish,clarkii,clown fish clown fish breeding,clown fish care,clown fish food,clown fish pictures,clownfish,lownfish facts clownfish life cycle,clowns,coral damsel amselfish diet facts .feeding finding nemo fish tank food frenatus info information keeping live live clown fish live clownfish maroon ocellaris percula percula clownfish pixar plants premnas saltwater sebae species tank tip tomato tropical tropical clown fish tropical fish types underwater where clownfish live
8 Oct 2008
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Watch a new exclusive trailer for WALL•E, the latest from Disney/Pixar. What if mankind had to leave Earth, and somebody forgot to turn the last robot off? WALL•E, a robot, spends every day doing what he was made for. But soon, he will discover what he was meant for. From Academy Award®-winning writer-director, Andrew Stanton ("Finding Nemo"), Disney•Pixar's WALL•E is the story of one robot's comic adventures as he chases his dream across the galaxy. Visit ******* for more information! WallE releasing in India on 29th August,2008
4 May 2009
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