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Ep.3 of Mike Ajakwe's "Who..." finds Tina (Nafeesa Monroe) and Deana (Shoneji Loraine) pondering which celebs need Christ -- Katt Williams, P. Diddy, Starr Jones, O.J., etc. Special guest Charles Reese (Jalel). Features music by neo soul artist Gina Green
14 Jun 2009
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The clip finding tina from Jaws 2 (1978) with Jeffrey Kramer, Roy Scheider I got it, Chief. It's all right. Come on. It's OK. It's all right. No. No. Ellen. No, no. Tina, Tina... Tina, it's OK. It's still there. What is? What's still there? Sh-sh-sh-sh... Shark! It's still there.
22 Nov 2011
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The clip finding tina Part 2 from Jaws 2 (1978) with Roy Scheider, Jeffrey Kramer That boat will take you in. Where the hell are they? Ten degrees off your starboard. Take a heading... Not that shit! Point! There. All right, I got it.
22 Nov 2011
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***This is where Sarah sinks in the quicksand!!! Enjoy! Badderly Bo and Sarah needed a honeymoon: and a relaxing one at that, after the trauma of the last several months. They chose Badderly as the natural place to go and Bo, as executive producer of Fraternity Row, decided to take the cast along on a location shoot. Along for the ride were Cord, Megan and her rival Spring Skye (again played by Sharon Schlarth). Arriving at the tropical paradise of Badderly, they were in for a big surprise: the island was teeming with mobsters, headed by none other than Carlo Hesser. Without an easy way of escape, the group of Llanviewans quickly formulated a plan: they would pretend to be a gaggle of confused tourists who were oblivious to the name Carlo Hesser. (Carlo was not well integrated into the show yet, so he wouldn't recognize people like Bo and Sarah). Cord, meanwhile, was shocked to find Tina on the island as well, and angry to find her there with Johnny Dee. Back in Llanview, Jake was lonely without Megan. But when he discovered the truth about Badderly and that Carlo Hesser was on the island, he and Lucky took off in a sailboat to reach them. Unfortunately, the boat sank before they reached shore and Jake and Lucky had to swim the rest of the way back. Megan and Jake met on the beach, falling into each other's arms. Cord and Tina bickered and battled, but before long they found themselves together in bed again. Tina felt intense guilt that she'd slept with Johnny and decided instantly to break it off with him. However Johnny wouldn't take `no' for an answer. Meanwhile, things were getting ugly between the mosters as they continued conducting business. It was revealed that one of the mobsters was actually Marco Dane (Gerald Anthony) in disguise, up to one of his famous plots. When he saw Megan, Marco instantly vowed to protect her should anything go wrong. The rest of the Llanview party decided that something had to be done to get off the island quickly. Enlisting the help of beautiful native, Gloria Mundy (Anna Garduno), they attmpted to build a raft and later to signal for help. One day, wandering throu gh the underbrush, Sarah found herself sinking rapidly into quicksand! Megan and Bo managed to pull her out. Later, Megan nearly drowned in the undertow surrounding Badderly, but Marco saved her. Megan and Jake also encountered a formidable foe to thei r budding romance: Carlo's daughter Charlotte (Audrey Landers), who took an immediate fancy to Jake and did her best to win him over. With time running out and the mobsters suddenly wondering if their American guests were really who they claimed to be.
24 Oct 2009
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After listening to a story about camping read by her mom, Tina wishes that she could go camping someday. After Tina falls asleep, she dreams about a camping trip with Barney and the rest of the Backyard Gang. Barney takes the gang through different fun experiences from pitching tents to having a snack. In the mist of things, a storm comes around and Tina gets lost in the woods. Thanks to Barney's advice earlier of "Stay where you are, hug a tree and blow your whistle," everyone finds Tina and they continue onto more campfire fun. They even explore a cave where a bear lives. Back at the campfire, songs are sung around it and everyone learns how to make S'mores. After the trip is over, Tina wakes up and realizes it was all just a dream - and a magical one at that.
1 Sep 2012
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